What are some free resources for exercises to do at home? Or, if they’re not free, at least very cheap.

Lucien C.
One great free resource is FitOn. There are premium versions but with the free version almost every workout is free. It gives you a plan based on what you want and you do the workouts. It's amazing!!!
Ashley Rahne Z.
Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is a great one! The yoga is easy, and there are shorter routines and longer ones depending on your day, and different focuses for different needs!
Zoe U.
I enjoy doing yoga videos o find on YouTube. Also just dancing or running to some of your favorite music is good too. Pamela Relief is a good workout channel on YouTube as well.
Lyubomira N.
There's learning materials online that can help you build your own workout routine. I love Darebee. A yoga mat, exercise bands, and a couple of weights and you're good to go. You can also browse YouTube for certified coaches and join a free program. Make sure it doesn't interfere with a physical problem if you have one.