Should I eat different breakfast

Tiffany N.
I actually enjoy keep my breakfast the same as this stable my digestive systems and I’m less anxiety on what I eat in a hurry morning
Ada T.
When starting out eating healthy breakfasts, or eating breakfast at all, I find it easier to stick to the same thing and have it prepared in the fridge. Once I gain confidence and get in the habit, I change it up. I find looking at only the recipes that I know will serve me is the best way to get inspiration
In S E.
There’s no harm in trying different things for your meals! However, preparing meals can be taxing for some, and some meals do take longer than others. Do what’s best for you!
Kathryn S.
I feel you should eat what you and your body is comfortable with. Like for me I really can’t have heavy breakfast or milk early in the morning, so toast or some fruits is my go to morning snack. And if I feel like it coffee later in the morning. Cereal for me is an evening snack.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but according to me over doing is also bad. Eat adequately and healthy.
Thank you,
Milo F.
It depends, it’s good to eat healthy, but a snack sometimes doesn’t kill you!
And if you don’t have time to eat breakfast and you need to hurry, just eat something to make you keep going until lunch or a snack pause.
Breakfast is the most important meal in a day, so it’s always better to eat something.
It’s always better to eat different things each morning, but said by me, who eats always the same thing, it doesn't seem encouraging.
Well, hope this helped a little bit, I’m not very good at giving advices.
Bye and stay hydrated!✨