Is eating too many eggs bad?

Frederica O.
Like most questions, “It depends” is the best answer. I am a firm believer in a balanced diet. Eggs fill an important nutritional niche, protein, for example. However, if you eat so many eggs, that you exclude other foods, then you are eating too many. Also, excess proteins can put a burden on your kidneys & we all need those to last a lifetime. Make sure you are eating fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy grains too! And switch eggs up with vegetable sources of protein or an occasional iron-rich meat. Thanks for asking!

Heather U.
I don’t know how you define too many or how it balances with the rest of your daily diet, so there is no definitive answer.

Ferris N.
I’m not totally sure if it’s bad for you, obviously just make sure they are always cooked well. It may not necessarily be smart to eat a ton of eggs, simply because they are good to have in emergencies and your body needs variety. 🙂

Lenny O.
Eating too much of anything is 'bad'. It depends on how what you're eating makes you feel. If you eat so many eggs that you feel bloated, then tone it down a little. If not, go crazy. What I will say though is that nutritionally, a single large egg gives you enough LDL cholesterol for a day, so maybe try to limit yourself to one.

Rosalinde J.
I’m not a doctor but too many eggs could increase your cholesterol. It is not a big deal for some people but more egg whites than yokes is better. If you have a way to track your daily cholesterol intake then you can keep track of how much you are consuming. Everything is fine in moderation

Ramon C.
Upto 4-6 eggs per day is fine. I like buy free range organic eggs, wash them before I break them, and make them sunny side up. I also try to cook them as little as possible.

Carlos E.
It depends on what you have in mind when speaking about “many”. Moreover, during how long and under which circumstances.

Speaking from a non-high-performance athlete point of view: If you eat an egg daily, it is alright. Eating more than three eggs on a daily basis it is not quite the best idea.

On the other hand, if you are a high-performance athlete, you could eat as much as 4 or 5 eggs without worrying.

Final response: if you eat two eggs per day, accompanied with some intellectual and physical activity, you will not need to worry.

Rosa E.
To be honest, I am not sure, and I never actually looked up about it. Although I love eggs, i try to limit to two eggs per day, four the most. I think the yolk is not that good if you eat too many, as any other foods.

Mikkel C.
I'm not a health expert, so you should not take my advice with too much consideration, but I would guess that it is okay as long as you do not have high cholesterol and don't eat too many eggs.

I am a young adult male and thankfully I have no health issues so I can get by with eating two eggs a day and I haven't felt any adverse effects. Of you are in the same situation maybe you would share the same experience.

Definitely ask a dietician or nutritionist!

Nathan W.
While too much of anything can be a bad thing, research of the last two decades indicates that, the common belief stemming from older research about eggs posing danger of cholesterol and heart disease, is actually not true. There is a lot of modern research showing that with the exception of Type 2 diabetics, eating up to three whole eggs a day poses no significant health risk, while having many health benefits. Research on greater numbers has not been done, so do practice caution if you are thinking about creating an extreme habit, but otherwise, just enjoy!

Olivia E.
The answer is in the question! Too many is always bad: coffee, television, exercise (you can injure youself), and excetera. I personally eat two eggs in the morning, but it's based on my weight and my nutritional values are not hurt by it. Another person might be, but I think with food is easly checkable if something is too much, not enough or just right for you.

Romy S.
Too much of anything is bad but eggs are a good source of protein and could be eaten everyday as part of a balanced diet

Sofie A.
I mean I developed an allergy to eggs after suddenly starting to eat several of them every day. That can happen. But I don’t think it’s particularly likely. Too much of anything is bad, but otherwise they are a good source of protein and probably generally good for people.

Lisa U.
Disclaimer: I am not a health professional

However based on my experience and general knowledge from readings, eating a larger quantity of eggs isn’t bad for you. Eggs are an affordable and high source of protein, HDL “good cholesterol” and other nutrients. Unless you have a specific underlying health issue (Diabetes) eating a couple of eggs a day/weeks is a good for you. The quality of the food can also vary depending how you prepare it too. So give it some attention to what you’re eating with your eggs such as seasoning and oils because those ingredients can give a holistic view of your diet rather than just eggs.

Deanna N.
Can't speak from any professional background, but 1 or 2 a day should be fine. I often boil 2 in the morning and have one with breakfast and the other cold after returning from a run or with lunch/dinner.

Dianne Z.
The exact number will depend on the individual, but in terms of whole eggs 1-2 is usually ok for a healthy person. The worry is the cholesterol in the yolk, so whites are not a problem

Tobias C.
The yolk has lost of fats & nutrition (it has to grow a chicken..), so if you have high cholesterol you would want to avoid those. The egg whites are absolutely fine. If you are concerned, try an omelette made of 3 whites & 1 yolk.

Tyrone E.
If you keep a healthy diet and don’t intake too much extra protein then it’s not bad at all. I’m not an expert so I don’t know exactly how much is too much but I love eggs and use them in a lot of meals!

Victor P.
I'm not quite sure but I don't believe it is. I'm sure that if you had, for example, scrambled eggs everyday for breakfast, and with 2-3 eggs, I bet that would be fine and pretty healthy! Probably to be safe just don't overload with like 10 eggs a day!😂 I'm sure you'll be fine if you just keep things reasonable. Have fun and good luck! I'm sure you're doing great!

Lenny T.
The information out there is so confusing about eggs. My moto is "everything in moderation"! Why not try to substitute eggs with something else so you can add variety to your nutrition?!

Rafael U.
I have heard that more than 2 a day isn’t good for you but I don’t know why, seems like a good source of nutrition. Just don’t over do it. Everything in moderation