What do you eat for dinner?

Aisha N.
I try my best to stick to my plan and incorporate lots of protein/beans and veggies.

Sometimes I can’t stick to my meal plan and it’s often when I’m way too hungry to have the patience to prepare something.

If there’s one advice I can give here, it’s to either prepare beforehand so you make the cooking much easier, meal prep and store in Tupperware, or have certain drinks/light caloric snacks throughout the day to blunt your hunger enough until you reach dinner time.

Eddie O.
For dinner I always change it up! But today I am having some delicious chicken stew that my mom is making. She always makes the best food. 😋

Aeris E.
Well, usually I'll have something sweet like fruit, mainly because it has natural sugars and not the fake ones. And then for my main dish I'll have something with protein like steak or chicken. There are some days where instead of having fruit I'll have some greens like spinach or turnip greens.