What is a example of a healthy breakfast ?

Arkeisha C.
A healthy vegan breakfast could be oven roasted potatoes and broccoli, some coconut yogurt with fresh fruit, and cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk

Swati O.
Hight protein breakfast is good to start your day
For example:
2 hard boiled eggs or
Scrambled eggs with vegetables/lean meat

Lisa M.
My go to healthy breakfast is plain Greek yogurt with low sugar granola and any type of berries. For an on the go breakfast, I like perfect bars. Peanut butter coconut is my favorite flavor!

N Lson C.
Something with lots of protein, that fills you up. Nothing too sugary, sometimes its best to wait until you are more hungry and eat later on then eat something u dont feel like xx

Thomas Y.
I eat a protein shake. Vegan pea protein with oat milk, oats, hemp hearts, maple syrup, spinach and banana. It's a meal that fills me up and gives me a ton of vitamins, minerals, and protein as well as other essential nutrients. But healthy breakfast can be many things – eggs and fruit with a sausage, oatmeal with peanut butter and bana. Whatever floats your boat

Hind X.
As far as I know oatmeal mixed with milk, nuts( pecan, almond etc) fruits( blueberries, strawberry etc) chia seed.
Eggs are wonderful with avocado or your choice of green veggies and some bread.
Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit.
I prefer green tea over any other tea or coffee first thing in the morning before eating anything.you can get creative as long you have protein, veggies, carb in your meals, avoiding sugar as much as possible, and remember you need to take care of your body from inside out.🕊💞

Rylee Z.
A healthy breakfast is one that will give you energy for the rest of your day. Specifically there should be protein; you should avoid much sugar. This is something that should leave you feeling almost full. An example would be a toast sandwich with eggs and avocado inside

Eleni R.
An example of a great breakfast for me is a toast with cheese and turkey. Also I like eating boiled eggs and drinking a glass of milk or juice.!

L O E.
Io amo mangiare dello yogurt bianco magro con aggiunta di un cucchiaino di miele, con del farro soffiato al miele. Poi mangio un frutto e bevo del the verde al bergamotto..

Tania N.
I like to prepare a smoothie with 2 fruits, 1 vegetable, sesame seed, water, coconut milk, turmeric and ginger to boost my energy.

Jane N.
fruits, they are a fast and delicious breakfast, is awesome have a fruit to carry on your backpack when you wake up later for work.

Bill E.
An example of a healthy breakfast is a balance breakfast. Where you have a healthy and balance nutrition to start the day.