I have high triglycerides and cholesterol. Will eating eggs everyday raise my levels?

Tomas N.
I'm not sure, I'm not a doctor, but eggs do contain so much cholesterol that it is illegal to call then healthy In the US.
In S Q.
One egg a day is usually the healthy thing. What usually lowers cholesterol levels is excercise. If you still feel unsure about eggs, maybe eat just the whites and once a week eat a whole egg
Adara T.
Yes, more than likely. Eggs contain a lot of protein but also have a good amount of fat. You can try changing to a different high-protein food like nuts or ham. (I wouldn't suggest cheese or peanut butter since they also contain a lot of triglycerides) If you really want to stick with eggs, you could use only the whites, maybe in a morning smoothie for example, since 90% of the fats in eggs are concentrated in the yolk. But remember, the best way to keep cholesterol levels low is to excercise regularly and keep a healthy, balanced diet, low on fats and processed foods, your body and your hearta will thank you and I believe in you!💪
L N.
Yes because eggs contain a high level of cholesterol. Instead, eat them every other day and also practice fasting in between to detox your body and help control your high triglycerides and cholesterol level.
Melissa S.
I read that eating 2-3 eggs per week would be great without any risk of high cholesterol. If you are a vegetarian, that would be 3-4 eggs. Another study found no significant effect of a dozen of eggs per week on heart problems or high blood pressure. However, I do think that you should be cautious when you already have higher cholesterol…
Evelyn Z.
No they won’t. Eggs are actually very good for you. You may want to add in some more omega-3-rich foods such as fatty fish to help improve your lipid profile.
Elisabet T.
I would contact your doctor for those health checks. Personally, I m able to eat eggs everyday for protein and my levels are ok.
Vital T.
I'm not a doctor, but I remember my Dad telling me his doctor said his high triglycerides were caused by fat from sugars. Eggs probably won't affect triglycerides, but you could probably research it online, or of course, ask your doctor. (: