What do you have for breakfast when you wake up late?

Florentin Y.
Fruits with (pea)nut butter are a win, also overnight oats where u soak oats in in favorite milk overnight amd through in whatever you like with it (fruit, nuts, seeds,..) for a savory one i d prepare some wraps 🙂
Rasha X.
I usually have roti/chapati with an easy-to-make and delicious lentil curry when I get out of bed late. Or I'd opt for an oat porridge if I'm not really short on time.
Felecia N.
I always try to eat breakfast no matter what time I wake up .I believe it's what starts the the digestion with a right healthy foods & energy to start life rolling .
Tsafrir Y.
If I stay at home to work then I take cereal. The main difference between a regular and a late day is that I won't add yoghurt (but take a quicker milk), I won't cut fresh fruit, and I won't add chia seeds.
If I need to go outside (to the office, or to some engagement in the non-cyber world), then I might take a relatively healthy granola bar (e.g. the Costco ones), or I'll buy an egg- or a gauda-sandwich and coffee at the cafeteria.
Ella Y.
Hi there, when I wake up late or whenever I have no time, I cook the 3 ingredient oatmeal cookies(1 cup cookies, 1 banana, 2tsp honey).
Chocolate oatmeal with milk and some banana and sunflower seeds
Rolled eggs with some vegetables is also a good option
Zulmara Q.
I always drink a shake for breakfast, regardless of when I wake up. It’s a healthy one, is easy to make and taste good 🥤
Monique W.
I'll usually have a full breakfast no matter what time I wake up. But if I'm in a hurry I'll just each yogurt with fruits or cereal.