Is a breakfast made of bread with marmalade and butter an healthy breakfast?

Sierra F.
No, your not getting the nutrition and energy from that to get you through the day. Try some fruits and grains like granola, or eggs and ham.

Ben Z.
No , because the breads we commonly buy are made with all purpose flour which has no good nutritional value, also it has preservatives & sugar added to it to preserve it for a long time, same goes for store bought marmalades , they're high in refined sugar and other additives which make them unhealthy , a Healthier yet similar & easy to make option would be, a fresh no preservative whole wheat/Multigrain bread , with Natural Unsweetened Peanut Butter/Almond Butter & A fresh fruit Jam/Marmalade with no added sugar & additives or just a fresh fruit like a banana , an apple etc.

Vikas G.
I prefer Indian breakfast because its more of a steamed food like idle, dosa, poha and some fruits. If u don't have more options u can switch to wheat bread, peanut butter and add some fruits