How much time do you put into preparing and eating your breakfast?

Josina E.
I precut veggies on the weekend, for the week. Then it only takes about 5 min to fry everything up in the morning. Then I can gobble it down bbn on the road or enjoy it at the table as time allows.
Marie S.
I usually have porridge or eggs which don’t more than 10 minutes to prepare, but I like to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and ease into my day.
Eve S.
Very little in the morning. I make egg muffins beforehand and just microwave them in the morning. I do make coffee and pack my lunch, which is also pre-prepared, for a total of probably 10 minutes. I like making things quick in the morning because I have the terrible habit of hitting the snooze button too many times, and if I’m running late I’ll just give up on any task that takes more than a few minutes.
Gertrude T.
I started the habit by going shopping one day before and equipping myself with stuffs I'd need for the next morning breakfast: corn flakes, muesli, full cream milk, frozen yoghurt, banana, herbal teas…which do not require a long time to prepare.
Recep E.
I double up on as much as I can. My regular breakfast is either an egg pesto avocado toast with a fruit or oatmeal with a fruit added. So I start my toast or water w/ fruit as I get in my shower. When I come out if I'm having oatmeal I start the oats. Stretch while the oats come to boil. Let them sit while I dress. If it is toast then I dress and go fix my mash (oatmeal. This is where I transfer to a mug). I eat it in the car on my way to work.
Berta F.
Brekky is important as a part of my day but I don’t like to eat until later in the morning so I take it to work. Which means the night before I need to prep it.
Ang Le Z.
Very little, mornings are almost always a struggle and I find it hard to manage more than a drink. Plus trying to stay under 1200 a day and breakfast when not hungry dosent seem to help but uses calories
Reinhilde U.
Prepping is usually around 10min as I always eat oats; quick easy and nutritious. I make sure to spend at least 20min eating though as I have intermittent digestive issues.
Cec Lia Y.
Ah, breakfast. About twice a week I make up an overnight oats bowl the night before, all ready by the morning. A protein shake or smoothie 3 times a week and two days I have something like a poached egg, rye sourdough toast and greens or avocado. So that's 10 mins of prep.
Harry Z.
About 10 minutes each morning. It helps to know what you will be having in the morning and preparing for it the night before. Make sure it’s simple and healthy if you are short on time, or wake up extra early and enjoy preparing a well thought out masterpiece to enjoy.
H L Na Z.
Around half an hour. And I have my breakfast at university. So not only I enjoy a healthy meal but also share it with people
Pamela Y.
I'm a student so I take about 10mins to make breakfast, I use instant Jungle oats and mix it with water. On weekends I usually take my time about 15mins or more in makingba healthy breakfast
Claudemiro P.
About 5 minutes. I know what I'm getting so I don't have to choose that early in the morning. I usually get oatmeal with milk, so it isn't complicated either.
Apolline E.
I am student and currently living with my parents. So, i dont really prepare my breakfast regulary.
When it comes to eating it, i ate for presumably 10-15 minutes.
Ida W.
Not much honestly because I typically eat things like fruit and yogurt. Just grabbing an apple and not even cutting it up for example
Silje W.
I usually take 5-10 mins to prepare my breakfast. It makes it easier if you lay out your ingredients the night before. Most of the time I have 10 mins to eat. I have found this to be the most efficient way to complete this habit
Lilou Q.
I think it really depends on what you are eating and how you are treating the experience, in some instances I know I am in a rush and grab and go.
But I much prefer taking my time and making a bit of a ritual, enjoying the stages of preparation and eating, especially if I am cooking for someone else.
Andy J.
In fact, my breakfast isn’t that big that might consume time, I take only 5min. to make my brew and I might have some batonsalé with it or not. Not all the time!
Cilly A.
I try and keep breakfast simple, at least for the time being, since I'm just getting used to actually eating it. I have been sticking with eggs, toast and a piece of fruit, which usually only takes me a few minutes to prepare. I try and give myself at least 5 minutes too, to actually sit and enjoy the food instead of scarfing it down as I'm leaving the house or driving in my car.
Alma W.
For me it takes less than ten minute to make waffles and cut up some banana to decorate and to top my waffles off with some peanut butter and 100%pure maple syrup
Albertine P.
I try to give myself half an hour to prepare it (just in case it takes longer) and at least half an hour to eat it. I’m trying to practice eating slower and being mindful of eating.
Sofia O.
I like quick breakfast preps, so 10 minutes max. For those that need longer time (boiling potatoes/eggs, cutting carrots etc.), I prep on Sundays and refrigerate.

I dislike rushing through any of my meals. Mealtimes are a relaxing escape for me. I love taking time to savour & chew my food properly, & usually with a book or a drama episode. Eating time for me is generally 30 to 60 minutes. I am known to be a slow eater. I would have the same plate of food but take double the time my partner/family eats. I am accepting of how I eat now.

Landon Z.
I am blessed with a beautiful, amazing fiancee who has taken the time to complete meal preparation a week in advance for many meals.

She cooks a mixture of eggs, vegetables, and lots of beans (which are high in protein) and then divides it up into containers in the fridge/freezer for the week. That way when I get up I can warm one quickly, and eat it it with very little time spent in the morning.
If the meals are not prepared ahead of time, It typically takes 10 minutes to cook eggs, and have yogurt, cereal or some other high protein food.

Daniel W.
Very little to no time. Either I have cereal (allbran) or eggs on wholegrain toast, or my husband makes the food. Either way, it does not take long. 10-15 min.
Antoine T.
Jeg bruger ikke så lang tid, fordi jeg jo skal i skole, men jeg sørger for at sidde ned og slappe af mens jeg spiser stille og roligt
Ernest O.
The preparation time takes about 5 min. I make peanut butter oatmeal. I bought powdered peanut butter. I brought oatmeal (quakers protein oatmeal). I hear up water in an electric kettle – and once it’s boiling – I pour all the contents into a bowl and mix – and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I also started adding some fresh fruit and nuts to keep it interesting (I chopped those the night before). I finished this off with a nice cup of tea. I do spend about 20 minutes enjoying this breakfast – it feels nice to be grateful for this food, for the changes I am making, to be relaxed before all the crazy of my life starts happening.
Judy Q.
Not very much, but it is the most time I give compared to lunch and dinner. I don’t enjoy making meals, I just eat when I have to and both these things are a problem because I wait so long to eat between breakfast and lunch that I overeat at lunch and grab everything. But breakfast is my most favorite meal /foods of the day.
Melissa Y.
I throw frozen veggies in a frying pan with a little oil for breakfast every morning, its super easy and I cooks in 15-20 minutes. Eating takes about the same amount of tim.
Brunhilde F.
I prepare quick meals, just assembling ready to eat items. I have about 4 minutes to prepare my meal and 5 minutes to eat it.
Craig Z.
Since I prep all my breakfasts on the weekend it usually takes me 2-3 minutes during the week when I feel more rushed. It takes me under an hour during the weekend to get everything ready for the week ahead
Vicki U.
About 15 minutes if I’m making an egg and toast and maybe about 5 if I’m just grabbing trail mix or peanut butter and an apple.
Frederikke U.
I spent a lot of time making a monthly timetable with recipes for my maid to look forward every day. I also took time to explain her through it for a week and then let her fly solo. It was a “big” investment of time at the beginning but now is way more easier and faster for me, since she learned very well.
Jaques A.
I premake a lot of oat and diffrent seeds in small plastic bags. Then I just poyr one in a bowl with water and heat for three minutes in the micro. Great start. I add fruit or frozen berris an cottage cheese if I have any. Love my easy breakfasts 🙂
Cory E.
I set aside half an hour, but more could be nice. I have porridge with peanut butter and sugar and drink some innocent smoothie while I’m making it! It’s a very nice combo and really makes me happy.
Oscar X.
During the week when I am working, minimal time. I might grab a banana, have peanut butter on wholewheat toast or make a smoothie with my Nutribullet. I buy frozen fruit so it’s always in the freezer ready to go. The prep time is in the food shopping beforehand to make sure I have the ingredients to hand for a quick healthy breakfast. At the weekend I get a bit more inventive. I really look forward to breakfasts at the weekend! I’ll introduce eggs, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes. Sometimes I’ll make pancakes, spiced potato cakes or courgettes fritters. And on other occasions I’ll go out and meet a friend for a delicious brunch. Yes to breakfast, yes to health, yes to the yumminess 🙂
Marcela Q.
I have overnight oatmeal or cook 1 egg & 1 slice of toast. It takes no more than 30 minutes including taking dietary supplements and a cup of tea.
Elisa T.
During weekdays I don’t have time, so I grab fruit and yogurt and go. Then I eat at work. This works for me but not for everyone.
Justin P.
I’m usually in a rush in the morning and still not used to eating in the mornings so I grab an apple and peanut butter and head out to work.
Carrie Z.
Depends on the day and what I feel like. Some days I feel like preparing eggs, toast, a healthy protein, fruit and some sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon – a big yumny breakfast- typically on the weekends. Usually takes me about 30min. On the other days I usually like to make something quick like oats with fruit or greek yoghurt w/ granola and fruit- which only takes about 5-10 min!
Alfred P.
I cook a batch of nuts, seeds,coconut and honey in a warm oven for half an hour. Omitting oats allows the body to avoid a sugar or energy crush.
Leslie U.
20 minutes on the weekend. I prepare some hard boiled eggs for the week and peel half of them and maybe prep some fruit. In the mornings during week, I’ll cut the egg up and put some siracha and cut up an avocado.
Heinz G Nter Z.
Very little. I have limited time in the mornings to complete my routines, so I got for easy prep, low to no cook foods like apples and turkey and walnuts.
Tobias G.
Not much time at all. I have 3 small kids. It’s either a cereal bar and a piece of fruit or a cup of instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit. I take my daily vitamins and add supplements like flax meal collagen powder and super greens powder to my meals and coffee.
Diane Z.
10 mins, I took your advice and ate an apple with peanut butter which was quick, cooked scrambled eggs and small amount of cheese the day before.
Ethan F.
I just make sure the items for a healthy breakfast ate available and it takes only a few minutes (5-10) to prepare breakfast for me and my daughter (sometimes my husband too)each day.
Emilie C.
Preparing: 15 to 20 minutes
Eating: 7 minutes
I will plan and prepare my breakfast a week in advance to insure I don’t end up at McDonalds.
Martino P.
I have a pretty early start as I work an early morning shift and have an hour drive. I'm also usually not all that hungry in the morning so I pick up an apple. I'll also eat a banana quickly before my shift as there is fruit at work to eat.
Jan J.
It takes me about 5 mtinutes to prepare my breakfast (either eggs and bacon or a metabolically efficient smoothie) and 5 minutes to eat it.
Birgitt Z.
Not too long – I can’t eat too much in the morning and don’t usually have the time to make a big breakfast from scratch. I make a really large protein shake with vanilla almond milk, coconut milk, almond butter (or a mix of 6 nut butters that is paleo), and non dairy protein powder – this usually keeps me full for about 2 hours.
Andres T.
I have instant oatmeal (that is healthy and organic) and milk to drink. So, it's pretty quick…. 10 minutes total maybe?!
Scarlett T.
I eat the same thing everyday around the same time every. ( 2 time consuming decisions that don’t have to be made)
Keep it Simple Sunshine!
Greek yogurt with granola.
215 cal
28g carbs 17g protein 3g fat.
The carbs may seem a little higher, but it’s breakfast. They get evened out.
Valdemar Y.
If i have a lot of time, i can spend 40 minuts to cook and eat breakfast, but if i have another tasks, I'm spend only 15-20 minutes.
Dusan O.
I eat shakes in the morning. It is easy because the meal is made only by the water. The total time seems to take 40 minutes.
Willibert Y.
Maybe 10 minutes? I’ve made it into a ritual. I used to be exclusively a Starbucks-for-breakfast person, but now I know I start the coffee, make an egg sandwich, grab some fruit, and read a book while I eat!
Kathryn J.
I’ve found a high-fibre cereal that’s actually healthy (unlike most cereals), so I usually have that with some milk, plus either a banana or a peach. So only a few seconds really!
Kate N.
I prepare the most of it the day before. I put the things I need for my smoothie in the blender before I go too bed. It’s with skyr, frozen fruits or berries, banana, spinach, ginger, advocato, apple juice, spirulina, matcha tea powder, wheat grass and chlorella. I put it all in the blender and the blender in the refrigerator. And then I make out meal in the morning beside my smoothie. It takes about 10 min to prepare and 20 min to eat.
Mads C.
Here is my go-to breakfast: put 2 eggs in a microwave safe bowl, mix them up with a fork, add a splash of milk and a bit of pepper, microwave for 45 seconds, take out and stir, microwave an additional 45 seconds, and you’ve got scrambled eggs in basically 90 seconds! The timing differs by microwave so play around with it.
Erasmo Y.
10 minutes max. I eat the same thing every day. Toast with natural peanut butter and a banana. That way I don’t have to waste time deciding what to eat when I’m already tired
Louka Q.
I spend basically no time preparing my breakfast. If I have to prepare my breakfast in the morning it just Increases the chance that I'll skip it. I spend about 15 minutes eating it, though.
Lilian O.
honestly it just depends on the day on Sundays I grab something and rush out the door but every other day I'll take about 15 minutes to make my breakfast and eat it as slowly as possible making the breakfast for me wakes me up and helps prepare me for the day I enjoy smelling food cook and see it transformed from raw grossest to cooked warm deliciousness so it just depends on your schedule I suggest eating slowly as it makes you feel like you're eating more and for cooking well just whatever makes you feel better
Storm Z.
Whatever works for you. For me, it’s about making sure what’s in my body is good for me, and the quicker I can make it, the better. Otherwise, I might be daunted by the idea of having to make breakfast and skip it altogether or grab a sugary substitute like a doughnut. So to eat breakfast— it takes as long as it takes so don’t bother rushing, that will only make your stomach hurt. As far as preparing, whatever is the best combination of healthy and the time you have to make it. How healthy can you be within the time you have, whether it’s grabbing a banana with peanut butter, or cooking a 3 egg omelette with veggies?