What are some good recipes for quick, great breakfasts?

Kit Z.
For mornings where I dont really feel like making breakfast, some Greek yogurt with honey, or even a fruit or granola bar are really quick and easy. But for days where I have more time or energy I like to make blueberry or strawberry protien smoothies.
Louka Z.
Roasted bread with melted cheese, slices of radishes and fried eggs with garlic and ginger on it. Quick and easy to make, lasting in the belly !
Natasha B.
Blueberry Muffins, an omelet, a breakfast sandwich or wrap, baked oatmeal, yoghurt granola and fruit, leftover pasta and or pizza.
Nika U.
You can make your oatmeal in the last night or you can eat some cheese with bread and walnut or jam it's so delicious you can make it like a sandwich.
Ema I.
Personally I would like to have some tomatoes and garlic fried on the pan with butter and when its ready I add some eggs in it and mix them all , now the breakfast is ready , I prefer to have it with fresh chilli beside and some bread with a cup of fine coffee