What’s the latest that we can eat breakfast?

Dana Z.
I personally haven’t been much of a breakfast person but for me the latest is around 10. Any later and I just wait for lunch. It’s not a good thing to do for me cos I usually need to have a good breakfast but sometimes it just passes me by
Mathilde N.
Depends on when you wake up. I think the best time to eat breakfast is as soon you get up. But I’d say 10am for the latest.
Eileen Z.
That depends on when you wake up. Breakfast is like a fuel you can run on throughout the day. I think the latest you should eat breakfast would be at 11:00, but that all depends on you.
Kasper A.
As far as the app is concerned it seems that you can just complete habits whenever. I wish the interface was more flexible, but you can “skip” a habit and it’ll be there to be completed later. I’ve been doing the same with daily exercise, I have time in the evening but not in the morning.
Line Q.
It’s never too late to start your day. Some people get up at 3 AM and eat breakfast and some get up at 10 and eat breakfast. There’s no right time to start your day. It’s more important to have a good emotional state at the beginning of your day than it is to race to keep up with everyone else
Elijah J.
I usually try to eat breakfast as soon as possible, but there are days that I really do not have time, the later that I think it would be correct is until about 11 o'clock in the morning, from that time on I only stay in the cup of coffee or tea, or juice until lunchtime
Alberte P.
Well personally I won’t eat breakfast after 10 am because it’s getting too close to lunch time after that . I like to stick to my routine which is up at 4 am drink water have breakfast at 5/5.15 then have shower get ready take dogs for their morning walk. Come home again drink more water clean my house then go to my parents house come home by 11 drink more water Get my lunch ready have lunch between 12.30 and 1 then drink more water talk dogs for another walk
Come home and relax until 5 then get dinner ready Have dinner clean up afterwards watch a little tv then bed by 10 and then start all over again the next morning-
Jimmie X.
Whatever meal you eat immediately after waking up is counted as breakfast, as it is the first break of your fast. Therefore it is never too late to eat breakfast
Ava F.
I tend to have my breakfast a couple of hours after waking up. I get up very early, have my water first, spend some time preparing for the day and taking care of my space, plants, animals, then I make my breakfast when my tummy is fully awake and all the little things are covered.
Kelly P.
It's too late if you start to feel weak (which could happen after a few hours). If you wake up feeling sick, eat immediately. Some activity can be appropriate before breakfast– such as meditation or exercise– but limit it.
Connie X.
breakfast isn’t a time of day, it’s when you break your fast, so whenever you wake up and your body is ready to take your first meal of the day, that’s when you should eat breakfast. the important thing is to not let your body go for a long time without the fuel it needs to keep you healthy, so if you can’t eat immediately after waking up without feeling sick or you wake up late, the important thing is to still be sure to eat
Jennifer T.
Till 12.00 it should be the last time. But it is hard to have only breakfast if you get very hungry in the afternoon or evening.
Noah Y.
I think it’s important to try to maintain everything as a “natural routine” you can allow yourself to do… like waking up, drink water, exercise and then breakfast.

But then again, if you’re able to wake up late and it’s close to lunch time, I would still drink water, exercise and wait to go directly to lunch. Sometimes it’s also healthy to do some fasting 🙂

Natalija Q.
I’d say 9 or 10am, but the earlier the better. This gives time for digestion so you can start the day energized and productive.
Sophia U.
The latest time for breakfast is about two hours befor lunch, for example if you eat lunch at 1 pm, you need to have had breakfast up to 11 o'clock, however since you're about to have lunch soon, your breakfast must be light, unlike early breakfast which needs to be heavy. So if you eat breakfast late, keep in mind to save room for your lunch.
Abel Mio S.
Their is really no set time but b4 12noon as then considered lunch time. As a cut off time I'd guess 10;30ish; lunch does start around 11:30. Good Luck to you!!
Tarc Sio Z.
Well I think there is no time that is to late to eat breakfast because it's a temple of different things you create and really appreciate what you may have created. It continues to change any time of day and the best thing is you get a chance to pick what kind of eggs you want to use duck eggs quile eggs hen eggs. Then you can pick your protein? Veggies cheese bread you no it doesn't matter breakfast is breakfast and you can have it any time of the day 🤗🤗
Fredo N.
I don't usually view meals as their labels- for me, breakfast is simply the first meal of my day, regardless of time. I do not always feel that I have to eat three meals per se- that depends on where my day takes me and how much refueling my body needs throughout.
Nina O.
There is not really a perfect time, a light meal always goes well after waking up, I don’t think it would be good to have a heavy meal if you wake up on lunch time
Luise W.
I think breakfast is better enjoyed in the very early hours of the day, between 6:00 and 9:00am. Black coffee after that is perfectly fine, but we should avoid eating more before lunch.
Vero T.
Not more than about 2 hours after you wake up, maybe… some people like to exercise first on an empty stomach, or get started on their day, but I think breakfast is meant to give you that morning boost, so it should really be part of the start of your day, whenever it begins. If you’re a night-worker, then so be it, we all have our own clock to stick to. Hope this helps
Florent I.
The latest time that you can eat breakfast, and not remain hungry throughout the day, is around two to three hours after you wake up.
Darryl Y.
I would say no later than 11 but I would strive to eat breakfast at a consistent time every morning to create that good habit.
Erkan T.
I try not to eat too early. I like to let my body wake up and feel hungry before I eat, as I feel this helps me eat more towards what my body wants nutrition wise
Vilator S.
If you aren’t hungry, feel free to push breakfast back for a bit. I think eating within four hours of waking is ideal, but listen to your body. It will tell you when to eat.
Tristan G.
Why wait to eat a late breakfast at 12:00 when you consider it lunch. I consider my breakfast times between 5:00-10:00 a.m but anything later than that is like skipping breakfast and going straight to lunch. Eating a heathy breakfast at the time ranges I showed you will give you fuel and will give a kick in the brain and body to start your day. Without eating breakfast we feel slow and lazy and are not active because are bodies and brain have not gotten energy and fuel. I also recommend having a heathy breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, a heathy option of cereal like Cheerios, Chex, and Raisin Brain. Eating an unhealthy breakfast like donuts, French toast, pancakes and captain crunch cereal won’t give enough energy to last you until lunch. When you eat those unhealthy choses of food you will eat snacks before lunch because the pancakes only gave you energy for 30 minutes when you could eat eggs and it gives you energy until lunch and no snacks will be needed. Always eat breakfast and I would recommend using the times I gave you.
Naomi O.
Technically after 10 it is considered ‘brunch’ but a breakfast routine is basically just when you wake up. If your asking so you can sleep in later that doesn’t really matter. What matters is after waking up and drinking some water, within the hour really, you should eat something, preferably high in protein. If you work late shifts and don’t get up until the after noon that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel obligated to wake up early in the morning just to eat “breakfast” and then go back to sleep. The ‘morning routine’ is supposed to help you wake up and get yourself ready for the day. If your day starts at noon that’s perfectly fine. I will mention and word of caution though. If you aren’t doing anything that specifically causes you to go to bed late, it would probably be best to wake up before 10am. For one thing waking up later can mess up your sleep cycle, and waking up late can cause you to be groggy and tired.
Janice E.
The latest I personally eat breakfast is at around twelve because I either did something to delay breakfast or I slept in haha. But in my opinion it doesn't matter as long as you get what you need in your body before it reacts. As in becoming sleepy, dehydrated etc.
Isabel U.
I figure you should eat within an hour of waking up, but don’t stress over that too much. If you eat within that 2nd hour instead of the first, you haven’t failed. Things happen.
Violet A.
I was advised to eat within 1 hour of waking… to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. (I have hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. But, this is good advice for anyone!)
Diane F.
I don’t believe that there is a time that “one must eat or else.” Some of us MUST eat soon after waking up because we will turn into hangry beasts complete with a headache and weakness. But others prefer to wait a bit longer, because they aren’t hungry or they just can’t eat that early- they need time to wake up. Pick a routine that is as consistent that you can be and go for it. Don’t overthink this. You can do it.
Susie O.
I don’t think there’s any particular rule to when you can last eat breakfast….personally the latest I would go is 11.30
Clayton P.
It depends on when you wake up – the later in the day it becomes brunch. Even later it becomes lunch. But since you’re just waking up technically it’s breakfast because it’s your first meal.