How long have you been doing this habit?

Osmar F.
A few days on the app. Personally having a hard time with routine, so it's really helping me stick to my goals. Like I can make my bed every day, workout every day, but I'll forget to brush my teeth in the morning or forget to take my vitamins.
Kaela G.
I've been doing a certain habit since I was in preschool, and I want to stop, I just dont know how to because it's become like a reflex for me.
Sadeem N.
I have been trying to maintain a productive routine, however I got bored easily or became too lazy. Now I maintained a 7 day routine and hopefully I will continue.
Kaela G.
Only recently started but I used to do fabulous before and had this habit for a while, I got a new phone and started from scratch
Benjamin T.
Mi sa părut interesant, pentru a fi mai organizată, am acceptat această provocare, și pentru a susține pe cei din jurul meu, și ei pe mine🪐
Kaela G.
At 1st drink 2glass of water
Hydrate your body and then eat breakfast which gives you energy to workout
After 1hour of eating…workout 💪
Get your dream body with me❤️ keep it on
Herlinde W.
The challenges on fabulous usually last a week but they carry on ones the goal is reached it tries to embed it into your routine but it is ok to take brakes for example giving your body time to mend for a day after a workout is good taking a you day is also good I haven’t had the app for very long but I am have started with the drink water one and have so far done it everyday which
I see as a huge improvement as I used to not drink that much stay strong and carry on with your goals I believe in you
Heidi Z.
I either write about it, or I will play the guitar and sing. Going out into nature to connect to my roots and reflect upon my gratitude.
Sadeem N.
I was doing it from long ago since I knew how much water is important and I found my self comfortable when I write in my journal but I get bored quickly and breakfast the same I was doing it since 6/7 month