How do you manage to go to sleep early?

Arianna N.
First of all you need the right mind set for it. You need to truly understand how sleeping is good for your body and how by going to sleep early you will be able to wake up early without effort and feeling tired !
Rachael Q.
Sometimes it can be really hard and I get mad at myself for not going to sleep right when I want to, but I try to list all the benefits in my head and always remember that trying and not quite getting it right is better than not trying at all. I’ve also gotten into a routine of doing the same every night to get my mind used to what to do and when to go to sleep and wake up. All you got to do is find the absolute most important things to you to do as your night routine. For example, mine is reading for 30 minutes, logging in what I read and how much I read, putting on some relaxing forest music, completely turning my device off (sounds and all besides the forest music and my alarm for the morning), and going to sleep. Hope this helped! 🙂
Soan E.
Before going to sleep I do take a nice shower preferably hot. And I get in bed and I say my thank you‘s for the day. Drink a nice hot cup of tea and relax. And while I close my eyes a breath with a conscious mind. And with every breath I tell myself good night with every other breath I say relax and then I drift into the night
Freja P.
Exercise during the day means that I am physically tired, which helps with sleep. Knowing that I have to get up early helps too. Also I just really like sleeping…
Donata O.
At first it was difficult, I watched TV until midnight but I started to programming myself… Put light off, TV volumen very low and be on bed at 22:00 take a hot cup of green tea and try to close my eyes
Ferdinand P.
I prepared my bottle next to my bad, so i can drink as soon as i wake up. And i Just mediate to think The event that i've through on this Day. After that i play some relaxing music to accompany my sleep
Matthieu Q.
After few days you wake up early you have no choice but go to sleep early… and more importantly I think that I am more productive at mornings so I rather go sleep early and start my day early than the opposite
Tammy J.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to always manage this skill of going to bed early. When I consciously make effort this is what I do and it works for me:
*brush teeth
*turn off all electronics and be sure to put you cell phone or iPad etc in another room to charge
*i usually have a essential oils diffuser that I use lavender in.
*i have to take bedtime meds and those make me drowsy anyway.
*i actually got a weighted blanket as a gift and absolutely love it. It helps me sleep
*i avoid caffeine
*we keep the temperature set on a specific setting in the summer and winter. Currently 68.
*sometimes I have to use earphones and listen to some sort of music that is time.
*the biggest chore for me is when my mind won’t settle I write down my to do list for the next day or just a list and then the next morning I prioritize by choosing a few at a time and enter them into upcoming days
George J.
I stop using my phone an hour before bed, and use that time to close out my day by finishing up any chores and doing some reading.
Marie P.
I go to sleep without any issues 95 percent of the time. Cool sheets, phone games, or youtube. Humidifier and a heavy blanket. I love getting into bed
93maxie N.
By keeping a regular routine, for me it starts at 5pm when cut myself off from all caffeine and try to keep myself to a regular bedtime. I find that a good walk and good dinner also helps to teach my body that we are getting ready for bed.
Christoffer W.
An hour before I plan on going to sleep (yes I set a bed time) I log off of all my social media and remove any other distractions to help keep go to sleep.
Baptiste Z.
I prepare to go to bed early by creating a bed time routine. I wash my face and brush my teeth. I pick some music to listen to in bed. I also take a 3mg melatonin pill to aid in my sleep so I stay asleep.
Mary O.
During the week I eat early, then go to my bedroom to read. It keeps me away from the television and off my phone. I find it easier to wind down for the night if I’ve had a slow paced relaxing evening.
Robin W.
I almost dont have a choice. I work very early and so I'm ready to fall asleep by the end of the day. But when I cant sleep white noise, usually soft bells help my brain stop long enough and I focus on my breathing
Joanna C.
By making myself get up earlier I feel tired earlier. It's quite hard to keep up the motivation so it's good to plan something with a friend that you have to get up for and try to be active during the day. By the time early evening comes around you'll be pooped!
Jeppe X.
I schedule out my evening, including my evening routine. It takes about half an hour to wash my face, brush my teeth, floss, brush my hair, take my bedtime medications etc. When I wanted to get into the habit I had a sleep tracker alarm remind me of my bedtime every night, half an hour before I wanted to be in bed. Now, unless I'm out of the house or deeply involved in something, I automatically notice when it's 9pm and time to start heading for bed.
Henrike X.
Well i will do my night routine and instead of spending time in my phone i would simply just sleep
And today i did it for the first time and feel so energized!