What do you eat if you’re late or have no time to prepare a breakfast?

Sakhee Q.
I usually never have breakfast when I wake up at 6.30 my breakfast time is 10.00 am during the school break. I usually drink 1 mug of milk to support me for the time from 6.30 to 10.00

Diedrich T.
I have a protein shake every morning, it takes 5 minutes to prepare and I can drink it on the go. So for me there's no such thing as not enough time, but that's because I built in a breakfast that takes the least amount of time possible. Sitting down for breakfast would give me anxiety about not having enough time

Ulrico C.
Eat a apple, drink water and hope for the best. Since l am a slow eater and get stomach aches easily, l couldn't digest well when l am constantly thinking that l am going to be late or have no time. Also, I heard that an fine actor ate apples for breakfast in an interview, so l took his advice ^^.

Salma N.
I just pick up a banana or apple and if there is granlula will be much better to me .Also I can put milk in a bottle and take it with me . Till I arrive work I must had taken my break fast .

Jack Z.
Well usually I’d give myself enough sleep to be able to wake up to do my ‘morning routine’ but sometimes when I have to rush I’ll just have a couple slices of toast it’s quick and gets my carbs for the start of the day

Cassie T.
I usually like to keep quick and easy fruit that I can eat on the go in my house as well as so protein bars of some sort so I can grab and go as needed.