Do you consider it completed even if you eat much later?

Francisco W.
I don't mark any of the tasks as complete until they're done. This encourages me to actually eat a breakfast so that I can mark the task complete. Otherwise I might make excuses to skip it.
Constance S.
Yes. I take breakfast with me to work and eat as I check emails and get organized for the day. But, once I'm at work and getting organized for the day I turned my phone on silent and forget to check it again. So I mark breakfast as complete when I pack it for the day rather than when I actually eat it.
Victoria J.
Yes, especially since I have a toddler! However I know there are benefits for your metabolism when you eat within 1 hour of rising. And as long as you’re getting a healthy bite I think you’re on the right track! 👌🏼
Maya Z.
If what you have later is breakfast, then yes. There is no need to be completely rigid. Having said that, a good early breakfast is best.
Mads W.
If it's just a matter that I woke up late, yes. If it's actually way later past lunch time or if I didn't get to done anywhere near my morning ritual than no.
Zeli C.
Yes, I do consider it being completed later than never. I’ve definitely had those days where I ate breakfast much later, but it is still completed! However, it’s always important to set a time to eat breakfast so your routine is in place
Ernest C.
I really don't like eating breakfast but I figured out an easy way to do it…. Fiber One Bars and 8 ounces of lactose free milk.
Sophie O.
Depending on what time I eat it. If it’s lunch time, I wouldn’t consider it completed but I would still try to make a healthy choice and not slip into negative self-talk about it.
Rolf Peter I.
Yes. I have chronic illnesses that make it nearly impossible to eat in the morning – especially protein- without throwing it back up. To get around this, I make a protein shake that I am free to drink at whatever pace I like between breakfast and lunch. Some days I have an appetite and will add solid food to this, but as long as I get something in I count it as complete
Mae U.
Yes! Reassuring yourself that you are still following your path abd your plan, even if you eat breakfast late is very important. You will not succeed every day and some people eat a late breakfast all the time! It is important to just do your best and always compete against yourself instead of others. Always try to be better this day thab you were yesterday. Sometimes you will not succeed but eveb a late breakfast is still a breakfast
Maurice J.
I eat breakfast after I get to work, as avouding traffic is a key feature of my mornings. As long as I eat within 10 minutes of arriving, I consider it done.
Savannah Z.
It depends on how much later…. If you normally eat breakfast at 6:30 A.M. but you didn't have time to eat then and you ate at 10:20 A.M. I would consider it brunch. There are some people who eat later or earlier then others, so it really depends on what time you eat.
Claire Q.
depends on how much later is it after you wake up. i'm not a morning person so i rarely eat breakfast at mornings unless i have something in my schedule. usually within three hours of waking up, i consider it breakfast.
Kim J.
Depends on when that "much later" time is. If its close to my lunch time then of course not. I generally have my breakfast around 10am. If for whatever reason i have it around 11 or 11:30, I consider it as lunch.
Cecil T.
I mean, I don’t eat immediately after I get up. I usually take a shower first. But as long as I eat before I leave the house, I consider it completed.
Maja B.
If I can complete my morning routine as soon as I wake up, I consider it complete no matter how late I wake up. It's not ideal, but sometimes there are circumstances that I cannot control and I don't want to break my streak because of that and discourage myself.
Kayla U.
Yes, better late then never.
Breakfast is important
Remember to drink a glass of water in the morning
To get on track in hydrating your body.
Len Cia E.
Only until three hours after you woke up. Overall I think the point is more to start the day with something healthy rather than the specific time you ate it (I myself need about an hour to even be ready to eat).
Bernward Y.
Yes because for somedays like today I was unwell and not able to get out of bed until later….which is really rare for me but I want to ensure when this happens I still keep my routine.
Mads E.
No. Eating at the same time is supposed to be more correct for the functioning of the body
Ella S.
No, unless it's my first meal and I still plan to have lunch. If I'm eating "breakfast" for lunch as my 1st meal of the day, I don't count it as complete.
Sander Z.
Yes. Eating too early has always been uncomfortable for me. A later breakfast, depending on what it is, is more satisfying and doesn't sit as heavy in my stomach.
Friedlinde X.
No. Only when I sleep much longer for a good reason. Or when I have my whole daily schedule shifted by a lot because of other people. When everybody around me has breakfast at 13:00, lunch at 16:00 and dinner at 21:00, then I can consider meal at 13:00 to be a breakfast.
Hanspeter C.
Time is different for each individual, personally if I were to eat breakfast at 8 I would consider that completed, however that is about two hours after my normal wake up time.
Valdemar N.
Yes, I give myself a lot of leeway as far as timing goes for all the habits. Personally I feel like I am starting this entire process from scratch. I have never really lived mindfully, so completing any habit at any time feels like a win. I am also a SAHM to a one-year-old, and I don't really have the freedom to create and stick to my own schedule.
Leslie Z.
Yes for two main reasons.

1. If your diet or work-life, for whatever reasons, require you to eat your first meal of the day at lunch, why would eating a great “first meal” be less important?

2. Suppose I am having a day where my ritual is out of whack, e.g. I sometimes work from home, so I accidentally sleep in and laze about for a few hours one day. The morning ritual can still be a very important tool for me to jump starting a productive day, even if that day starts much later than planned. I’d rather make the mental note of needing to make sure I don’t accidentally sleep in than not even look at my ritual that day because I “missed” it.

Chloe S.
If I don’t have a meal in the first 3hrs I’m awake I don’t consider it a healthy breakfast. I feel part of building up good eating habits is making nourishment a priority
Angelo E.
Yes, I count any breakfast as my time table shifts from day to day. At times I need to get up at 6 am, on other days 7:30.
Luka M.
I definitely count breakfast even though I don't eat until after 10am. I have been practicing Intermittent Fasting and only eat between the hours of 10am and 6pm, so I am never going to eat when I wake up at 6am.
Dave P.
I have been waiting until I actually eat the breakfast before I mark it completed. It's a bit annoying that I can't make that reminder come a little later. Breakfast is usually the last part of my morning routine so I am hoping that as more tasks get added, I can change the order.
Elsie Z.
Absolutely! Breakfast doesn't have to be eaten as soon as you wake up, that is just what we've been conditioned to do. But breakfast just simply means the first meal of the day which 'breaks' the 'fast' you've gone through whilst asleep.
Pauline U.
Yes, especially at this point because I am practicing intermittent fasting. I've already had a good habit of eating a healthy breakfast in the past so I'm just going through this breakfast portion as fast as I can
Pat F.
I seem to do better if I fill the tank shortly after I wake and have that first glass of water. I keep it simple – cold instant unsweetened oatmeal with a little almond butter and almond milk; coffee. Between the oatmeal, a slow burning carb, and the the fat in the almond I have fuel for the morning that keeps me feeling full until lunch.
Clareana C.
If depends on how late it is. There have been times where I'll eat a couple hours within waking up later than normal. I still count that as progress. The only time I wouldn't is if I skipped breakfast entirely.
Ninon B.
depends on how much later. would calling it lunch be more appropriate? sometimes i eat two breakfasts when i feel tired. something small and quick just to get some energy. and i feel more awake, a big breakfast. breakfast like a king!