Do you eat breakfast before or after exercise?

Vicky B.
Depends on the exercise if it’s intensive I’d have a small snack before if I was hungry then proper breakfast after. But if just walking or Pilates I’d have a not too heavy breakfast
Reimer Z.
I tend to have breakfast after exercising when I go for a run early morning. Even if I would only do a bit of stretching or work out I feel lighter with an empty stomach.
Annemiek Q.
If I wake up and know I'll be working out within an hour, it's legit just a banana for me. Then I'll do a proper brreakfast or brunch/lunch after.
Nolan S.
I eat breakfast after exercise because i go to yoga class at 6:45 am..but i wake up at no time left for breakfast
Antonin T.
After. One reason is because all of the nutrients then go to the right places, where the body need them the most. Second reason is because I personally can usually eat a lot more after practice then after and I love eating 🙂
Stephanie N.
I eat a light breakfast before exercising because I find I feel weak otherwise and can't do my workout as well as when I have something in my stomach. I usually try to eat a little something afterwards too.
Oliver Z.
I prefer to exercise on an empty stomach. I feel that if I have a meal before I exercise, my energy levels deplete faster than if I had not eaten at all.
Kathleen X.
I eat right when I get up and will watch about 30 min of tv, then do my morning routine of brushing my teeth putting on workout clothes ect. That gives my food enough time to digest before I worout
Samantha B.
I eat breakfast after exercise. If i eat before, then i would have to wait a while until i CAN exercise. And i read somewhere that if you exercise before eating breakfast, your metabolism will quicken. Its worked out for me before, i just havent been able to exercise as much.
Alex Z.
I eat breakfast after I exercise because I do not like feeling full.
However, I do get my breakfast ready before I exercise.
Franjo O.
After. I like to think of it like feuling up. Warming the engine with exercise, then having a smooth drive throughout the day.
As Lio E.
I eat breakfast after I exercise, just when I'm out of bed I start with a simple yoga routine. If I eat beforehand I tend to not digest well and feel acid coming up while doing more engaging positions.
Pilar E.
After… because I can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of exercising right after eating, also because it feels like a reward (but obviously a good one)
Helle G.
I like there to be at least an hour from meal to exercise so depending on if there's time for that I'll eat before or after 🙂
Brooklynn T.
Before. I eat breakfast and then exercise outside with my dog. So while I’m inside I eat and then I go outside to walk up the hill.
Matilde P.
I usually drink my coffee before exercising and then I eat my breakfast after a walk and a hot shower. These days I love eating a toast with 2 slices of roasted chicken and a glass of milk!
Cecilia U.
I personally eat with my partner who wakes up later than I do so I eat after exercise, but do what is best for your body. Some people get nauseous if they eat before excercise. Some people can't exercise without eating first.
Stefania F.
I typically will eat something light before a morning workout, like a handful of fruit or a single piece of toast/English muffin. After the workout is when I have a heartier breakfast.
Amira Z.
I typically don’t eat breakfast myself, but if u do I definitely say go for a light breakfast just to give you some extra energy in the morning.
Sam E.
Generally I should eat before, but I Only eat like a breakfast bar since I work out in the morn. It’s usually after, especially if I work out at night.
Zilca S.
I always eat breakfast before exercise because i can feel that my body needs the fuel to perform better. So that’s what works best for me 🙂
Catherine Y.
After. But that's mostly because my dog needs to go potty so I take her for a walk first. In days I go to the gym, I eat breakfast first.
Marsha E.
I usually eat breakfast after. If I’m doing a particularly strenuous exercise, I might grab a little something (like a bar or a hard boiled egg) but I always wait until after because I understand the activity jumpstarts one’s metabolism especially if done before eating.
Justin Z.
I eat after my work out, working out right when I wake up and on an empty stomach is more comfortable for me and it’s just how I start the day.
Brooklynn T.
Usually before because I eat breakfast inside and walk up the street for exercise outside. I like to be done with the kitchen and dressed and ready for the day when I go walking.
Notburga J.
Since I am working out in the afternoon these days I do and I eat lunch as well. If I were going to exercise first thing in the morning though I would wait until after to eat breakfast. I would be sure drink my water and maybe have a bite of banana (not a whole one).
Sophia E.
If I remember, before breakfast. Most of the time I forget or have something going that wouldn't allow a workout and breakfast. Most of my workouts happen in the evening, like in a group class, in which case I either don't eat dinner, or have a very light one to tide me over until after. It's not a pleasant feeling when you're jumpin around and you feel like your meal is gonna come back up because you didn't eat early enough/didn't wait long enough after. It's pretty much a matter of preference, but definitely play around with what works for you. I know plenty of people who swear by a small meal 30 min beforehand. I never eat one light enough, lol.
Hawaii X.
I eat breakfast before I exercise so that when I go and exercise I can burn of the fat. But you should take some time. Enforce you start the exercise.
Isabella X.
If you want you can have light breakfast like nuts and berries before workout and after that you can go with your healthy breakfast like smoothies, oats etc.
Isabel O.
It depends on how I am feeling. If I eat something too heavy or too close to before I feel a little sick so I try and make sure I have enough time to eat if I do. One thing that’s been working well for me is to eat a clementine and a glass of water and that’s light enough to feel good but hearty enough that I don’t feel faint. After the workout I have a protein shake with peanut butter or a heavier meal with eggs.
Clare P.
I tend to eat breakfast before exercise to hype myself up a bit before hand and also to give my self no reasons not to fully commit and try my best
Melissa E.
After, as it is almost a reward for getting up and actually pushing myself to exercise that day. It also allows me to savour every mouthful and really appreciate what I’m having for my breakfast.
Rebecca T.
I usually eat after and have a fasted workout, for some reason i have more energy when i do this. I eat a fuller meal after to help with muscle growth and repair.