What do you consider a great breakfast?

Hans Hinrich T.
Protein shake or overnight oats. I use half cup of bluberries, 1/4 plain oats, 1 scoop vegan protein powder, teaspoon of honey, tablespoon of peanut butter 12oz of almond milk
Est Ban T.
Something nutritious basically. Doesn't have to be "breakfast food" since I don't like it very much, but it can even be leftovers that go unfinished.
Elise E.
I consider a good breakfast something that is healthy and tasty, while also fulfilling enough. Here’s a simple test that I do: first, see if the meal is healthy. Second, make it once, eat it, and observe how you feel afterward. The next day, bring up the meal in your head. Observe how you feel: excited, scared, disappointed? The emotions will be the answer. Then just go through the healthy meals you know until you find a good fit! Here are a few examples to start: spring rolls, yogurt, oatmeal with berries or dry fruit…
James O.
To me, a good breakfast has a minimum of all 3 macronutrients, but also includes a diversity of micronutrients. Even some eggs, spinach, and high quality bread can achieve that. Or a spinach and berry smoothie with protein.

Breakfast should also be simple. Planning too complicated of a breakfast can prove too daunting and lead to unhealthy choices out of convenience.

Thea Z.
Anything that has a mixture of proteins, fibre, complex carbs and water. We do porridge on days where we have time. Or peanut butter toast on the days that we don’t. I am also a fan of the great easy breakfast bananas, nut bars, coffee to go
Nanna E.
I love making breakfast for my friends and I get creative even when I have "nothing" in the fridge. Getting a similar kinda vibe when I make breakfast for myself is what I consider grrreat.
Melvin X.
I consider a great breakfast that is short and faster to eat and easy to make like cereal, oatmeal, quesadillas, (in my opinion) and something that just gives energy for the day (✷‿✷)
Sarah Q.
Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day especially if you work out before you eat breakfast that is the meal that your body is going to process as energy so you try not to have any caffeine and also no sugar because then it’s going to absorb that and take it to energy which is something you don’t want what I would suggest as a good breakfast is maybe some eggs vegetables ground turkey meat or steak
Genoveva O.
A awesome breakfast is a juicy steak with ravishing goat . And to finish it off garnish some amazing takis with hole made lemonade.
Chelsea P.
I have not thought of it much so I believe a main meal like a sandwich or oatmeal is good with a side of fruits and a glass of water sounds good.
Dejalme C.
In my opinion a great breakfast is: a cup of coffee, but not American coffee, an espresso is better; one sandwich with mortadella, and a big glass of water.
Sherwin F.
For me a great breakfast is one which allows me to get continuous amounts of energy through-out the day as well as get me energized after eating it. Something I usually take in is some walnuts and almonds, a banana, a bread toast, and some healthy tea. The bread toast and tea make me energized as soon as I take it in and the nuts and banana give me enough energy to run the rest of my day. When Im crunched up in time I usually just take some nuts for my breakfast. I hope this helps you.
No Mi C.
A great breakfast has nutritous elements in it, for example vegetables, fruits. Also I think starting a day with eggs gives you great energy for the whole day.
Colleen S.
a balanced meal. Some protein, little carbs, fruit/vegetables. I usually have eggs and avocado toast, which can be expensive, but there are many cheeper options.
Maria A.
I consider a great breakfast, a breakfast with ham, vegetables, fruit, all mixed together. It's one of my favourite breakfasts.
Mathias E.
A great breakfast is something healthy but enjoyable! So maybe the traditional eggs will give you the protein you need, and some fruit for nutrients!
Marcia J.
I personally really like peanut butter toast with raspberries and caffeinated tea. I'm pretty picky, and this is a meal that not only I like, but also holds lots of good vitamins and protein.
Stella S.
A lots of drinks. Coffee and different juices. A sandwich with cheese and ham, cucumber and some herbal salt. Or a avokado sandwich.
Kenzi Q.
A healthy breakfast like vegetables sandwich etc…. Then in breakfast we can include tea coffee milk also soo that's what I consider as a great breakfast
Felix P.
My go to breakfast is a smoothie bowl with a mix of fruits, veggies, yogurt, protein powder, almond milk or soy milk, and toppings such as fresh fruit, nut based granola, chia seed pudding, and honey. I like having something that is healthy and has protein that will help me kickstart the day but also something that’s actually yummy!
Ria N.
For me, I like a traditional eggs and sausage breakfast with a little twist. I'm Asian so I usually have some rice with it along with maybe some kind of spice. I love a huge glass of orange juice (with pulp) with it too. Sometimes, if I want to change it up, I'll either make eggs-in-a-basket or add a homemade parfait of Greek yoghurt, granola on top of it, and then drizzled with clover honey. If I can add blueberries to the top of the parfait too, ooooh, I get so excited!
Bob F.
Something simple like a milo, hit chocolate or coffee. A bit of toast or a crumpet are nice when you have to go to work, school or leave early. Eggs and bacon or a nice breakfast on a weekend or holiday.
N Dege Q.
A fruit needs to be incorporated, protein too ofc. Simple three food meal to keep me going for a while. No processed foods, remember this is the first thing you put in your body. Pure, easy, light food.
Ucja Z.
Płatki żytnie na mleku migdałowym z owocami i orzechami, jajko w koszulce i kanapki z rukolą łososiem i koperkiem, bajgiel z twarożkiem kiełkami i ogorkiem
Heinz Peter X.
An egg , milk with some date , mix nuts with them after that we can have an apple an an orange I think this will be a great breakfast and I do that everyday .
Reinhart M.
Tofu sandwiches… because tofu contain protein, iron and low calories. So I would prefer you tofu sandwiches drink something soft with it because it's enjoyable when we drink something soft with sandwich 🥪 .
Sahna Z.
a full meal course with moderate amount. i think whatever the menu is okay because it is hard making the breakfast. just make sure to eat enough, not too much or less
Mina N.
A great breakfast is something that provides you with energy for the day. It should make you feel good and ready for what’s coming.
Rather than having sugary cereal that will make you slump within the next hours, you should have some (Greek) yoghurt with fruit and no-sugar-added granola.
Other good examples that will
Promovideo you with the energy you need:
• Avocado Toast with Eggs
• homemade Smoothie Bowl
• natural Smoothie
• Toast with Peanutbutter and berries
• healthier pancakes topped with fruit
• scrambled eggs/omelette

I hope I could help you. Have fun on your journey!

Kristian Z.
Something with fruits and protein. I love my oatmeal with various fruits or a smoothie without added sugar. If I am in a rush a banana will also do its job.
Sherri W.
I love eggs or peanut butter and this app helped me experiment with my eggs such as putting toast, seasonings, having tea on the side and when i’m feeling on my sweet side I make peanut butter with Nutella for some extra sweetness but balance it out with some fruits or a healthy drink.
Kathy U.
Just anything really. I have bad habit of just not eating at all so if i manage to make myself something it feels quite special
Thea C.
Um pequeno almoço que nos satisfaz. Quente que nos aquece como uns ovos ou umas tostas. Ou um fresco que nos dá energia como um batido de frutas 🍎
Amber R.
A great breakfast is light and gives no feeling of regret. To start the day happy, breakfast should also include at least one of your favourite ingredients. For me, that is the Peanut butter!
Lonnie P.
Cheese, tomatoes, olives, a little bit of bread, lettuce, cucumber, tea or milk, honey and butter on a toast, broccoli with lemon on it
Bronwyn O.
*A* breakfast. 99% of the time, I forget to eat breakfast, or at least, I don’t have the time, so even a small breakfast is a great one
Julian O.
What I consider as breakfast is : 2 or 3 boiled eggs, 1whole tomato and 2 mushrooms. There is no sodium which means no salt.
Liri T.
It's very very different it's also depends in the day and what I ate before if I ate something small in the night so I ate cereal for breakfast cuz I don't have a power to make it in the night and if I had something big and I left leftovers then I make myself something nice and put it in the fridge but I never eat too big in the morning because a couple hours later I'm eating eggs in school so I'm not eating a big breakfast
Fatumo Z.
Something delicious that brings me joy. Mangos usually do that for me although I’ve actually never had a mango for breakfast now that I think about it
Tanisha E.
Uh well… As my staple food is rice, so I'd say having rice with some veggies are great. But in general I'd say that have eggs, banana, bread and milk. That's it. It's gonna help a lot. Or take protein bars as a supplement 🙂
Rachel E.
Something that you look forward to eating and will help you get through the day ahead. I don’t look forward to eating oatmeal or cereal, but I do look forward to an everything bagel and strawberry cream cheese!
Harper J.
Per me una buona colazione è composta da alimenti molto nutrienti come frutta secca, accompagnata da qualcosa di riempitivo come una fetta di pane e magari una tazza di tea addolcito da un cucchiaio di miele
Nicole O.
Protein first. My favorites are eggs, salmon, plain yoghurt, ham, and bacon, of course. Nuts and fruit including raw almonds, bananas, blueberries, and avocados.
Jo O.
Porridge with raspberries, almond flakes and agave syrup. A big splash of oat milk on top. A cup of earl grey tea and an orange juice.
Chlo O.
A good breakfast consists of one that is full of protein and carbohydrates. This gives you long lasting energy, while sugar filled items, like candy or muffins, will only give you a short burst of energy and then give up on you. Some healthy options are fruits and veggies, apple with peanut butter (personal favourite) and of course, eggs.
Shareen F.
I like eating healthy breakfast but unfortunately I always have tea and biscuits so I will try to eat fruits which I prefer
Cristina T.
A agreat breakfast it is my 4-th point in my morning routine. In the first place I consider that a special music, a greath shower and coach inspiration will make my breakfast fabulous!
I eat fruits, somtimes croissant, or a proteic mix but allways beeing grateful and happy!
Isabella U.
A breakfast that fills you up in the morning, one that energizes your day, one that gets you to power through the rest of the day
Scott O.
What do you consider a good breakfast that depends on if you're stalking healthy or not. If healthy toast with avocado spread hard 2 hardboiled eggs, with black or Green Tea. Skip. If not, 3 pancakes scramble eggs and bacon.
Hans Friedrich O.
I would say something that takes a time to prepare and that is prepared with joy. Things like full of fibre, protein and carbs is perfect for the mornings
Dianne U.
A great breakfast should be easy to prepare but at the same time provides tons of energy to keep you going through your tasks in the morning
Carole U.
Orange juice, coffee, sourdough bread with freshcheese or a nice butter. To start your day with good quality products makes you feel light weight. And whille you do that you have a moment for yourself, to think and contemplate. It can be the best time.
Nadja J.
A great breakfast is whatever makes your body feel good and energized after eating. Like eating a donut might make you feel energized but not feel good, etc.
Nicholas B.
A balanced breakfast with a bit of everything in so carbs, protein etc. So if it’s toast have toast with porridge or weetabix and a yoghurt or a cooked breakfast etc
Piano R.
One that is nutritious, aka filled with at least one fruit or vegetable(most likely fruit) and low or lower sugar in the meal with some protein in the meal, calcium, that has more than avg amount of fiber and grain. For example I eat a piece of whole grain toast with fiber with peanut butter on it or jam on it and I should eat some berries or some kind of fruit with it with milk or orange juice ideally. Also omelets are healthy and yummy with vegetables little bit of meat and cheese and some spices like salt and pepper and things.
Fabien Z.
It is a breakfast that makes me feel energized and happy. It is mostly oatmeal with lots of fruit and nuts. Its my favorite
Signe C.
I consider a good breakfast to be full of protein and natural sugar, not a lot of carbs. Protein and natural sugars found in fruits digest quickly and give you energy throughout the day. Carbs take longer so it’ll make you feel sluggish until it kicks in. I usually only eat carbs for dinner like a good pasta meal
Dino X.
A good breakfast always includes protein, which I like as an egg, vitamins, and fruit or berries. Healthy low sugar carbs like toast or oatmeal or cereal completes the breakfast
Mikkel Z.
A great breakfast is something that makes you feel refreshed and ready to start the day; whether it be healthy, hydrating, or tasty. It gets me energized and ready to start the day.
Samantha P.
A great breakfast I don't believe can be determined by one or a collective's preferences, but what you want in the moment. If it's what you like and what you enjoy, that alone is great!
Linde B.
Almost every morning im very hunrgy, but i kinda have a eating disorder so i dont like to eat a lot, so i eat until im lessen hungry, like a banana or a little bowl of yoghurt.
Laura T.
Anything is better than nothing for starters. If something then..
Brown toast, fruit, small bit of protein, juice.

If cereal then one that isn't just sugar.

Hans Detlef Z.
A breakfast that don't burden you. If you are on diet or having food restriction, having a light and easy breakfast is the best. Breakfast doesn't need to be complicated. For me, a big breakfast is sometimes when you have opportunity to feed others. Sharing food. End hunger.
Sophie N.
– a healthy or whole foods option
– the less sugar the better
– includes carbs, protein (& probably some fruit / veg)
– leaves me feeling satisfied but isn’t overly filling
– gives me consistent energy for the morning
– leaves a good aftertaste (no bad breath)
– is easy and quick to make
– is insignificant (doesn’t leave me thinking about it for the rest of the day being dissatisfied or regretful)
Juliette E.
Well.. I'm an Indian, Indians breakfast will be little different considering to others so.. after I wake up I drink water … later 1 banana, dry fruits and then exercise after that protein drink. Some time after it's breakfast time …as Indian we eat idly,dosa,upma etc so whatever my mom makes, not heavy food
Andrea O.
I typically have an eggs and spinach kind of morning. If I’m going to workout then I’ll do something light like and açaí bowl. I don’t like to feel sluggish when I’m done eating, so anything that leaves you feeling light is a great breakfast for me.
Nomz T.
I love smoothies and Herbalife Instant Beverage with lemon. I mixed my smoothie mix with somebody fruit and that’s basically my starter. Then for breakfast, I like sunny side up fried eggs, tender stem broccoli and lots of bacon.
Daniela Q.
Something that makes me happy! Some days can be a great cappuccino with a croissant other days fruit or cereal or even eggs! it depends what my body needs
Rosie F.
Anything that gives you energy but also tastes delicious!! It could be anything from a couple protein bars to a full on fruit platter.
Jodie Q.
A great breakfast covers a few different macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat). A good combination of these will give you short term and long term energy, and keep you going until lunch.
Amy Z.
A fruit smoothie: preferably with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and spinach. Some toast with butter and jam
Carola N.
I think it's very good to have something that contains a lot of proteins. For example I usually have eggs, avocado on toast and spinach, and a matcha latte, and I think they make a great breakfast.
Stefania R.
I'm not sure if I am right but at night I prepare an overnight oatmeal with oats, greek yogurt, milk, shredded carrots, walnuts, honey, cocoa powder and cinnamon powder.
Brittney Y.
It depends on your diet really, but protein, dairy, and fruits. If you’re allergic to dairy and vegetarian there are options for you, like pumpkin pancakes! Oatmeal is a good choice.
Lena Y.
A couple of fruits are included
Light on the dairy!
Protein focused
Natural sugars
Vitamins are taken as well
Half of the carbs
Kate C.
In my opinion, the breakfast is the main thing in your day . I also have a different breakfast every day , because for me food are a separate of art . So all my breakfasts are beautiful and tasty. My favourite breakfast is pancakes with fruits.
L Rke G.
Protein like eggs and complex carbs like oatmeal and whole wheat bread to help you stay fuller longer and give you energy. Also plenty of alkali zing fruits and veggies in a smoothie, or even a bowl of fruit. Alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) help prevent disease from what I have learned, and they prevent your body from becoming too acidic.
Bartolomeu Q.
See, breakfast means, to Break the Fast, which we were maintaining while sleeping without eating,….
So to for breakfast we should always eat in more amount and something healthy which keeps you energetic for the rest of the day…
So, for morning breakfast meal, you can preferably eat Corn Flakes with Milk Or a plate of Omlette Or maybe another healthy combination like, Peanut Butter Sandwich with 2 Bananas and i glass pf Milk, Etc.
These types of meals will maintain your energy till another mealtime.. Hope it helps you 🤗🤗😇😇😌😉😋👍👍
Amalie C.
See Breakfast actually means , breaking your fast which you maintain while sleeping for 6 to 8 hrs… That's why our morning breakfast should always be heavy and in more amount…
Also , our morning meal should be healthy enough, to help you maintaining your energy till the another mealtime(lunch or dinner).
So, for such breakfast meals, you can eat several healthy combinations like 1plate of Omelette with Bread, or 1glass of milk with some fruits , or eat Corn Flakes and Cereals with Milk, or eat Peanut Butter Sandwich of 4 breads and 2 Bananas, Etc…
Moreover, you can make your own breakfast combinations , just remember it should be healthy… 😋👍
Pave Y.
For me a great breakfast is a moment where you have the possibility to be creative with food and to be fueled as much as you can
Tonya E.
Just actually having one! Some days I wake up and I really don’t feel like eating anything, but I always make myself eat something, because i know that my future self 2 hours later will be glad that I’m not starving 🙂
Aleeza N.
To me a great breakfast is a meal at the start of the day you look forward to.

It is really important to have a balanced meal to get you started for the day.

Some things I include in my great breakfast are… protein, fruit, wheat, and dairy.
Today morning I ate: boiled eggs, strawberries, turkey slices, yogurt and juice.

Hope this helps!

Ivana X.
a. Fresh fruit, plain yogurt with tropical muesli, nuts and seeds, herbal tea
b. Fresh fruit smoothie, freshly baked whole grain bread, egg with salmon, cottage cheese, herbal tea
Liva W.
Well actually there is no right or wrong answer… great brakfast is what you and your situation require for. YOU are completly free in choosing what to eat for any meal
Alma W.
Coffee, toast with low sodium ham and cheese, sometimes I'll add some scrambled eggs with tomato. Oats with apple or orange juice, berries and unsalted sunflower seeds
Csilla E.
something tasteful, healthy and filling (you don't get hungry after an hour) – for me my fav breakfast is avocado toast or boiled egg or porridge with fruits and chia seeds. sometimes I also eat 🥞 for breakfast – as its okay sometimes to eat some sugar😊
Gwendolyn O.
I use to hate breakfasts but i decided to eat s.th that i love so much and it worked. And i think that the best of them is fruit. When i start my day even with an apple i feel great in that morning.
Kylian Y.
Something with thought put into it. A sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes for example. Breakfast can be whatever you want it to be. Get creative, get healthy.
Chloe Y.
I consider a great breakfast being not just a bowl of cereal. but I’m ye all that I like and is healthy as well. I have been having bagels or avocado toast. Yogurt or oatmeal is also good too. I always try to have a smoothie or fruits along with my breakfast. I think if you have that, it is considered a healthy meal. Also if you try to bake and make new meals every day, I feel like that will be good to try new things.
Ayesha G.
I usually consider a fruit any fruit, first thing in the morning with some tea and dates . That's my routine at around 5:00 to 6:00 am then I busy myself in some morning cleaning and have my real breakfast around 8:00 to 9:00 am. Where, I eat a fried egg with two bread slices and tea.
Mya A.
I always like to eat things like fruits and nuts and bread. For work it’s gotta help me make it to lunch, or I need to bring snacks too. I think the cliff bar and gnola, with smoothie, or yogurt is plenty. Occasionally egg is good, but on a work day it’s way more of a hassle than it’s worth plus I’m usually not even hungry for that that early. McDonalds actually comes in clutch, if you want a hot breakfast you should just do that, it’s all G! McDonalds + Smoothie for lunch is a great combo. This is a balanced intake, although more ideal to make it myself, it is a fair compromise once or twice a week, no more than that. It’s a complete protein, and nutrition from the combo + antioxidants, fiber, and probiotics. That balance is key me feeling full and energized. The morning meal is something to look forward to.

So to recap:

1. Fruit and yogurt and gnola/cliff bar/nuts

2. Cliff bar/gnola/nuts and smoothie.

3. Nuts and smoothie/some fruit.

4. Oatmeal + yogurt and fruit/smoothie

5. Egg dish (sandwich, grits) smoothie/fruit

These are just ideas, but the commonality is there is always fruit and 2 proteins since the smoothie actually has protein too. You should just make a list of breakfast proteins, this is a good start, maybe even it, and keep those on deck. Keep healthy smoothie stuff on deck too like u been doing for like 2 years now (good on u foo).

Cliff bar
Vegan protein
Whey protein

I’ll keep adding to it later ^__^

Jeppe A.
a great breakfast should be something that is well balanced and healthy. but still make sure it is something you enjoy eating so that you dont start the day miserable that you cant eat what you want.
Darrell E.
I consider a great breakfast to be a balanced meal containing the daily essentials of nutrients and vitamins we need to fuel our bodies for the day. Balance is key!
Blue F.
A slice of bread with a fried egg and cheese on top, with a side of fruits, milk or juice with the occasional cup of tea.
Karolka N.
I am not a morning person, so breakfast needs to be easy to prepare, light and yummy in order for me to actually follow through with it. My go to is banana + frozen fruit (strawberries or mango are my fav) and oat or coconut milk (works especially well with mango and pineapple) – blitz into a delicious smoothie
Carla P.
What I consider a great breakfast is eating a healthy small meal or eat anything that will get you going for the day and won’t keep you hungry until lunch or dinner
Cyare M.
Eggs, cereals, coffe. To eat something big but not too sweet, something that will make you full for the rest of the day. Coffe its vital if u want to survive.
Charlene P.
A great breakfast is a healthy and tasty one for me. So for example I've tried flaxseed pudding or overnight oats and stuff like that. I also Love avocado spread on bread but that a thing I'll eat at Saturday/Sunday.
Jesse P.
A source of protein, like a pasture raised egg.
Organic steel cut oatmeal with fruit( fresh or frozen), or a non dairy yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit.
Axel S.
It would definitely not be my Frosted Flakes but maybe some avocado toast or peanut butter and chicken biscuits with hasbrowns on the side that really is some good protein but also my auntie’s waffles and fried chicken.
Glenda P.
Something that is an improvement from what you usually eat such as much things that are high in protein like eggs or yogurt and fruit these are 2 of my favourite healthy options.
Marian J.
A breakfast that is filling enough, without having to eat 2 plates of food. Like yoghurt with banana or a slice of toast
Felix U.
A great breakfast is an assortment of foods that are meant to wake you up and give your body the starting energy to begin the day. The food is delicious and filling but still remaining light, not to drag you down before you engage in the day. It can be the perfect beginning to your day and set the tone.
Irena X.
Well, I find oat porridge with one boiled egg and some fruits most satisfying. But I also really enjoy grilled eggs with toasts or a bowl of cereals with milk.
Kaylen J.
Something I like to eat that also has added health benefits. See I love flavored yogurt, it’s so hard to force myself to like something like Greek yogurt that’s supposed to be better for you so I get a good alternative. I get a yogurt with a fruit in it. Not something like key lime pie or chocolate mousse but I normally get raspberry. And you can add things that are healthy and taste amazing, like granola
Cameron B.
A great breakfast is which will help you to do the work and feel full of yourself. It should contain proteins. Eggs, nuts, fruits can be in it
Diya F.
I consider a good balanced breakfast like an English breakfast. I dont have it a lot although I try too. I love having baked beans and some bacon along with the rest of my breakfast and some masala tea to spike up my energy for the day
Raphaela I.
Something that is light and full of energy!! I realized over time that if I get too stuffed in the morning, I feel heavy throughout the day!
Rebecca P.
i constantly eat all bran cereal and raisins or dates to add the extra sugar. it keeps my sugar levels up, and more or less full.
Alyssa T.
A great breakfast is for me healthy but delicious, like a smoothie with avocado or something. Cuz them I feel happy the rest of the day
Christian O.
I would consider anything a good breakfast. 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon with pancakes or something else like cereal would suffice. Honestly if I eat in the morning that is an accomplishment because I skip breakfast mostly.
Tasso Q.
I consider a great breakfast essentially something that helps you feel energized and keeps you moving throughout the day. So, this means incorporating foods that provide enough nutrients and proteins. This includes eggs and fruit, which are healthy and perfect examples of foods that help boost our energy level.
Vandana N.
A great breakfast is basically what makes you feel great about the day. It should be healthy and in good quantity. Also something that you have a fun time preparing.
Diane P.
Cereálie s ovocím lebo je to fajné sladké. Ovocie ktoré si tam dávam sú väčšinov banány, jablká, a občas aj mandarinky😘
Lily Z.
For breakfast I eat milk and biscuits because I find them tasty and recharging,but you can also have a lot of other things like fruit or a sandwich.
Louison O.
First I am assuring that I have protein so it keeps me full till lunch. I incorporate vitamins and fruits. The best example for me is eggs, a piece of cheese and a fruit smoothie with yogourt and oatmeal ( or chia seeds) in it 💗
Emily Q.
I think great breakfast is some salad or maybe Avocado with eggs something like that….. but for breakfast I eat some sandwiches, cereals, eggs,… I don't think that is best breakfast. But everyone eat it sometime.
Damia T.
I would say either a small sandwich or some fruit is a great breakfast. Even better if you have water or a breakfast juice you like.
Wesley P.
I like pancakes but also with some nice fruits on top and some on the side and I even have some water and then maybe sometimes I will eat some blueberries and strawberries
Mario Q.
That depends on the day of the week. During work days I consider a great breakfast one that is fast and easy to prepare: so muesli, fruit, eggs and toast, avocado and honestly sometimes leftovers from dinner the night before. On the weekends I prefer breakfast that needs a bit more effort to prepare: frenchtoast, pancakes, freshly baked buns, fruit and flat white.
Ashley A.
I usually consider a great breakfast to be something that I enjoy and is nutritious. Like for today I had Raisin Bran(I sound like a grandma😂) for breakfast and it boosted my day a lot. Thank you for coming to this short, confusing, Ted talk
Daryl W.
During this week of making sure I eat breakfast, a “great” breakfast is a bowl filled with golden graham cereal, raisins, and Lactaid milk. One day I added some morning star breakfast sausages on the side. In the future I’m thinking bread with margarine and the fake sausage. But for now I’m happy I’m eating something that makes me happy and fueled for my day—and mostly that I’m actually doing it !
Andrea N.
Personally, grains, a couple of fruit, something like almond or peanut pure cream, mixed seads. A good glass of water and I like vegetal milk with coffee, or something that can boost me if I’m gonna work. If not, something with no caffeine. So it means great amount of carbohydrates, good amount of protein and fats, water, fruits. You do what you can!
J Ssica S.
I love peanut butter on toast with tea when I have time. On days I'm pressed for time, a handful of blueberries and pepitas with orange juice is the perfect breakfast for me.
Hatice E.
I think a good protein a whole wheat carb either a fruit or a nice coconut yogurt for gut health if I don't have time to make eggs I use peanut butter on my brown toast I usually start with my water and then have a coffee with my collagen mixed in.
Caoimhe E.
Whatever is the best option you have, choosing eggs and toast over frozen pizza when you have them, but if you don't and cereal is all you have then it's a great breakfast so long as it's the best you can have
Janessa F.
A great breakfast is food I can feel full from after eating. It keeps me energized through my day until lunch. It helps me focus on working on school work until lunch.
Robin W.
A great breakfast for me is toast with peanut butter or an egg and some toast. If I have time, I might cut up an apple too.
Gordon Y.
A balanced breakfast. A breakfast that has everything you need to jumpstart your day with energy and nutrition. You wanna have that balance between Vitamins which you can gain from fruit and berries, carbs (slow) from breads, cereal and oatmeal (the best thing is for this to be high in fibre so try to get breads and cereal which are made with a lot of whole grains) and then lastly we have protein. Protein is important because it’s kinda the body’s “building blocks”. A good source for protein can be peanuts/peanut butter, eggs and protein bars . Remember that this maybe isn’t best for everyone and that it varies from people to people what nutrients they actually need but you should always at least have one of this nutrients in your breakfast maybe you need more of one of them and that’s okay as long as you have all of them
L O.
Eggs and toast
Toast and peanut butter with fruit
Greek yogurt and muesli with a drizzle of honey
Egg and bacon sandwich
Cristina T.
I consider a great breakfast with a slice of quiche and a fruit, or a ham sandwich and a drink yogurt. But for me is more like brunch, because I wakeup late and can not eat anything but coffee when I wake up.
Leah P.
A breakfast that doesn’t take long to make, but one that gives you enough energy for the rest of the day, something that makes you feel full.
Julia N.
Personally, as a person in ED recovery, i believe that any breakfast you make for yourself, and eat, and enjoy is a great breakfast.
Revolution M.
I consider that a great breakfast needs a cold and hot drink, carbos for kickstart the day, could be bread, protein so I can recover from the yesterday workout and of course a fruit. But I don't believe in always eating the same, its better fot out perseverence to give them new things to try
Nica N.
I had to look up the food groups when I came across this challenge. You want a variety and you want whole foods rather than packaged & processed foods. So instead of a breakfast bar, eat some granola or cereal. Then you want a little some from each food group, or at least a variety of 3. So dairy(sub dairy if lactose intolerant), fruit, veggie, meat or protein alternative, and bread or other carb choice.
Latin S.
For me a good breakfast is one that contains protein and whole wheat as well as fruit and yogurt. Something quick that does not make me sleepy, something that energizes me and of course something delicious!😋
Neiva C.
I dont really know the best breakfast but I usually go for a sandwich or yogurt with fruit and granola. I consider a great breakfast something that you can enjoy making and something that will leave you feeling good.
James F.
That’s tough for me because I’m never hungry at breakfast. Typically, oatmeal and fruit or a quick smoothie with greens and fruit is my default breakfast. Of course, there’s always coffee.
Carla O.
Something that I look forward to enough to wake up early in the morning (since I struggle to wake up early). It should also keep my blood sugar levels stable, have protein, fat, fibre, and some vegetables. I usually opt for protein toast with half an avo, cherry tomatoes, poached egg and balsamic ginger. And a cup of hot water with slices of lemon and a cup of coffee, no sugar, with oat milk.
Antonin Z.
I think A good breakfast is the one which contains benefits for your body, is delicious and as healthy as possible. I mostly have oats, chia seeds, banana and almond milk.
Judy U.
I'm an Indian, my hometown is kerala. So for me a great breakfast with no limitations and diet is poori masala. I love it. And I don't know anything else.
Axelle Q.
I think that breakfast is very important because we work like 6 hours in morning then in noon we eat.. so from morning to noon we spend more energy so that's why we should take great breakfast ☺️
Earl P.
Something with eggs because it’s protein. Eggs are really filling and I’m taking the time to take care of myself instead of rushing.
Janice P.
A one that is also tasty and also healthy and that looks happy and colourful. A one with vitamins, dietary fibre, fat, protein, carbs and even sugar.
Susann G.
Right now anything that has fruits or nuts in it, something that will fill me up and give me energy for the day. To be honest I’ve yet to actually have a great breakfast yet, but a breakfast is better than what I had before.
Valdemar C.
It contains eggs or cereal, maybe with fruits or nuts. It can be a healthy sandwich full of vegetables. It can also contain fit smoothie.
Steph G.
I don't eat breakfast as I fast during the day. I have done so for years and feel at my best when I do not eat breakfast.
Alfred Y.
Something that is yummy, colorful, healthy, fresh. Eat things that make u feel beautiful. I like to balance healthy fats, protien and some fiber in my breakfast to start me off with energy for the day!
Fabienne J.
I’m still, personally, trying to keep up the habit of having a breakfast that’s actually good and energizing for me. But the breakfast I’ve noticed works the best for me is when I have time to make myself eggs and, usually, a side of fruit.
Albertine J.
I would say an egg sandwich because eggs contain so much nutrients and the bread is the carbohydrate that makes it complete.
Judy Z.
I think a great breakfast is something that brings you closer to your goals: fitness and mental. I like to have a complex carb, lots of fiber, fruit and or veggies, a healthy fat, and ofc lots of protein. Water and tea are essential also.
Monisha Z.
A meal that has a balance amount of greens, fruits, protein and carbs in it. Such as spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, etc for veggies/greens. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries for fruit, you can pair it with the carb dish, or you can a smoothie! Protein, such as eggs, beans, bacon, sausage, etc. And carbs can be anything savory or sweet. You can have pancakes, waffles, french toast, hash browns, etc.

Just balance yourself out! And enjoy to delicious meal!

Jessica U.
Anything that is energizing and filling. My ideal breakfast would be eggs, bacon/sausage, pancakes, and a fruit. Water or milk is also good for a drink.
Estella F.
A great breakfast is full of good nutritious foods, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lunch or dinner food because as long as it’s good for you it doesn’t matter.
Garance N.
Anything that you can be consistent with and make an integral part of your lifestyle. Make sure to consider Quality over Quantity and consult with your doctor to choose wisely as per your metabolic state and endocrinal health.
Mikki Y.
I consider a great breakfast, something that gives you energy. For myself that is wholewheat oatmeal with oatmealMillk and a little spoon of peanut butter. Great start of the day
Claire Q.
A great breakfast is a meal which provides you with energy, makes you feel full enough but not too full and happy and nourishes your body. It allows you to look at the positives instead of everything that has gone wrong
Guimar Q.
A breakfast that brings joy and fulfillment to my morning is a great breakfast. My favorite breakfast as of late is a bowl of coconut based yogurt mixed with a spoonful of jam and topped with fresh blueberries and oats. To drink, I like to make myself an iced coffee with oat milk to help wake me up a bit and give me some energy to start off the day.
Valentina Y.
A good breakfast contains foods YOU like that aren’t to sugary or salty. It must include a fruit of any sorts, protein and dairy or grain.
Jacek F.
It can be something quick like a protien bar or shake. Or ut could fancy like eggs with some avocado and some yogurt with some granola and fruit. All that really matters is that you don't skip it and that it provides you with energy and nutrition.
Iracelma P.
a breakfast that contains whole grains, such as oatmeal, eggs, fruit, that is not fried and that satiates you until lunch or midday.
Smriti N.
A breakfast that helps me get energetic and fuller but doesn't cause me to crash later. Also, a meal that is healthy and delicious. I love Avocado toast with eggs and coffee
Livramento A.
Hot energy drink (coffee or tea) and something nourishing (omelette, yoghurt with granola or syrniki (I don't know how to call them in English))
Lord W.
Water,dates an soft chew to open up body after fasting.
I would consider a great breakfast… Something lite and colorful,fruits,oats and yogurt works most days for me.
Other something to shine up my day my favourite.
Pancakes topped with fruits, berries,bacon eggs the works. Also a nice hot tea or coffee for me in the morning .
Mie R.
A great breakfast is one you won’t burn too easily, it is the foundation of your energy for the day. It needs to be something that keeps you full for a while.
Taylor F.
In my opinion a great breakfast is simply a breakfast which you yourself enjoy it might not ve healthy but it should be able to soothe your hunger it should be able to give yoyr day a great start.
Gaspard E.
Usually keep it simple. For example, some multiple-fruit juice + multi-grain bread + some whole fruit & a bit of coffee (coffee which is kinda cultural/tradition thingy kk). Hope it helps. ^^
Ruth F.
A great breakfast to me is having something healthy and filling that could last till lunch time without looking for a snack in between. Although a snack is perfect too.
Chloe N.
Something that will fill me up. I like to have sweet breakfasts like toast or pancakes even though they aren’t good for me. maybe I can try protein pancakes to fill me up longer
Jay N.
For now any breakfast is a great breakfast because normally I don’t eat. But I would like to transition into meal prepping a healthy breakfast the evening before
Kyle Z.
I'd consider a great breakfast as something that you know will give you enough energy to face the day until lunch, but as also something that you enjoy so that it doesn't seem like you're forcing yourself everyday.
Evelyn Q.
A small meal that includes lean protein like eggs, fruit and vegetables, and something to hydrate yourself with, like water
J Lia P.
I love to make my own cinnamon oatmeal, and put banana and berries on top, then drizzle honey over. Delicious, and healthy, and great for a winter morning!
Lynn O.
Fruit, either mango & passion fruit or lots of berries. With buckwheat muesli and almond milk. Or full fat natural yoghurt, kefir and seeds. At the weekends, possibly eggs and veggie sausages. Or a cheeky pastry.
Norma C.
Something that I’d look forward to eating, and that keeps me feeling full for a long time. Something that sets me up for the day ahead
Romane Z.
Eggs benedict it is an English muffin a proached egg covenant holiday sauce often served with hash browns. I also like to add spinach and tomato in the holiday sauce. With like a smoothie
Anna X.
A good breakfast is something that gives you energy to let your body and brain start working, but it's just as important that you fully enjoy it. If the start of your day is yummy and makes you smile, the rest of the day will be so much better.
Carlijn Z.
A good breakfast is a breakfast that is tasty, but also healthy. Things like an egg or some veggies or just some bread with cheese.
Stella Y.
una colazione fatta con calma e tranquillità, mangiando una bella tazza di tè e magari anche una spremuta di arancia, seguita da un dolce fatto in casa o del pane tostato con marmellata/nutella/miele oppure della frutta e uno yogurt.
Villads F.
I think a great breakfast doesn’t have to be what we first think of when we hear the word breakfast. I believe a great breakfast doesn’t have to be very much, it can be just an apple or yoghurt. As long as your body has enough “fuel” to make it to your next break.
Hans W.
Something filling and full of nutrients, such as bagels, avocado on toast or porridge , hummus on toast and my favourite a fruit salad
Canto O.
A great breakfast is a delicious breakfast that gives me enough energy throughout the day. It'd be "great" if it took little to prepare and eat, as I've also got a busy schedule in the morning, because of work. Funny how everybody's saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" but nobody who's making other people's schedules actually takes into consideration the time you need to prepare it and eat it. Or that you also need to sleep. Or commute. A great breakfast, huh?..
Dan E.
I do evening oatmeal for breakfast. There is a bit of everything what you need in a day. Oat for fibers, fruit for vitamin, yogurt, chia seeds, honey. And I can change the recept anytime.
Hugh F.
In my opinion your great breakfast must contain food that you like eating. For example, if you wanna eat healthy breakfast choose the porridge you like and fruit delicious for you. I like to it beautifully presented dishes, so I decorated my porridge or eggs or sandwich, then my appetite growing.
Owen O.
From the simple toast with egg and ham, to a noodle and dumplings. Just not berries or the oatmeals, def not enough protien.
Ellie T.
I usually like taking a cup of tea and a bread with cheese. But this days I eat a bread or a banana.
For me a great breakfast is that. I alredy tried eat the balanced breakfast that is sugested in the cereals box but it doesn't work for me because I get the stomach to full.
Survival Man N.
Wich contains energy that is absorbed during all day. Not frost and flakes for example wich are full of fast absorbtion sugars.
Reinald C.
I LOVE breakfasts! Over the years, I’ve come up with different options to ensure that I don’t get bored of it 🥰 One of the classics is eggs 🍳 and toast. My fav is scrambled but a runny bullseye on toast is such feel good food 💯 Another option I added to the menu recently is plain simple Weetabix with yoghurt, honey and some almonds! A delish, quick and easy option. You can also substitute Weetabix for any sort of muesli/granola anddd follow up the meal with a hot or cold coffee 🥰
L Andro B.
I don’t like breakfast so much, it makes me feel heavy. But I know that it’s a very important meal. So, ai prefer a light breakfast: some fruit or a cup of yogurt with muesli. I think this is a great breakfast
Shandy N.
Something that has protein, healthy fats and healthy carbs. Even better when I can sit and enjoy it rather than rushing out the door.
Ryan Q.
My great breakfast is consist of an egg boil with 2 slices of toast.
I'm underweight and currently recovering from an illness, so this keeps me full and also, it is a healthy one.
Bas Lio B.
Personally, I would consider a great breakfast having foods high in protein to help Kickstart your day full of energy. I usually eat eggs and fruit or bacon, or when i can't cook my breakfast I just eat an apple or banana….
Ezio Y.
Something healthy that will keep you full until lunchtime and provide you with long lasting energy. For example, eggs or nuts.
T W.
Something substantial that will carry me into lunch further in the day, but also includes fruits and carbs and (maybe?) some protein to get me started for the day.
Jarbas I.
Honestly, since I can only get eggs for breakfast, due to Celiac, I think it is important to get it every weekday because you never know if lunch or dinner will come to fruition. Also I miss apples from home.
Mahmut X.
I personally have 1/3 cup of original harvest crunch cereal with hemp seed chia seeds and blueberries. I say something with good fats and omega in it.bhooe this helps
Ven Ncio Q.
I consider a great breakfast a healthy breakfast that is big enough to feed you but not over eating and with lots of protein!
Helene P.
Let it be something to your liking. Not because something is healthy you have to like it or vice versa, you don't have to like everything that is not healthy. You can have a balance, not everyone has the same tastes and is totally fine
Juliana E.
Cereal with 1/2 banana, a small apple, berries or some nuts and oat milk. I love preparing my muesli fresh every day. More nutrition and variation 🥰
Diane P.
I LOVE avocado toast, it’s healthy and easy! I usually put on butter, avocado, salt and pepper, tomato and balsamic glaze🤌
Valentina Y.
Something that will sustain my morning. And also that I want to eat. Something that my body goes “wow I have energy” – always drinks lots of water too!
Maddison Y.
Some protein: usually from both chicken eggs and whole grains. Complex carbohydrates and simple ones (fruit and grain), a prebiotic food and/or fermented natural food, and some healthy fat.
Courtney U.
Anything that makes you feel great! Healthy would be best but anything to ensure your not missing out on breakfast! Even if that is chocolate spread on toast followed by a banana
Leah N.
a breakfast that includes a nutritional value that fills your for the rest of the morning. Something that makes you happy.
Marissol Z.
I think that a great breakfast should have some fruits, nuts, and proteins! they can give all that you need for the day, and more energy to start! breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it, if you don’t have time, just grab some fruit and eat as soon as possible!
Carlos E.
I’m vegan so for me this might be a green smoothie ( kale, spinach, banana and almond milk plus an extra protein like a little bit of breakfast beans, some pretend sausage – something like that.