What options are there if I can’t afford food every day, and I don’t mean eating out. Choosing between paying bills or buying groceries. Is there somewhere I can get a free meal?

Michel F.
Growing your own fruits and veggies may reduce your food expense quite a lot. Think about it. Every Sunday you care for your harvest and have pretty much every fruit and vegetable growing in your garden. That would be the best way to reduce the cost of buying groceries. You can take help from the internet to get a know how to start if you want.
Livia Y.
If there is a food pantry in your area I would suggest giving that consideration. You might have to pay a minimal cost, but it is a fraction of what you would spend otherwise.

I would also suggest adding to your meals things that will stretch out the meal. Such as rice, potatoes, making soups, eating oatmeal etc.

Cut back or remove the junk food. It costs more than any of us realize; health and finances.

Another suggestion is to look into meals from the Great depression era and from the world war II era. Those people had to make meals on little so they can teach us a thing or two.

Hope that helps some

Bam N.
Somewhere you may be able to find a “free meal” could be if you go to a loved one’s house or if you have things in your fridge or pantry I’m sure you can find something to make out of it