What do you eat for breakfast? I’m looking for new ideas now that my husband is diabetic and should be trying to eat a protein, carbohydrate and vegetable at each meal.

Chloe Z.
I am a fan of eggs and egg whites as the protein base for a breakfast. Tofu is also a great protein and so easy to keep in the fridge. I add sauces and spices to change up the flavor profile and then pair it with whatever carbohydrate suits my taste. Easy ideas are omelettes, and tofu scrambles with salsa. Beans are also amazing. Lastly, a good lean morning brekfast patty can infuse protein into whatever you want! Good luck!

Harriet Y.
I usually eat bread, with some sort of addition to it . For instance if I eat sausage with ny bread, there is a vegetable added to that sausage. If I dont eat bread I have things like hot cereal, with nuts or granola added to it. I eat a lot of vitamin B based food, which is why I have oatmeal, cream of wheat, or even cornmeal porridge. These usually help boost me during the day especially when I have moments of physical weakness. Other times, I usually take up raw vegetables around my house and make a salad that could take me through the day.

Marlies S.
I personally love avocado on toast sprinkled with dried chilli flakes. Oatmeal with berries, chia seeds and a spoon of peanut butter. And occasionally a bagel with cream cheese and smoked samon! 🙂

Sebastian N.
I eat muesli with added pecan nuts or Brazil nuts for protein. I add fruit yoghurt usually raspberry or cherry. I add berries, grapes bananas.

Luca P.
Sometimes, I'll make fried egg with some onions and chilli for flavor and make a sandwich with it, with a side of banana and a glass of juice or coffee. Other times I'll make toast to have with butter and scrambled eggs with a glass of juice or coffee. Sometimes I also just have a fruit when I am not in the mood to prepare something or out of bread.

Tim Teo F.
I have a different breakfast everyday since my husband doesn't like to eat the same thing the next day. Here are some ideas:
1. 1 sliced apple, cubed sharp cheddar cheese, salt & pepper whole wheat crackers and 1 hard boiled egg.
2. Vegan protein shake (gorilla formula 23 coconut flavor) . Add banana and mango. And A jelly toast on the side
3. Egg with potato, mozarella and spinach wrap (protein tortilla).
4. Avocado toast w/ salt n pepper n lime. Apple slices w/ peanut butter
5. Tomato and avocado with cream cheese toast
6. Cooked oatmeal with cubed apples, cook with milk, cinamon and add honey.

Marjorie P.
I normally eat a banana with peanut butter and scrambled eggs on toast when I’m a little strapped for time. However, on Saturday and Sunday mornings I do my eggs and toast woth grilled mushrooms and spinach to get in some vegtables.

Julieann C.
I usually have oatmeal with nuts crumbled on top. This is easy to make in a batch and heat up a serving each morning. I also add a scrambled egg pretty often, also cooked in a batch and reheated. My protien needs may be higher than a typical recommendation for a diabetic.

Linda Z.
I eat 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, spinach and grape tomatoes or sliced zucchini or yellow squash, sliced fruit like blueberries and strawberries, and tea or decaf. Its a good balanced meal for blood sugar. Another easy quick breakfast can be 2 hard boiled eggs with some nuts and a banana and baby carrots and sliced cucumber. I will also often eat avocado on whole grain toast with chopped salad leftover from the night before. I like to keep a huge salad in the fridge that I can throw salmon or chicken or tuna and avocado on top too. I will often make leftovers for dinner and eat that for breakfast too. Lots of soups chock full of protein and veg is a great breakfast too.

Julieann C.
I usually eat a banana or an apple with honey, bitter chocolate and cereals. But I'm a person that I am bored so quickly so an another option is eggs. Boiled.

Julieann C.
I’m trying different types of oats lately! There are some really good recipes out there, and i’m really curious about trying baked oats. This doesn’t sound like it could fit his diet, but that’s all i can give you!