What’s the best breakfast?

Johan Z.
Healthy not overly filling. Carbohydrates (e.g. toast) mixed with cereal or yogurt or fruit. Glass of water or juice and a tea.

Alice I.
The best breakfast for me is that one in which you add some natural sugar, fiber and protein… some apple or banana with peanut butter is an example…

Sophia X.
I like having something both tasty and healthy for breakfast. Something that won't get boring so soon and where you can mix different things. For me, it's crisp bread with ham, yogurt with honey and some fruits. Maybe a coffee as well. But I think that's a good breakfast to start the day.

Erin U.
I like starting my day off with fresh fruit because it is hydrating and convenient. Oatmeal and eggs are great because they are both packed with protein, fill you up, and are really versatile.

David N.
I’d say anything that is packed full of nutrients like protein and healthy carbs. I’d also suggest to eat something that will keep you going before your first snack – you don’t want to start munching an hour after you’ve had your breakfast. My usual go to is oats with soya milk, half a teaspoon of peanut butter, one teaspoon of maple syrup and two-three kinds of fruit on top. I abide by plant-based diet, though, so you could try normal milk, etc. You definitely don’t want to go too heavy on fat, it will just make you feel tired, in my opinion. Best of luck !

Anastasia F.
I can't always make this breakfast because I always have to be quick to get ready in the morning, however the best that I cant think of is half a fried egg, a handful of nuts, and a banana. Then save the next half for tomorrow morning!😊

Chloe E.
I love starting my day with 3 egg white with cayenne, alongside a cup of fresh strawberries to dip in my triple zero no sugar added greek yogurt. I feel full, satisfied and like I had a delicious treat

Thibault Y.
I love the simplicity of avocado toast with red pepper flakes & cottage cheese with fruit and granola. If I’m running out the door, then I grab a hard boiled egg and a pack of Justin’s maple almond butter.

Gino S.
I had chocolate shreddies with coconut milk after my morning water, the I made a smoothie with cherries, melon, cucumber & coconut water, macs root powder baobab super fruit powder. A big cup before I left for work and a shaker for work .

Wanda Z.
The best breakfast is eggs as suggested they are filled with protein and they help with feeling full. A glass of orange juice can top it up and it could also help with digestion 🍊☺️☺️

Flenn J.
The best breakfast is the one that can give you steady supply of energy until the next meal. It has to be balanced… the pinnacle of success is slow sugar. Some protein, a bit of fat and carbs with low glycemic index. Throw there some fiber and you’re ready to go! 😀

Andrea C.
The best breakfast is one that has fruits, veggies, and proteins. Don't eat all the carbs media constantly shows us unless you are going to have a morning work out. I eat salads and include eggs. Typically, if I include Olive oil in that combo, I am not hungry until late into lunch time.

Urias S.
Lately I’ve really enjoyed having eggs for breakfast and incorporating fruit with my cereal or toast. Sometimes I’ll have yogurt with fruit and granola but the BEST breakfast… is one I can enjoy at my own pace without rushing to go somewhere or do something

Ryan J.
I love porridge with oat or almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon and a sprinkle of granola on top! Warm on a cold winters morning and filling. Do not feel the need to snack until lunch!

Fernanda Z.
To me, the best breakfast is a good smoothie with fruits and veggies and some protein like eggs and carbs for energy – toast or arepa in my case 😛
Other option, when I'm in a rush but that I consider is good enough, is orange juice + banana + oats. Hope it helps!!

Min Q.
The best breakfast is one that makes you feel your best. For most people, feeling their best means feeling full (that's why having protein, fat, and/or fiber in your first meal is important!), energized (try to avoid large portions of simple carbs like chocolate or doughnuts, but make sure you're not limiting yourself either! Having some cookies for breakfast every once in a while is great too!), and happy (make sure it's something you enjoy and look forward to eating!). For me, that's poached eggs, spinach and almond butter on toast, but it could be something totally different for you! For someone else, the best breakfast might be a tofu-edamame scramble, oatmeal with peanut butter, or even just an apple. All that matters is that you're eating something that makes you feel fabulous!

Philippe Q.
The key to a great breakfast is quality protein, in a significant quantity. I personally like smoothies a lot and that’s definitely my go-to breakfast. The base of a smoothie is 1 cup liquid (for instance, half-and-half pure juice and milk), ½ banana, frozen and about ⅓ cup frozen fruits, plus a scoop of protein powder. For example, try making this healthy version of Nutella-inspired smoothie: 1 cup chocolate almond milk, ½ banana, ⅓ cup frozen blueberries, a spoonful of natural almond butter and 1 scoop of chocolate flavoured protein powder. I promise, this smoothie is dellllllllicious!

Kenzi X.
It is always good to start your day with juice. Any kind of juice is good but natural ones are better. I also like to add some nuts to my salad bowl if I'm not in the mood to make a smoothy. Oatmeal is also a great pick me up, it provides energy throughout the day and it tastes great with bananas and just a tiny bit of chocolate 😋

Victoria S.
The best breakfast is one that is high in protein and includes a low glycerin fruit. A breakfast smoothie made with yogurt, kale, banana, and berries would be good.

Emil Z.
So a great breakfast is kinda having a healthy u know and a good that gives u energy so plz don't eat junk foods or foods tagt inculde fats or u know sugar like that so if u are going to school around 5:30 or7:00 u can just put and healthy fruit something like that and u can eat it on ur way
😉😋😆😄have a nice day💖

Alois U.
Probably scrambled eggs, because of proteins, but also because I like them. And also one of my favorite is oatmeal with fruits or plain youghurt.

Gracyn Y.
I like to have overnight oats for breakfast. I make them ahead of time and that way in the mornings my breakfast is waiting for me in the fridge.

Rene L.
They say a breakfast filled with protein is the BEST!! I concur!! You can Google protein breakfast foods or when you take on the task/challenge it gives you suggestions, too. So, that's great. At this time, since I'm just in my 2nd week of The Fabulous app, I've been eating 2 eggs (any style,but usually scrambled) and a banana. Sometimes it's a BIG banana depending on the house and the other ppl I live with.

Freja X.
The best breakfast is one filled with natural sugars found in fruit and protein with can be found in avocados or bacon. This provides you with slow burning energy to keep you going throughout the day and keep you fuller for longer.

Eliza E.
A bowl of fruits topped with peanut butter or feta is an ideal breakfast for me. A healthy smoothie made out of blueberry almond milk and dried fruits can boost your energy for the day. You can even much on protein bars made of oats, quinoa or chia seeds.

Tyrone X.
I was in a rush one morning and had to nip by the shop to fetch some fridge raiders (chicken pieces) and they kept me full right up until lunch time!

Ma Lie E.
I’m very lazy in the morning, so I often end up skipping because of lack of time, or I procrastinate eating breakfast for hours when I’m not going anywhere. So, because of that, a great breakfast for me is either something I can easily take with me with minimal work in the morning (like overnight oats: yoghurt, oats and berries layered in a glass jar. Then in the morning – grab and go!) or, if I’m staying home, something really really simple but with a yummy twist – like healthy cereal and milk, plus some strawberries! I stick to the same breakfast every day usually, and then switch it up a bit on the weekend.

Martha P.
Porridge with fruit and honey. A good combination of slow-releasing energy and sugar boost! Combined with a coffee and I’m off to a good start.

Nereu Z.
I dont think there is one absolute best breakfast choice. Some days I may only eat a banana, some days I eat avocado toast, some days I eat yogurt and grapes. There are tons of healthy, delicious options!

Kelly E.
I make a carb-free breakfast that I call a "stacker": 3 over-easy eggs layered with thin slices of Black Forest ham, steamed spinach, and a slice of swiss torn into 4, so it can be layered as well.

Tiago E.
One that keeps me full untill lunch. Lots of proteins and fibers, some fruit or vegtable for nutritional value. Fat from good sources like nuts or similiar. Nothing sweet or saltt, stay away from candy, baked goods etc

Hektorite S.
For me personally I feel best when I intermittent fast, so I get all my food /calories in between lunch time and 8pm. So I don't usually have 'breakfast'. On the occasion that I do (say got a really busy morning, or my routine will be difficult to eat lunch at normal time etc) i will go for porridge with oat milk, and some nuts /fruit 🙂

Jeva V.
2 sunny side eggs with fresh salad of spinach (or whatever greens you have), cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, drizzle with olive oil and add a teaspoon of capers. Energising, full of flavours and delicious healthy breakfast, usually takes up to 10 minutes or less to prepare.

Mariam Z.
I think things such as fruit and something somewhat savory is good. Like a banana with peanut butter, or an omelet with veggies and a parfait. Get creative! Make breakfast something to look forward to!