What do you do if you really don’t fancy what you planned to eat for breakfast?

Odila F.
I eat it anyways, it's wrong to waste food. But after I've finished it, i eat a tiny bite of something I like, for exemple a piece of chocolate or a cookie

Brianna J.
Just eat something else! Breakfast is important so you should always eat it even when you don't really feel like it. Just eat something! I hope this was helpful! 🙂

Min U.
I will usually try adding additional elements like fried eggs or avocado to a breakfast I don't fancy to get me to take a bite. Once you get that first bite in, your apetitite should get better. You could also try drinking some water first or brushing your teeth before brekfast to help get you in the mood for food. 🙂

Zilda S.
If I don’t really fancy my breakfast that I have planned then I will either eat it anyway because I know that it’s very good for me and is full of fibre, dairy and nutrients or I will make my self another breakfast which is just as nutritious.

Christian J.
I would select something else that I’d prefer to eat and change the plan, or depending on my mood I may stick to the plan