What’s your preferred fast breakfast option for this routine? And what do you typically eat when you have time to plan your great breakfast?

Michelle Q.
I prefer eating breds with lots of things like honey or cheese but if i had a time for cooking i would cook a warm break fast like eggs or sousige (sorry for my bad writing)
Jesus F.
If I have no time to prepare I grap 2 toast slices 2 boiled eggs and some low fat cheese 😋 if I do have time I might make a pancakes and tea or some oats with milk add some coca powder and banana 🍌
Anjna Z.
I make sure to eat a handful of nuts each morning. My fast option is to make an omelette loaded with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, green chillies, coriander, olives and then add cheese if my caloric intake allows. Adding black pepper instead of red is also a beneficial exchange. Black pepper can improve metabolism. When I have time I make a tortilla wrap. I add chicken that's boiled with ginger and garlic, spice it up w whatever flavors I'm feeling like by adding sauces or spices and sometimes both. And then I add vegetables like cucumbers, onions, thinly sliced carrots, beetroot, olives, anything that's available. Then I add ketchup or mayo to it. That again depends on the calories. Also, a very quick option is to take half a cup of yogurt, put a tablespoon of flaxseeds on it, a few walnuts, add a banana and honey to taste. That's very healthy for your gut and provides you w protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals. The key is experimenting w your favorite ingredients making sure to combine them with a protein
Marilou P.
I prefer eating one spoon of peanut butter and toast and an apple when I'm in a rush. It doesnt take me much time to prepare and sometimes I make it the night before. I also always make sure to have some roasted oats. Whenever short of time , I just mix some of it with milk cinnemon, and dates and I'm full till the lunch time.
When I have time, boiled egg and vegetables is a good choice.
Donna R.
My fast breakfast is a sausage roll and cup of tea. I bought muesli and chia seeds in the health food shop today. I also bought some coconut water.
Monique O.
For a fast breakfast, I eat oatmeal with fruits or a cereal. Sometimes, I will put on a boiled egg while I get dressed and eat it with fruits and whole wheat toast. When I have time to plan, I usually eat an egg on ciabatta toast with tomatoes.
Laura P.
I try to have pancakes as much as possible because it is simple easy to make and only has a very small amount of sugar. If I don’t have time for that I like to have a simple toast and a cup of tea. I hope my answer helps you.
Cindy O.
My preferred fast breakfast option is probably a chocolate bar and some pineapple juice; anyway, I’m trying to have a complete breakfast: I usually eat a bowl of yoghurt and dried fruit with honey and I try to drink a glass of homemade orange juice! You can prepare it in less than five minutes! 😉
Viktoria E.
When I don't have enough time I prefer instant cereal with milk or apple but when I'm free I can make pancakes, omelette or something like that.
Erienne S.
I like fruits alot and I'm a great fan of yogurt bowls . since i live in an asian country.if i have enough time i eat rice.