What exactly constitutes a great breakfast?

Heinz Gerd C.
Something that is low in sugar. Whole foods even it it is just toast with peanut butter. I don't like to eat a lot of animal products so I try to do as much plant based as I can.
Maria G.
Something with complex starches such as oatmeal to keep you full for a long time and prevent a sugar crash at lunch. Good protein such as Greek yogurt cottage cheese or an egg or two, the first two giving you some good fat and protein to also help satisfy you until lunch. If you have a sweet tooth grab some fruit. Even if you're watching calories make sure you get enough at this first meal, especially protein because those calories will influence your hunger the rest of the day.
Gustav U.
Something that is filling but also provides the proper nutrients to give energy. Something with protein and not a lot of sugar is best.
Signe E.
Slow dissolving sugars and proteins. Slow sugars, mostly in fruits like apples and bannans, don't give you sugar rush and proteins are fundemantal parts of your organism. You need them to build muscles.
Sharon Q.
A great breakfast has to be nutritious and give you the energy you need to start your morning productively. For me a good breakfast consists of eggs and toast. I drink water and either coffee or tea during breakfast. It makes me feel good and keeps me from being hungry until well into lunchtime.
Kellykeag Hotmail Com N.
Do you have enough protein in it it could even be just a protein bar or a protein drink you just need protein and energy into it and you will have a good
Bill Y.
I think having an array of flavors. I’m not a huge egg fan so I prefer them over medium or scrambled with chorizo. I love country potatoes or toast and some fruit for sweetness
Nikoleta W.
In my opinion, a great breakfast should be rich in vitamins and carbohydrates and should be varied to make us feel more productive.
Julian Y.
On a work morning, I grab cereal with banana or berries (warm milk in winter!) or an instant porridge, that’s a good breakfast. On days off it might be the same, or avocado/poached eggs on toast. Either is great for fuelling my morning, but it’s making time to enjoy it that elevates it to great 😊
Jesse X.
Most people in North America have Carb heavy meals. For me a great breakfast is cutting out the sugar and carbs. I will eat a hard-boiled egg or two with some fruit. Sometimes I'll eat yogurt, or have a yogurt smoothy. Hope that helps.
Nora S.
A proper and great breakfast constitutes in the necessary nutrients to start the day such as proteins and whole graims. Eggs are an example for a breakfast. Sugary food should be avoided because they do give energy, it drains too quickly and feel tired in the afternoon
Lisa B.
The best breakfasts have carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fiber. In this combo, the oatmeal gives you complex carbs and fiber, keeps your blood sugar under control, and helps maintain an ideal balance of bacteria in your gut. The nut butter adds protein and healthy fats.
Ludovico Q.
A great breakfast includes less sugars and more proteins. This is because the proteins will allow you to have energy throughout the entire day, instead of having sugar in the morning and crashing soon after.
Lukas N.
Something like peanut butter on whole wheat toast with scrambled eggs, cheese, spinach and mushrooms, plus some fruit like grapes or oranges. You want to get healthy fats, and as much color as possible on your plate
Lena Y.
A perfect breakfast has fruits and protein constitutes. It's the opening meal of the day and it should be healthy. This allows my body to work perfectly throughout the day .
Busa E.
Whole grains, hot or cold whole-grain cereals,lean protein. Examples include eggs, lean meat, legumes and nuts.
Low-fat dairy. …
Fruits and vegetables.
Hanna S.
High protein and low release carbohydrates food. My favourite receipts are: eggs and bread or Greek yogurt with muesli or pancakes, with fresh fruit (but better as a later snack) and rice's drink + coffee
Lorena S.
A great breakfast is the kind of breakfast that gives you energy and that doesn't make you hungry 1 hour later. You need to create your own. For example I started eating protein pancakes a year ago, now. Every morning i get 1 egg and 1 spoon of brown sugar. Mix them together. Then I put 3 spoons of oat flour and a little bit of vegetal milk (could be oat, rise, almond, a mix of them, whatever you want). Mix everything together till it gets the right consistence. Not too hard, not to smooth. Then you cook it, you'll get 2 pancakes. I usually put on them hazelnut cream, with no other ingredients in it. It was hard to find this last part for breakfast but ,trust me, I'd you look deeply you'll find the right cream for your pancakes.
Gianna N.
Anything with protein or simple carbs to sustain you. Nuts, beans, oatmeal, eggs, apples and bananas, and peanut butter are all great options.
Andrea N.
A great breakfast has three main parts to it: protein, fats, and carbs. Let’s say you want eggs, well make your eggs in either butter or avocado oil. Then get a piece of toast or bagel. Now we need our fruit. So get some strawberries or orange. It does not matter but get some quality fruit. It is important that you have these three parts in your breakfast. Fats well help digest food a little slower and will prevent an insulin spike. But just like the fats the protein will keep you full for longer. Meaning that you won’t eat excess calories and will maintain wait. But this is not just in dependent on the food. It is all you.
Hermelinda Q.
I think a great breakfast will contain all of the types of nutrients there is for example eating protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on. However, you should not eat processed food like donuts or anything unhealthy, just eat healthy foods for breakfast maybe once a week you can eat treats like donuts
Lucy Z.
So I find that if I have a great breakfast I have a great start to my day that includes school working from home or just staying home and studying because I’m tired I’m a year 10 now this is kind of a big deal for me to get a great breakfast instead so what are usually do is alright I’m starting to do is I make sure I plan my meals for the week so I find that if I have a great breakfast I have a great start to my day that includes school working from home or just staying home and studying because I’m tired I’m a year 10 now this is kind of a big deal for me to get a great breakfast instead so what are usually do is alright I’m starting to do is I make sure I plan my meals for the week And then that way I won’t have to go rushing around and seeing what there is in the cupboard because I know what I have to eat I suggest you start with something small but and then that way I won’t have to go rushing around and seeing what there is in the cupboard because I know what I have to eat I suggest you start with something small but healthy if you live in America could be apples and peanut butter for you celery and hummus but to start just have some cereal or some toast have a breakfast that make you happy but it’s also healthy
Hans Jochen U.
Vitamins, minerals, nutrients and great taste. Something you actually want to eat, tastes nice to you, great even. With veggies, fruits, some power to it. It shouldn’t be something very healthy but horrible to your tastebuds but it also shouldn’t be the tastiest thing but slowing you down in the mornings. Not too little, not way too much. You should feel full, be full and have the ability to move and start your day.
Julie G.
A great breakfast constitutes of protein rich food. Non-vegetarians can have a traditional egg breakfast. Eggs contains high quality protein which will keep us full until lunch.
For vegetarians and vegans there are other food options with are high in protein i.e boiled peas, kale, spinach,etc. Lentils and qunioa are also a good options for protein rich breakfast. One can also have apple  banana, almonds, sprouts, walnut, low fat milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, legumes, etc.
One should avoid consumption of sugar in breakfast .
A great breakfast will help to feel energized for whole day.
Mylan T.
Bananas, egg, fruits and vegetables. As long as you eat healthy yet it still satisfy your stomach, it is a great breakfast.
Chad O.
Something that is warm and filling. It is good to have a protein, some fruit, and healthy complex carbs to start the day. I also, personally, like to enjoy a glass of milk with my breakfast as well.
Vaishnavi X.
I usually eat tasty breakfast. I'm an asian so you can guess that. A great breakfast for me would have more protein and fibre. Also it should be lite. As an asian it's hard to maintain lite breakfasts. So, I eat less than what I'm supposed to eat. I do eat fibre. I will decide to have sprouts in my diet 3 times a week from now on. That's the tasty and quick breakfast which I can have. Oatmeal will help too. I should add more veggies in my breakfast. Well, I eat veggies everyday🤷. But I will add some in my breakfast too from now. So that's all.
G Lten Z.
I think a great breakfast consists of some protein and soms natural sugars (to keep you focused). I always like to eat a banana and a spoon of chunky peanut butter. This way I get my ‘protein’ with the peanut butter and the sugar of the banana. However, if you have a little more time, I would suggest baking an egg on toast or just plain. And then adding bacon or any other kind of protein to get you started for the day. I hope this was helpfull
Jeremy U.
good that fuels the body. something that you’re capable of eating, even if it’s just a handful of nuts because you don’t want to force yourself to eat
Neave O.
for the past few days i have been at home due to flooding so one of the days i had baked beans but the rest i just had grapes and yogurt. i bought things to make smoothies with since i’m back at school starting tomorrow so i’ll either have yogurt and fruit, a protein shake, hot chocolate or smoothie. it doesn’t have to be something big but going from not having breakfast at all to even just having a bit of yogurt and fruit really goes a long way
Naomi T.
There are definitely better, way, way, better alternatives to what I do most mornings. For me, just being able to get out of bed and make even toast is an accomplishment. That’s what makes it ‘great’ to me.
Vicki U.
I think a great breakfast is food that will give you energy for the rest of the day, is healthy, and something that you like. So for example I’d have a waffle with banana and whipping cream on top as well as a scoop of peanut butter or nut butter and a glass of soy milk. The waffle is a carbohydrate and makes me feel full and gives me immediate energy, the banana is a fruit and gives me longer lasting energy, the peanut or nut butter is filled with protein and doesn’t make me feel like i’m half asleep, and the soy milk has calcium in it which is just something my body needs (and stops my nails flaking). The whipping cream isn’t really necessary, but it makes me enjoy the banana and waffle more, so it’s worth it (sometimes I’ll even add some chocolate :D). If I don’t want to eat as much in the morning, I’ll at least still have something with protein because I find that’s what makes me have the most energy. It’s a balance between eating as much as your body needs and things you enjoy!
Hans Adolf S.
I just eat something that makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I experimented around with food and tried to see what food that I liked would wake me up in the morning, but also keep that energy throughout the day. I have my own personal things I like, but everyone has their own breakfast that is the best for their body.
Luke J.
A good cup of matcha together with nutritious, whole food meal. Eaten mindfully, not rushing and taking a moment to get enough energy nutrients to kickstart the day.
Deb P.
One low in sugar and fat that meets your nutrition needs. Fibre, protein and vitamins. The examples in the app are nuts and eggs. I have protein shakes made with almond milk with a handful of kale, mango and hemp protein.
Lizandra Q.
A healthy breakfast that gets you starting the day energized. If you normally don’t eat breakfast something small will work as well.
Vuyisa Z.
It’s different depending on what food is in the house. Eggs and some bacon with bread are usually a Sunday. Although on other days it could be fibre cereals, yogurt with granola, porridge, oats and fruit if there is any. Sometimes I’d have a cup of decaf coffee or tea as well.
Emma F.
Something that will fill you up but contain long lasting energy too, like protein (eggs) complex carbohydrates (fruits,veggies) and for me a beverage other than water (coffee,or juice)
Madi I.
A great breakfast is a breakfast that has basically all of the food categories. A great breakfast has to have protein in it and nutrients in it. I would suggest that you make a healthy smoothie. I always add spinich, some fruits, and bananas to mine.
Caroline J.
It should contain all macronutrients; protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. Particularly focus on protein to make you feel full and give you a great boost for the day. It should be low/no sugar to avoid an early spike which will be followed by a crash making you reach for early and poor quality snacks. Eggs are a great source of protein and good fat, best poached (avoiding saturated fats) with ancient grain toast and some avocado/spinach/watercress/smoked salmon/tomatoes in other words some veg/salad for some micronutrients.
Maddison U.
a great breakfast is a healthy combination of delicious carbs, proteins, and fats. something that will keep me energized through out the morning.
Ol Mpia F.
Something sweet and nourishing like an oatmeal or s smoothie. I like fruit but somethimes avocado toast sound good as well. I like eggs too but mostly prefer sweet foods in the morning.
Marian W.
A lot of protein and very little fats – and if your eating sugar make sure it's very much natural, for example fruits. Smoothies are the best way to kick off a new day but a veggie and cheese sandwich will also do just fine. And of course – remember to stay hydrated too. But drink water, yoghurt or a freshly squeezed juice/lemonade rather than a coffee. I swear the difference is enormous.
Joy B.
Something that gives you energy is good for breakfast. Breakfast as they say is the most important meal of the day. For me I usually have a bagel with cream cheese or avocado with seasoning with sometimes bacon. I like this because it’s refreshing. Also coffee gives a good start of the day and makes you feel good. Don’t skip breakfast, I know this from experience. It makes you feel just crappy. Eat what makes you happy.
Lisette N.
I believe a great breakfast constitutes of something you really like and look forward to eat. It should be simple enough to make, otherwise you might skip it. I always suggest a smoothie. It’s quick to make, you can even prep the ingredients the evening before. A smoothie is also nutritious since you can add a lot of different ingredients. At the moment I make one with bananas, black beans, cocoa powder, cinnamon, flax seeds, coconut water and a few dates.
Modi N.
It should be composed of fiber, protein, fat, and a few carbohydrates, and be enjoyable and diversified in order to get a wonderful meal.
Louis E.
For me having enough protein for the day makes a difference between a less protein heavy breakfast and high protein breakfast.
Hans Christian E.
Things that might get your body going such as fruits more specificity citric fruit this keeps your heart healthy also lowering blood pressure ad other risk factors for heart disease. Things like carbohydrates include cereals, oats and muesli. Dairy products like milk and yogurt. Vitamins and minerals are also Important as they help shore up bones, heal wounds and bolster your immune system. 🙂
M Lody Y.
A great breakfast makes you feel great! It doesn't have to be a big bowl of fruit, some smoothie, and a special yogurt, breakfast is breakfast. It's what makes you feel great in the morning! Cereal, pizza, toast, whatever makes it feel like a truly great breakfast!
Reuben W.
A meal that has all the macronutrients, as none of them is bad, but I think, for me, what’s best is a protein dominant one, having carbohydrates as the least. If I ever am having carbohydrates, I should not get it from added sugar. I also need fat, as it helps with my digestion.
Dan E.
When I go to school I need something fast and easy so I eat a sandwich, yogurt or cheapudding, but on the weekends I sometimes do scrambled eggs. (:
Katrina O.
A great breakfast could be a lot of things. Above of a great breakfast is determined by how you FEEL after the morning time of eating. Some other distinctions between a good breakfast and a bad one is the healthiness and fullness factor of it all.
Tom P.
Protein basen breakfast to keep good energy levels for longer. But it wshould also be something enjoyable, to look forward to.
Mikkel Z.
A great breakfast consists of protein such as eggs or nuts to fuel our body, simple carbohydrates such as oats and bread to give us long lasting energy for the day and fibre such as fruits and vegetables to help us with digestion.
Emo S.
eating something that makes you feel good and energised, but doesn't take too long to make, since that can be tiring so soon in the morning
Ria O.
A great breakfast is to start your day off right, because your body has been resting for eight hours, the breakfast is to replenish your health and give you energy!
Valdemar E.
More protein, less carbohydrates.. In short, full energy breakfast like boiled eggs, oats or cornflakes with milk, apples, banana, nuts etc
Margarethe O.
I think that it is something that is light but full of nutrients. It is important to eat something good and healthy but also not to push yourself.
Hannah F.
Perhaps just something small, with some protein, not too much sugar, and that is convenient for your schedule. You could go for a bigger breakfast if that fits your lifestyle, but if you just want something quick you can grab handfuls of assorted nuts and dried fruits. You can try regular fruits as well. Granola bars are often healthy and quick. It really depends on your own balance and life. I think there is a helpful article about this on the app somewhere though.
Maximino C.
What makes a great breakfast is something that makes you feel good when you’re eating it and something that is good for your health. For example if I wanted Chinese food for breakfast, sure it would make me feel happy but it’d make me feel gross in the middle of the day. The opposite is true too, I could sit there and try to eat a healthy food I simply because it’s healthy end it can make me feel bad because I didn’t really like it
Amelia L.
For me it is something that is not only yummy but also nutritious and will help my body and mind to function during the day
Farah Q.
A great breakfast, can be anything you choose that’s healthy and filling. Like a banana, and some toast. Or cereal, bagels, muffins, or perhaps some yogurt.
Ernst U.
A great breakfast consists of some protein, fruit, cereal or bread and a hot beverage. I don’t always have the time to do exactly that but I make time to incorporate at least 3 every morning.
M Lina Q.
A great breakfast isn't only the food in my opinion. I try to find some minute of peace where to think about the day I'm starting. I'm trying to eat at least a banana, currently. If I have time, I eat peanut butter and bread. I always have an espresso. Planning on drinking a Glass of fruit juice from tomorrow.
Tahmineh X.
A great breakfast is the one you have a lot of options in that why hotel breakfasts are one of the best things about hotels
Jaime F.
a great breakfast is something that you enjoy and love but something that is light and easy, not too much on your stomach. something sweet and healthy. when i make my breakfast, i always make sure i’m making a breakfast that i look forward too and makes me motivated
Astrid C.
I think it can be everything oatmeal, toast with jam or butter, boiled egg, light salad or even just apples The main thing is to be satisfied with breakfast and have enough energy for a productive day
Marie P.
At this point a great breakfast to me is having more than just a cup of coffee. I often skip breakfast so eating something should first become a habit. After that, a great breakfast should be something that energises and fills you up without causing a sugar crash.
Tobias P.
As long as your eating it’s a great breakfast. You shouldn’t starve yourself but try to eat healthy as possible so that you feel good.
Brennan C.
Sitting at a table with a plate full of your favorite breakfast items mines are pancakes,bacon.and fruit and sitting a indulging in that food and savoring every bite
Fateme Z.
A nutritious breakfast contains complex carbohydrates and fiber that delay hunger time. It is also better to include dairy products and nuts.
Nicoline G.
A combination of vitamins and nutrients = fruits ~ dried or fresh, and carbohydrates ~ bread or oats or weetbix ~ for slow release energy.
Or F.
First is tastefullness you have to start up your morning with something that makes you feel good but steer away from sweets and fast sugars instead grab something that contains slow sugars like a fruit and to fuel your body get some protein in it too
Sarah Z.
I think a perfect breakfast would probably have a combination of eggs fruits and nuts but I think starting small is a good idea and following whatever you feel like you need to eat, for example this morning I am having muesli and fruit and yoghurt because I felt like something a little sweet 🙂
Quentin Y.
A well balanced meal that leaves you satisfied, full, and happy. Also, not leaving you feeling sluggish throughout the whole day.
Sandra Q.
Hello my friend, i feel you… and can relate with what you are going through. I would say give yourself brakes but don’t give up on yourself 🤍 as soon as you feel down and overwhelmed just give yourself a minute or a hour or how ever long you need to just be, and in touch with your feelings. But just know in the back of your head that as soon as this fas is over, and it will be over, you need to get up. Start with the easy things on your list and tick it of as soon as you are done. It will make you feel better that it’s going forwards and that it’s not impossible. You got this all love.
Tracy F.
I personally like a big country type breakfast. Something that has breakfast meat like sausage, ham, bacon, fish, a steak or pork chop, cor beef hash . Potatoes or hash browns, eggs, toast or biscuits and gravy. Maybe French toasts with jam and syrup. Pancakes and eggs. Something that will stick to your ribs.
Tiana C.
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Leo Q.
eating something that makes you feel happy and satisfied. i would recommend something healthy because typically it’s more filling and will sustain you longer.
Sara Y.
Protein and coffee and slow mornings. Something with hot sauce and avocado. Breakfast is t rushed and it’s good and savored no matter what it is. I’m not sure it’s the food or the act of sitting down with coffee and reading.
Neusa I.
What makes a great breakfast consist of fruits maybe vegetables, orange juice, water are good drinks you want to have things that want upset your stomach and gets your day started in a good way
Melvin T.
I've never been a big breakfast person so for me a coffee and a smoothie, or a coffee and a piece of fruit, or a coffee and a cracker with a spread. If my lunchtime is later in the day I will eat porridge or toast to keep me going longer but usually a small breakfast is my way to go.
Patricia W.
A great breakfast is something that gives energy and is filling. Giving energy has to get you ready foe the day and filling keeps you from feeling hungry again too early.
Neil N.
Good question! I think it depends on how much time you have, allergies etc., but probably some eggs for proteins (you can search what also gives you a lot proteins) and vegetables for vitamins. You can also take some fruits for way to work/school for sugar. You have a few recipes in Fabulous App, so you should probably check it out as well. Also don't forget to drink water 🙂
Nci T.
A boiled egg, honey on toast, a glass of tea or juice are ideal for breakfast. If you don't have time, a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and a side of coffee would be great too.
Eva U.
A great breakfast for me, surely consists of one drink that makes me feel good and is healthy. Continueing with the food a great breakfast is something simple yet tastythata makes me feel full and gives me energy.

My classic favorite drinks depending on season are cocoa, matcha tea and smoothies.
As for food, eggs cooked in anyway with peppers and apinach or pb banana bread or oatmeal. Wouldnt say no to a toast sometimes

Clesisniara Z.
A great breakfast is something that we enjoy eating and also provides the energy and healthiness that we need to get through the day.
Nina Z.
First of all, a great breakfast is something I like eating. As I'm often sick and not hungery in the morning, I don't want to eat something I have to force down my throat. Secondly, it is something nutritious, that gives me energy for the whole day. Lastly, having breakfast is a process for me, a quiet moment before the day begins.
Hasti W.
You now I myself eat eggs or pancakes 🥞 😋
Or If you are lazy😂eat cheese 🧀 with bread or honey
This kind of things are very healthy 😌
also sometimes I eat cookies 🍪 and milk 🥛

Olso you can Google it (healthy breakfast) it will help you bro

Ishmita C.
Something that will keep you energized for a long period of time. It could be an apple on your way to work or a protein bar while walking to school. It does not have to be anything fancy just something simple and healthy that is filling!
Dana U.
A great breakfast is something that fills you up and gives you the energy you need for the day. Ideally choose something with slow release energy and lots of fibre, like bananas or oats.
Afr Nio Q.
A great breakfast is a balanced meal with protein, grains, and fruit/veggie. You can make eggs, a whole grain bagel, and watermelon and that would be perfect!
Sam T.
a morning round with a fruit, maybe some yoghurt and a good glass of water. it makes me feel most prepared for the day, although on weekdays i usually don’t have that long to make and eat breakfast
Jessie F.
A great breakfast for me would be: egg whites with spinach; granola, low fat Greek yogurt, fruit, and honey; greens smoothie with protein powder
Rasmus N.
eating anything at all is a good place to start, for a great breakfast I would recommend fruit and a grain. Fruit is high in sugar and gives you the energy you need while also delivering important vitamins. Grain can keep you full for a while, but try to eat full grain instead of white.
Patty O.
A great breakfast for me includes a mix of nutrients and food types that will energize me and not make me crash later in the day. My go to is a whole grain English muffin with a little butter, an apple, and a half cup of non-fat Greek yogurt.
Rezkia Z.
Something with low glycemic index, it's better to have some fiber in it, and it's better to be real food, banana and any whole grains, such as oatmeal.
Alexandra V.
A great breakfast for me is something that makes me feel full but not in the bad way. It is a meal that decreases the appetite for lunch time, thus eating slightly less than if no breakfast. Used to just take a coffee in the morning, but now i enjoy something containing carbs, some form of protein and maybe some fats. Usually fruits, oats, protein powder, maybe eggs, cheese, avocado, tomatoes. It depends on the day.
Dilermando O.
In my opinion I’d say to have a variety of foods like protein bars, yogurt, a few vegetables and last but not least have any food containing vitamins.
Sarah O.
A breakfast that fills you up enough to take on the day but not too much and where you can reflect how to go about your day.
Lily N.
An egg for protein and not a sugary start. Something like toast is ok, but needs to be balanced with protein to get you started.
Suhaila N.
Great breakfast means to me a breakfast that has great taste and nutrition as well, so you feel satisfied and thrilled about it and your body takes what is needed.
Russell J.
It's you're choice what do you call a great breakfast. I eat something i love like a sandwich. But I always ad some vegetables so it's great for my body to.
Calvin S.
How do you keep a good breakfast habit? It becomes quite difficult sometimes to maintain this habit as we become more and more busy in my lives
Basile Q.
Something that fills your stomach but isn’t that heavy so that you don’t end up puking. It should have some fruit and veggies and something with protein tbh
Robin N.
a great breakfast is first, nutritious. make sure that things like protein, fiber, and other necessary nutrients are present. secondly, a proper breakfast provides a feeling of contentment and can help drive you through. it can be motivating, comforting, or simply nice to know "i started the day right". this is also linked to why ppl make their own breakfasts; it helps them reflect and start the day strong.
a great breakfast fills you both physically and mentally, and i have full trust that you can do this 😀 best of luck !!!
Alfred W.
A breakfast that constitutes more nutrition is better than any breakfast to keep you active during the day.
I have a bowl of oats with shavings of cacao to keep me fresh during the morning.
Having a healthy breakfast
Sydney E.
For me it’s 2 eggs, yogurt, and an apple or banana or toast. I’m not a health expert or claim to know much about it. I have heard that you get protein from eggs and it can help you feel full. I love yogurt and it contains probiotics. I’ve read that apples promote digestion and as well as bananas. Bananas also are a good source of potassium and magnesium. And toast is probably not the most healthy thing in the world , but I love it and it provides some fiber to my breakfast. 😊
Crotty X.
To me, a good breakfast is one that energized you until lunch. Sugary cereals only energize you for about 30 minutes, so it's not a good breakfast. A bowl of fruits is a good breakfast because it keeps you energized for at least 4 hours, and that way you can get to lunch without crashing. I need this energy so that I can perform well on tests in school, and also so that I can feel good. The only other requirement for a good breakfast is for it to be healthy. Our breakfasts need to be healthy so that we can be healthy – we should be able to visualize it being made (grown out of the ground or through an animal).
Sanaya Q.
I would say try out with a simple but nice looking planner. If you’re just starting off this journey then get into the habit of it. Let it excite you to write
PS if you were an expert journaling er you will get the answer yourself.
Duane C.
Dear user,
The breakfast can be milk and some kind of fruit such as apples bananas strawberries and many kind of berries like cranberries, blueberries and more. You can even mix them and turn them into a smoothie! Goodbye and keep going!
Elvira J.
high protein with lots of fruit and vegetables
i normally have porridge with strawberry’s and banana but i am trying to include more protein in that
Nadeshda Q.
I think it depends culture to culture. In my house, a "great" breakfast is usually eggs, bacon, rice, and some mountain sauce on top. Everyone's body is different so each needs a certain amount of protein, carbs, etc… My body is not going to need the same amount of food for breakfast as Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. But I still need food. I've figured out my amount that's "great" for me (It's ever changing haha). You just have to figure out yours.
Ash89311 N.
Fiber, vitamins, protein, not a lot of carbs/sugar. Something tasty. Something that can be made quickly and not too expensive.
Maria E.
I usually like to put some sort of eggs there as a start, with a piece of bread, then at least one piece of fruit or vegetable and maybe something sweet as well. 🙂
Brittany W.
I great breakfast is usually one I make in my own kitchen, though of course I’m not opposed to going out for breakfast or brunch. But when I have time to chop ingredients and scrape them off the cutting board with the back edge of a sharp knife and into a sizzling pan, there’s something magical about it. Yesterday, my four year old and I cut sweet potatoes into chunks, which we seasoned with oil and spices and roasted. I fried up some eggs, I like them over hard and well done, they’re a little crisp that way. And then I tossed some greens in the pan until they wilted and cut up fresh strawberries. It was colorful and delicious.
Francis Z.
Come on, my breakfast starts with a green juice with green leaves, berries, carrots or beets, and aloe vera. after 40 minutes there is black coffee without sugar, eggs, bacon, butter, a slice of wholegrain bread, normally I don't eat fruit, I leave them for a snack, normally I eat black berries, and a mix of nuts
Janette O.
I dont have most the time time for a breakfast because i like fo snooze a little more.So the best breakfast for me is to take greek yogurt that is in a little container and eat it fast.Otherwise i boil two eggs and i take them to work
Charlotte J.
In my opinion٫ a great breakfast would help you be more energized and healthier. For example٫ water٫fruit٫and maybe some oatmeal. All of these foods are healthy for you and would get your day started. Breakfast is always the important meal of the day so you can feel better in the morning. Thats why I think a healthy nutritional breakfast makes a great breakfast .
Mallori G.
I think as long as it satisfies you and gives you enough energy to have a productive morning, it’s good? Protein (eggs), whole grains, rolled oats, fruit, yogurt are some of my favorite options
Mmm N.
For me, sometimes a cup of coffee is all I need. Most often, the best breakfast includes a sources of protein such as eggs or cottage cheese with a low sugar fruit or an omelette with veges and salsa.
Agapito S.
Some kind of fruit, a glass of water and something that will fill you up later that is good for you. Anything that makes you feel good and ready to start the day with energy
Blueberry L.
A great breakfast, is whatever you choose that’ll be able to fill you up for the day ahead. Something refreshing and healthy. Even if you’re not hungry, it’s always good to eat breakfast whether it’s small or big
Andr I.
A great breakfast is onenwith all sorts of nutrients, protein, calcium, vitamins, sugars, fibers and enough water. A dessert is a great way to begin the day with it.
Steven Q.
Personally for someone who doesn't have the appetite in the morning, a shake does very well. I'm also trying to gain weight so my shake consist out of a cup of oatmeal, a spoon of instant coffee, a spoon of cacoapowder, 3 cups of oatmilk, a spoon of peanutbutter and 2 scoops of proteinpowder.
Naja W.
A great breakfast consists of unprocessed, nutritious foods. Tey combining protein foods, fruit, vegetables, dairy and grains.
Victor F.
I would go with eggs and cucumber and coffee or may be cheese and crackers with tomato or salad or pancakes or croissant. But the one thing that essential for my day is coffee with its all types it makes my day on keeping me good and focus on my life
Adrita Z.
A breakfast becomes great once you add a balanced proportion of carbs, proteins ,fats , vitamins and minerals. Like today I had some rice with boiled vegetables and stewed chicken soup.
Shuvam A.
In a breakfast i look for something that will provide instant energy and at the same time have some fibre in it. I usually go for oats and milk and banana. Whenever I have time crunch i just eat banana and move on to my next task.
Julcenira S.
A great breakfast is a breakfast with high volume and less calories. Of course, it is good for people who exercise a lot but it can be helpful and good for anyone else.
Citra S.
make me full, more energy, usually i eat nasi goreng, sate, lontong, egg, roti, fruit, milk, but i don't really know what great breakfast are
James F.
For me, today, I had an egg and some toast and a glass of oat milk. You can use always use egg whites if you don't like yolks.
Yassmine U.
A great breakfast should be balanced and provide vitamins and proteins
I suggest milk eggs banana
orange juice and something sweet
Deborah F.
Something that is balanced – has protein, fat, and carbs to fuel your day! Of course, also make sure that it’s something fun that you enjoy eating and making – and that it fits your schedule and doesn’t take too long. And it’s always great to make sure it includes at least one serving of fruits / veggies!
Treyvius F.
Honestly, anything with good protein, and not too much of overly sugar items and caffeine. I try to stay away from those unless its absolutely necessary.
Zainab G.
Essentially something that makes you happy and keeps you satisfied at the same time. To some, this may include a rainbow of food, to others, maybe something simple but nutritious
Ang Lica Z.
I always eat porridge (soaked overnight in milk) and raspberries as it keeps me going for the day and I don’t get hungry until lunch.
Sirene A.
Any type of food or beverage that sparks excitement/enthusiasm while you prepare it!

Focusing on th 5 senses ( and those beyond) also ensures you receive the rich benefits from your breakfast and putting yourself first!

R Mi Y.
Well I'm not ready sure but what I would think is a great breakfast to start the day is some pancakes or waffles with syrup, some bacon and eggs, or an omelette, and some coffee to start the day and feel energized.
Leela F.
Water is very important in the morning to hydrate yourself before beginning your day. Following should be a meal that I always make sure includes fruit and protein to keep me filled until lunchtime.
No Lie O.
Something that has protein nad energy, like fruits and eggs. I like to eat two eggs and one fruit (also bread) for breakfast.
Mika F.
I try to include protein carbs and dairy. That is just my personal preference and I make up food groups I missed during the day.
Chochana E.
For me it’s something that will be easy to digest and not heavy on my stomach. A tea with a fruit is perfect for me. And sometimes a little guilty pleasure to replace the fruit by a croissant…
Shefalee R.
A “good” breakfast is portrayed as something that is healthy. However a good breakfast doesn’t necessarily have to be just healthy. Yes starting your morning with something healthy obviously is better for your body and overall well-being, but if you start your morning with something you don’t like eating, you will already be put in a bad mood. Good food is supposed to make you happy. So I think that a good breakfast consists of both healthy, nutritious food that you enjoy.
K Z.
A great breakfast is something filling and delicious. It also consists of protein and gives you energy to power through the day. In order to eat a great breakfast, you need to enjoy it. So your breakfast should also consist of foods you love.
Dawn N.
Anything that leaves my soul feeling replenished. Something I wholeheartedly enjoy and am thankful. Nutrients that nourish me and help me not die
Isabel Q.
In my opinion, a great breakfast is balanced, delicious and healthy. Make sure it’s the right size for you and you aren’t eating too much or too little. For example: Avocado, Porrige, Cereal with fruit, eggs etc
Emma S.
First of all, breakfast has to give you the energy to live morning, and generally, all day. I suggest you to eat something you like so you start your day with a smile on your face. For example milk with cereal, porridge, fruit, bread with jam and whatever you like. Try something genuine and not packaged, that's a great occasion to start cooking!
Jessica N.
Well in my great breakfast I had a green smoothie containing spinach, pineapple, orange juice, frozen bananas and a little bit of water. I also had some cereal but sometimes I have avocado on toast.
Jennifer P.
A meal that is balanced with lean protein, carbs, fruit, and veggies if u can! Nothing full of sugar that can spike our energy levels and leave us feeling worse. For instance, some instant oatmeals are full of sugar and preservatives that do not give your body nutrition. Don't forget a huge class of fresh water! This really sets u up for a great day!
Clara A.
It consists of food that excite you and make you happy, not forgetting very healthy, like your favorite cereal or a plate that consists proteins like eggs
Carla N.
A great breakfast is healthy but also satisfying in flavor and it will sustain you and your energy till next meal/snack without making you feel heavy
Gottlieb Q.
Usually it's a good way to have a protein for breakfast with a fruit afterwards, but my breakfast is whatever i find in the kitchen.
Jo P.
I think it's good to experiment a bit with breakfast. If I'm eating the same thing every day, I'll get bored of it, and forget to appreciate the flavor. Adding fruits or chocolate to an otherwise familiar dish can really help make me excited to try something!
Lauren O.
It has to be nutritious, in order to power your body up with energy. So, I am making myself a green smoothie (fruit, green leafs, plant based milk, water, and occasionally honey) and maybe some extra slice of bread with low fat Deli meat or some avocado or an egg. Other days it can be a boul of homemade porridge, with fruit, or oatmeal with nuts and fruits. Or eggs, toast, tomatoes, baby spinach…. Just make sure you include lots of protein and fiber and also greens and you are good to go.
Rocxer C.
A great balance of energy and filling so you dont get hungry right away! Oats satiate your hunger, smoothies provides energy
Amy C.
When i had breakfast I used some eggs, nuts or other day i had Sweet chia seeds. Today i had tuna spread with bread And some vegetables
Nathalie T.
Protein, fiber, vitamins.. Pack them into your diet by eating yogurt mixed with fruit nuts and some whole grain oatmeal!
Ryan U.
Probably a little bit from each food group. Make sure you have a good amount of protein since it will help get you through to lunch. Usually when there is not much protein that cause you to get hungry faster.
Liesbeth X.
Something that will keep you energized and not hungry, ready to focus on other things than hunger, for at least an hour or three.
Tyrone G.
My breakfast have to be sweet to give me a nice woke up! For this reason I like to have a porridge with banana and peanut butter sometimes I put some granola on top with a little bit of honey. I complete everything with a glass of orange juice
Anna U.
Enough food to keep you satisfied until the next meal, has enough nutrients and protein to help kickstart your brain, and still tastes really good! Try to stay away from sugar first thing in the morning unless it’s natural sugar
Silje U.
Milk with oats and honey
Eggs with cucumber or some vegetables like Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
Fresh juices
" high protein meal"
Myekah C.
I find oatmeal and an apple or piece of fruit good.
Boil egg with avocado and toast is super easy.
A smoothie ( add a nut butter to it)
To me it has to be filling and balanced but easy to assemble with minimal mess to clean up after.
Nour D.
A great breakfast to me reflet a great influence on my entire day
Having a fresh juice toast with scrumbled eggs and cabbage may be perfect to begin the day
Denise U.
In my opinion, greens for fuel! Make a smoothie with super greens (Costco), banana, frozen mangoes & pineapples, flax seed, and water. I use 80% greens, really smash 'em in; and fill your mixer of choice with water, up a bit higher than 50% of the way. (I use a Nutrabullet). Great fuel first thing, equals a great start! Good luck!
Nero Q.
A great breakfast for me is Greek yoghurt with paeleo granola, cinnamon and honey. It is a combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients that tastes amazing and makes me feel refreshed and ready for the day.
Arnold F.
Something with all the nutrients required. Protein, fat, fibre, carbs. Like eggs, nuts and a buttered toast. This meal is supposed to make you feel good. Make you feel energized. You look forward to it cause it’s an amazing way to start your day.
No phones, no noise. No nothing. Just you, your breakfast and your thoughts. Great way to start the morning to. To just process everything.
Ashley U.
I think any breakfast is a great breakfast. Getting up early and ensuring you eat something really sets the tone for the day, of course the healthier the better! However even if it’s just a bit of buttered toast, it’s still great 😊
Aleixo T.
I eat oatmeal with a banana cooked in topped off with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie spice. No added sugar . Sometimes i change it up and have berries
Sandro Q.
I’m not exactly sure, but I’d say eggs are the cornerstone, they can be vegan or not. If you can manage it, get some fruit in too, it’s good for your memory. But as a rule of thumb, just go for healthier items and avoid the classic pancakes and waffles.
Kleianne E.
A great breakfast is one that gives you energy slowly. It is without a sugar crash energy which makes you feel hungry after the sudden burst of energy.
Christina P.
For me nothing too big or too much, i have a very sensitive stomach in the morning. Also things that are easy to make as that helps me get myself to eat as soon as I get up