Is it right to drink 2 cups of water 5 minutes before breakfast?

Amy P.
I would go with only one cup of water. Having to much in a short amount of time can feel a overwhelming and make you feel bloated
Sebastian E.
It is not actually any problem, cause doctors accept it, but if you have a biological problem or you are so stressed about it you can ask it from a expert diet doctor to answer it by your body situation.
Jane X.
Not really. It might give the false feeling of fulfillment, so you don't eat much and don't get enough nutrients with your breakfast.
Дара Велкова N.
it's good to drink water before breakfast. that way you will not overeat. but don't drink too much water either. if 2 cups aren't too much for you, then it's okay 🙂
Lorraine Z.
Yes, it’s good for your health because your body didn’t receive any food or water form 7 to 8 hours, so it’s a good thing to have a bottle of water first thing in the morning😊.
Samantha O.
I think it’s right to drink 2 cups of water before practice because you’ll feel more energized and you’ll get all that toxic waste out of your system so it will make you feel good
T Lio C.
Yes and no.
If you want to lose weight then yes. The water should take up space in your stomach making you feel less hungry. On the other hand No if your trying to eat a full meal.