Is toast healthy?

Lena C.
It can be. Choose whole grain bread (instead of white) and top it with some protein or healthy fat to keep you full. For example, peanut butter or avocado are great options.
Rosinha Q.
Depends on what kind of bread you're using and what you're putting on your toast! I would say yes because carbs in the morning is an okay thing. It'll give you some energy to burn through out the day. If I eat a big amount of carbs, I always do it in the morning.
Tibor X.
I don’t think so, unless it’s whole grain with but butter on top
David S.
Depends on the type of toast you eat and what you spread over it. Whole wheat with natural peanut butter is an example of a healthy option.
Hon Rio Z.
In my opinion toast is healthy the carbohydrate give you a boost in the morning if you're watching your carbs eat them early in the day and avoid them in the evening
Anna E.
Toast in itself is a source of energy for the body because it provides carbohydrates. However, to make toast more nutritious, adding a spread of guacamole/avocado or side of egg would be recommended.
Osvaldo F.
Toast provides carbohydrates and some fiber, depending on the type of bread used. However, toast is low in protein, fat and nutrients, so other foods will typically be required to make a healthy breakfast.
Christoffer C.
I think toast is healthy depending on what kind toast. Whole wheat toast is good, and I would add something on top like eggs or an avocado
Camille U.
You can have toast with some peanut butter and fruit (like bananas or strawberries sliced) on top, or hummus and cucumber slices. The possibilities are endless! For an extra health boost, swap white bread for wholemeal 🙂
Jonas F.
I would say no. There's no real nutrition to it. It also depends on the type of bread. A whole grain is going to be healthier than a Wonderbread anything. It's carbs, yes, but overall not really substational. I would say you could make it better if you put other things on the toast like a fruit or something.
Martin U.
It depends on which toast you're using, what you put on it, and how much you're eating. Personally, I enjoy a whole grain whole wheat toast with a little slip of peanut butter to get my day started. Especially if I'm off to work out, the peanut butter gives me a boost if needed energy.
Clara Z.
Whole grain breads have more nutrients and fiber than highly processed white breads. I enjoy toast but try to eat some type of protein with it. It keeps me fuller longer.
Benjamin Y.
Toast is better than no breakfast. Healthy is kinda relative. Especially following an app that is designed to take baby steps, a step in the right direction is better than no step.

It also depends on the bread. White bread is the least healthy. Full grain bread is healthier. There are plenty of multigrain and such breads to grab that make it good.