How do you keep going with the things Fabulous wants you to do?

Alexandra W.
If I am being honest Fabulous isn’t the reason most of my habits started. However, it is the app that help me continued. Tracking your habits and making it satisfying is exactly what Fabulous does with the music plus cute animations. It’s one of the pillars of habit change to make it satisfying. It’s satisfying to be congratulated for keeping up a streak or simply drinking water.
Lucie N.
Hi stranger, well I think you got to go slowly, step by step. If you started with fabulous, I can bet it was to achieve YOUR goals and to do what YOU wanted to do, not them. Remember that fabulous is not a person who actually wants you to do all of this, its just an app that wants to help you to be the best version of yourself, so don’t feel pressured about it. All I have to say is REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. We are talking about your goals not fabulous’s. Keep going, you’re doing great <3
Florival P.
I dont frequently do the things they want me to, because u cant make a quick change. But i'm gradually improving and i'm already feelong good
Diocl Ia N.
Well , fabulous gives easy tasks ….. Just don't think of it as a burden on yourself ..personally I take them as a game tasks or mission of life 😁 that is keeping me healthy …if you read light novels then read solo leveling it motivates me to do a task that keeps me healthy and fit …all I do after I wake up is …i write down all the mission i have to fulfill in that particular Day …i take it as a job to keep myself healthy and productive …like a Hitman 😎
Willie Z.
Well, so far, it's just 2 things, but I already feel better with just those small changes, and I've been successful, which is encouraging. They only ask you to change one thing at a time, and you get a few days before you have to add anything new. And so far, drinking the water and eating breakfast are actually enjoyable things to do, so I guess it's just a matter of perspective.