What is a creative way to eat eggs other than just scrambled or fried eggs?

Celestino C.
Both omelets and coddled eggs give you lots of leeway to be very creative, and you can add more of your daily vegetables to either.
Niki Z.
Eggs can be added to potato salad, tuna salad or fried rice dishes. They are also essential for all baked goods and can even be used in some cocktails
Ekaterina F.
Shakshouka; fried with potatoes, tomatoes, onion and paprika; omelette; boiled egg salad (napa cabbage, boiled egg, mayo or sour cream); Egg Benedict…

there are a lot of interesting receipts 🤗 eggs cooked any way are yummy together with tomatoes and/or paprika, tomato paste, avocado and fish