What kind of food can I eat for breakfast if usually I don’t eat?

Alicia F.
I have a very tough time eating in the morning, I found instant breakfast mixes or protein powders that I can add to things like my morning coffee or a breakfast smoothie help me make up for some of the nutrients I could be lacking and help fill my stomach. Breakfast smoothies work great too, since I know im not motivated to do anything in the morning I like to put all the frozen and solid ingredients (berries bananas veggies) in my small blender the night before and leave that in the fridge so I just have to grab that, add my liquid and blend! I also really like any sorta breakfast sandwich (Jimmy deans English muffin with egg whites and turkey sausage are my fav) that I can just throw in a microwave and go! Or precooked pancakes. I'll mix up some pancake mix at night when im motivated to cook and make up several small batches and put them in the dresser for when I need something on the fly and just wanna microwave them for a few seconds!

Jett G.
Something that is light on the stomach and convenient. For example: granola bars, fruit like banana or apple, a breakfast smoothie or protein shake.

S Meyra O.
You may not feel hungry when you wake up in the morning, or you may not want to eat. That's okay. You don't need to eat a large portion when you wake up in the morning. Just to start the day, it is enough to consume a fruit or a handful of nuts to give your body the energy it needs.

Felipe S.
Try to eat soft things and make the breakfast a good moment, you can try cooking different recepies or something like that

Victor O.
Oatmeal fruit smoothie fruit salad or cereal are good to have it’s always good to check the sugar on the box it’s not good to have Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. He would have to really check the sodium on there oatmeal with a fruit in it sometimes yogurt is so good to have to anything else