Any quick protein rich vegan breakfasts? Need some ideas! Thanks :)

Felix P.
So I started this because I just started my vegan journey myself, but one of the easiest things to do is get a block of tofu, veggie boulion cubes, salt, pepper and garlic poweder.

Hannah C.
I use vegaone protein and greens powder. I like doing vanilla powder with pb2 powder and almond milk… occasionally I will also add a banana to it to fill me up longer.

Maru Q.
I can't give you ideas about the food, but what I usually do is just make the breakfast the night before, and then just take it out of the fridge and eat on the next day. That was the preparation takes no time.

S X.
I'm not a vegan. I think nuts and fruit like mango and banana it's good. One of my favorite breakfast is cheese and slice of tomato and 🥒 with bread and a cup of tea with sugar. It's delicious and beautiful breakfast.