Any recipes for the truly lazy aspiring vegan? I prepare overnight oats currently.

Anast Cia Q.
Yogurt and some fruit. Egg salad. Tofu. Protein shake or drink. Bean soup. Nuts of any kind just a handful. Dried fruits like apples or raisins.
Nuray C.
Make savory breakfasts to break up the sweet monotony. A l or of other countries eat savory soups and stews for breakfast and I started adopting this (congee and vegan miso). Plus you can throw it in your tumblr and sip it on your commute to work and it’s filling and warm in the winter.
Gertraud E.
As a lazy breakfast-er myself, I've been doing green smoothies. Just a bunch of fruits/veggies and spinach or kale. You can add nut or oat milk and some vegan protein powder to make it more filling too. I make packs and keep them in the freezer, so in the morning I just add water or nut milk and blend away πŸ™‚ (there are a ton of recipes online if you want certain flavors or you can just experiment)
Laila Q.
I have been vegan for 3 years and I would say my favorite breakfast has always been 3 ripe frozen bananas, raw Coco powder, lots of peanut butter, and vanilla almond milk.
This makes for a great smoothie but can turn into a smoothie bowl if you add more frozen bananas πŸ™‚ you can top it with strawberries, nuts, more 🍌 and anything you want really.
Other ideas could be dairy free yogurt with fruit and pb&j sandwiches.
Mia F.
I like grits (hominy made from corn), I like it soft like oatmeal, with a fried egg, but Vegans can have it with almond milk and a Lil agave sweetner
Andrea E.
smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables. also delicious with nut butter. banana, apple and peanut butter is my favourite
Gilbert J.
I eat eggs 🍳 mostly, along with that I would say Indian dish Upma(Indian dish). It takes around 15 min. Or Poha(Indian dish). Or you can buy Dosa mix, and put dosa early morning with coconut πŸ₯₯ chutney. Usually I make chutney once in a week, then I keep it in fridge, for three alternate days we can use it. Above dish takes buying time but not preparation, so don’t be frustrated by lot of ingredients. Have a great stomach filling breakfast πŸ₯ž
Gitte U.
I love oats. I have a set of small Mason jars that I prefill with oats, chia seed, dried cranberries (or fruit of season), cinnamon & nutmeg. Adding vanilla & water or soy milk to prep. It helps with the morning shuffel… It also gives me no excuse for my "good for me breakfast" daily.
I find if I make ahead, plan & prep I follow through with my routine. Good eating!
Evaristo Q.
Ok,well today was the first day I prepared brekkie on a work morning -takes me 10 mins but you could prepare the quinoa the night before
1.1 cup of quinoa (enough for 2 people)
2.add boiling water and cinnamon stick, set timer for 10mins
3,prepare fruit(this am cut up peach and cut up 2apricots
4.when timer for quinoa goes off, add fruit and almonds,I also added maple syrup but was told they maple syrup was not needed

Hope that helps,

Jack J.
Cereal and plant milk is about as lazy as it gets
Barb Q.
How about avocado on toast?
Carolyn Z.
Oatmeal is great for breakfast. Add nuts, raisins, honey, banana and apple. Mix it with milk and you get a healthy and tasty breakfast.
Cassandra Y.
I like chia pudding or anything on toast. But in the end convenience is key, and I find stocking bars, nuts & dried fruit, individual yogurts, etc. encourages me to eat well even when I don't feel like prepping anything.
Julian U.
I'm a vegan and my go-to option are overnight oats as well. I've come up with a mix that I prepare for several days in advance: Oats, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut flakes, some chopped nuts, cocoa powder (100%), cinnamon. I mash a banana at the bottom, pour the mix and add frozen berries on top. I usually use soy milk. You can experiment with the ratios of things. I will also often add some fresh fruits in the morning.
This breakfast is a great start to the day and once the mix is prepared it only takes about 30 seconds at night and maybe 1 minute in the morning if you add a fruit.
I hope you enjoy this!
PS: I also use Four Sigmatic's 10 mushrooms blend – but this is highly experimental/optional πŸ˜‰