Do you have a healthy breakfast that you would recommend? I’ve been falling into the routine of oatmeal and smoothies. What’s a great breakfast that you enjoy?

Predojevic A.
I like to eat eggs in the morning. Because you can prepare them in multiple ways. With them I eat bread, yogurt, and some veggetables like tomato. Or in some recepies you can add cheese / bacon when you make the eggs.

Edwin U.
A cheese and green pepprr omelet starts the day off well for me. It's filling enough with an assortment of protein, without relying on stuff like bread or grains.

Karl Hermann Q.
If I need breakfast on the go, I always go for overnight oats with some protein powder in them. If I am home I go for heavily seasoned scrambled eggs.

Ariadni X.
Oatmeal is really good, but often I do not have so much time in the morning so I am usually eating a toast with cheese and chicken slices and a sweet one! That way my energy is up, I will full until lunch time -and more – and my ed is not triggered!

Suzy G.
About a year ago, I wanted to try something new for breakfast, so I searched for that on google and youtube to find some new recipes. I've tried two of them, here are the links:
For this one, I tried it without any cheese and it was still delicious.
I didn't use milk or any cheese for this one as well.
You can also try honey, butter, jams (e.g. strawberry jam), banana, apple, omelet, milk, and tea.
Hope this helps♡