What do you do when you know you should put something in your stomach but can’t be bothered to cook anything?

Anthony Z.
I know that I have a busy life as a medical student, so I try to plan in advance for scenarios like this to make it as easy as possible for me to eat healthy even when I'm tired. I meal prep every week so that I can just grab my dinner and heat it up because I know that if I leave cooking till when I get home from school, I'll end up skipping meals. I also have a mental list of quick meal prep options (like salad kit + cooked chicken) for weekends when I feel too rushed to spend more time cooking. I try to keep nutritious snacks in my pantry and in my locker at school. And I also try to give myself grace in that sometimes I may need to buy food from the school grab-and-go market or a restaurant, and that's ok. I like cooking my own food because it's cheaper and healthier, but I recognize that exceptions to the rule are still ok.