I often run short on time in the morning to have breakfast and don’t get hungry. What is quick and easy that you like to make?

Oliver A.
The night before, I fill my tea kettle with a lot of water so it'll last me 2 to 3 days worth. In the morning I boil it while I'm getting ready for the day. I use the water for tea and instant oatmeal

Anthony O.
I also don’t feel like breakfast in the morning so I always go with some simple like a banana. I also sometimes make avo on toast which can be made really quickly

Maryam E.
Honestly same my body doesn't accept food in the morning lol but I recommend toast with jam/avocados without anything on top (at least for me) most of the time I do still have to take meds so I don't get a belly ache but it's super simple and quick, plus tea/coffee I personally prefer coffee in the morning tho hope this helped haha 💗

Marie T.
It's all about time management and discipline so plan your days ahead and wake up earlier if your current time limits you to so little

Gagandeep F.
A simple sandwich having onion , cucumber and tomato that I had cut the night before
I add a lettuce and mix it with a samdwich spread. That is the most quick breakfast I can get.

Lia F.
I’m going to go with eggs. They’re so easy to scramble couple up you can even use the microwave and go do what you need to do while they cook. A little butter some deal and they’re delicious

Deanna U.
Boiled eggs are easy to make the day before or even a few days in advance. They keep well in the fridge and are easy to pop in a bag for breakfast

Franchesca Z.
I think the best is to meal prep the night before. To think about what you would like to have the following day and do what you can to prepare so the process of making breakfast in the morning is quicker. Otherwise grabbing a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee with a fruit of your choice, on the go, could be helpful!

Andr S Z.
Hi! I struggle with the same thing because I have to get very early to my job, but I find it easy to pack the night before a protein yoghurt, cereal and a fruit to go, and I eat it while I commute or when I arrive.