I don’t always have time to make a good breakfast, what are some super quick and easy things?

Svetlana N.
First of all it is necessary to make sure that you drink enough of water in the morning. So is fabulous suggest better to prepare it from the evening and not only to drink one glass of water but as more as possible. After 15 minutes if you don't have a time just grab some fruits and grains with yogurt, it will make you feel full for a long time.
Eleanor J.
i think, for some super quick and easy things for breakfast i should make some eggs with a piece of bread and some green tee.
Sean F.
I make my quick omelette. Each item leads to the next and rounds out the whole meal. I start with 1 strip of bacon, after cooked I then use the rendered fat to wilt spinach (frozen or fresh) and sauté mushrooms and any other veggies I am feeling that morning. While it’s cooking I beat 3 eggs. Add the eggs to the veggies and let setup. While this is happening I clean up and put away the other ingredients and make my kids breakfasts and my coffee. I flip the egg mix, if successful add the bacon in pieces and a small amount of your favorite cheese and fold for omelette. If you’re having one of “those” mornings and did a flop instead chop it into a scramble and add the bacon and cheese. Either way it’s 8-10mins and breakfast is ready, cleaned up, and all while dealing with the morning demands of 3 kids and a dog before work.
Eileen X.
I usually have something easy like toast, or cheese and crackers! If I have some time, I will usually make scrambled eggs and maybe some bacon.
Jacob X.
Fried eggs with mushrooms and spinach takes 5-10 minutes – add toast and guac if you have time or if pre-made! Or instant porridge with fruit like blue berries and bananas. Even some toast paired with a banana will keep me full for longer. If you have even less time, a breakfast biscuit such as belvita or special Kay is a good option, and again pair with a piece of fruit if you can
Jessie J.
1. Oatmeal, ready to go oatmeal is something you can make microwave quickly and still have relatively healthy breakfast.

2. Hard boiled eggs, ham slices and cheese. Boil the eggs before you go to bed (or do it like me, boil a cartridge of dozen eggs at once).

Tee C.
Cheerios, eggs, toast, fruit are my usual quick options. Oatmeal is also a good choice in the morning when you want something warm, quick and healthy.
Fauzia O.
Have ready washed berries and Tupperware with the right amount of yoghurt for whatever your breakfast portion size is in the fridge – I grab different berries and the yoghurt as my go to quick breakfast.
Abigail F.
Some supper quick and easy things to eat for breakfast are things like a banana or an apple. Both are full of protein and vitamins that will boost your matabaloism and make you fell fuller longer. If you need to you can even do something like a protein bar that is not supper surgery. Foods that are rich in protein will in general boost you matabolisem and make you feel fuller longer.
Avery J.
I make hard boiled eggs the night before and eat then with Himalayan salt in the morning. 3 eggs well keep me going. Or If I really have no time, I grab a "complete cookie" protein option.
Mille X.
Well, I usually make an omelette or oatmeal with berries on the top. But when I don't have time for that, I make myself a milkshake or a toast. For milkshake I use fruits and or berries, Greek yoghurt and some liquid (milk, water or juice) . Mix everyhthing. This milkshake costs me less than 5 minutes 🙂 . For toast, I, of course, toast some bread. Then apply peanut butter. You also can add fruits, berries, etc. I sometimes add banana or sunflower seeds. You also can buy instant oatmeal or try to make food that requires more time in the evening and leave it overnight. Hope this helps ^_^
Brianna U.
I make egg roll ups a lot. They are high in protein and take about 5 minutes. You can customize them too for variety. For 1 you scramble an egg in a bowl, pour it into a hot frying pan, place a tortilla on top (i use almond flour tortillas), wait until the eggs are relatively cooked, spray the tortilla with cooking oil, flip it over and let it crisp. Once it's crisped you just put it on a plate and roll it up. You can add cheese or veggies or ham or anything you'd like to the eggs when you put them into the fryibg pan too. I make 2 and it takes me literally about 5 minutes. Its quick and easy, but its a hot, home-cooked breakfast.
Heinz Werner C.
A smoothie with:
1. Almond milk
2. Frozen Fruit
3. Nut butter
4. Protein powder

Mix all 4 and blend 30 seconds.

You can buy frozen fruit smoothie packs at the store to make selection easier. If needed, make the smoothies the night before and re-blend on your way out the door.

Erin U.
Prepare oatmeal the night before and put it in the fridge. The next morning just take it out, add a splash of milk, and enjoy!
Alexis Z.
Try oats! Oats are so good for you and quick to make. You can also do overnight oats with different fruits. That way you can just wake up and go!