What are some easy but healthy snacks for during the day at work?

Samira R.
I like to keep a bag of unsalted almonds next to me when I’m working, which is a quick snack that helps boost brain power!

Elmer P.
I usually don’t have a lot of time to eat at work so i eat some kellogg’s bar, the one at chocolate because I don’t really eat much fruit. Sometime I eat also a banana

Aisha N.
An easy snack would always be the one quickest to prepare so I guess something along the lines of fruits (strawberries, mixed berries, grapes, kiwis, mangos), protein/energy bars, whole wheat crackers (the ones with seeds such as pumpkins seeds, flaxseeds and chi seeds are especially delicious), a protein shake or a smoothie that you could prepare the night before.

Jessica A.
Carrots and celery with PB or any nut butter, also a delivery service called Graze. I love their snacks, been getting it for years. Also protein bars good for staying full longer, and help repair everyday damages to your body. Kumbucha by Kevita, all of them are tasty and if u didn't eat breakfast it helps settle your stomach until you can find something.

Julie P.
Ideally you will want somwthing different the morning and night. You will want protein and carbs to keep you full and alert until the following meal. In the morning i would recommend almonds or nuts with a fruit for the healthiest option, or unflavored yogurt with oats and berries that you can prepare ahead of time. In the afternoon you will want a "fibrous" carb, i.e. vegetables and some protein. Yogurt, almonds, hard boiled eggs are all good sources of protein and easy to carry and prepare ahead of time! Protein shakes can be good on a pinch, but remember to find a protein that you like without adding too much sugar to it! 🙂 so in a nutshell : morning starchy carb + protein, afternoon/evening : fibrous carb + protein. Hope this helps!

Larissa Y.
So for me, it’s difficult to eat healthy during the day. But I found some delicious snacks that is very easy to make.
1. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
2. Apple slices with Peanut Butter
3. Baby Carrots or Celery with hummus

Maria N.
I like to prep a bunch of fruit and throw it in some containers for the fridge. Then everyday I grab one on my way to work. I usually have sliced apples, grapes, strawberries, kiwi or anything I have laying around.

Paige O.
Some easy but healthy snacks during the day at work would be a banana, an apple, a peach, a pear, some Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds, an orange or mandarin, a nectarine, a grapefruit, or some unsweetened apple sauce.