To save some time in the morning, do prepare your breakfast the day before?

April J.
I like to meal plan for the entire week and make sure that I have everything I need to make my breakfasts. I don’t make my meal the day before but if you think it will help you should try it!
Daiara S.
Great question! Sometimes I do if I know I will be in a hurry in the morning and not be able to make it. Most of the time I make breakfast that morning because then if you have eggs, they are made fresh.
Sergio O.
No. I don’t prepare breakfast a day before. I’m lucky to have a chef who sorts out the breakfast for me, so the time factor is not an issue for me.
At O T.
No I do not. However I do set aside enough time to prepare my breakfast so that I would not be in such a rush. Waking up one and a half hours earlier before leaving home helps.
Avishmita F.
Typically no, but sometimes I am organized enough to make a batch of muffins or cereal so I have something that I can just grab in the morning.
Deepa A.
Depending upon the schedule of my day, yes. I prepare some elements of my breakfast before hand, like batter for dosa or dough, and prepare just curries in the morning. I also do a lot of prep the day before, like cutting vegetables
Frederick N.
I don't usually think that far ahead so instead of making something th night before, I make sure I have granola bars or something easy to grab on my way out the door
Volkhard T.
I don't not plan ahead for breakfast. But I do have items available for myself so I am able to grab breakfast on my way out the door in the mornings.
Jimmie Z.
No. And egg and some veggies or a fruit salad with nuts doesn't really take time to prepare. That's a part of my routine.
Luis G.
No I often will decide that morning what Ill eat. I will make chia seed pudding the night before which is often good to have. My father and brother mentioned setting up their breakfast the night before. Come to think of it, I’ve enjoyed waking up to a clean kitchen and the coffee ready to go.
Leroy N.
I don’t always prepare something the day before, but I think that is a good idea. A few things I have done: hard boil 4-5 eggs one day, prepare 3-4 “snack packs” of mixed nuts in small containers, also try to have fruit available 🍌🍎🍇 These are healthier mid morning snacks in case I don’t have a big breakfast.
Cecil O.
No I do not because I never know what I want to eat for breakfast the next day. This is why I do not prepare my breakfast the day before.
Alfredo F.
I usually make 3 batches of overnight oats twice per week. I take 3 small plastic containers and fill them with 1/4 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/3 banana, 1/4 cup frozen berries or fresh and 2 tablespoons of flax seed. Stir and place in refrigerator. It's ready in the morning. Can be warmed up or not. Adjust fruit depending on what you have on hand.
Ava R.
I make sure I have all the ingredients ready and there is minimal prepping to do. For example, I have been eating fresh fruit, yogurt, and a toast with nut butter. It only takes me a minute to put it together.
Elias E.
Actually I don't. To make the breakfast is part of my morning routine, and I enjoy it even if I have to wake up a few minutes earlier.
Kim N.
I usually plan what my breakfast will be and if there’s anything that can be easily done the night before (cut strawberries to put on my oatmeal) I will do that. But I typically don’t do more than basic prep.
El A S.
I get out everything that isn't refrigerated ready. If there's something specific I fancy yes i will prepare it the day before but I mostly stick to the usual.
Kaitlin Z.
No. I just make sure I have all ingredients ready for the week. Also, preparing the breakfast is simple and part of the morning ritual. The only thing I do prepare is boiling a box of eggs in advance. Hardboiled eggs are a very nice thing to have around.
Eden C.
Technically I don't but that's because I only have 3 options! 1 is porridge with sliced fresh fruit for long days that need a slow energy release, normal days I have cornflakes, and on days when I'm running late I have breakfast biscuits. Having limited options prepares you because the choice is made for you! If I'm having a super relaxed day, I may make myself a fry up if I feel like treating myself
Mary W.
No, I don't do that because I like my food freshly prepared. But I do plan the day before what I'm going to cook for breakfast and keep ready the necessary ingredients the previous night itself.