If I’m not hungry In the morning what should I do?

Mario C.
It’s important to stay keyed in to your bodies needs and changed both physical and mental- if you don’t feel hungry you don’t need to force yourself to eat a large meal that you don’t want but lots of things like stress or just not really liking a certain food can affect your appetite so make sure to listen to your body and give it what it needs.
Mejse O.
Hmmm that’s a good question. I know the feeling when you’re just not into eating in the morning. It mostly happens to me when it’s really early and it just the same boring oatmeal every day. Maybe you could try to eat something else, for example a smoothie. It’s not heavy but only refreshing, and it has lots of vitamins in it. I also think that drinking is easier than eating in the morning. So my answer would be, to make a smoothie instead. It’s cold and refreshing 🙂
I hope I could help
Miroslawa Y.
Well typically if you are not hungry in the morning then it means you ate a little more the night before and that’s fine so usually I just have a smaller breakfast! It can simply be a smaller portion of oatmeal or a little less bacon, just simple adjustments like those are what I usually do