How do you maintain a healthy breakfast regimen during your busy work week?

Venceslau Q.
I don’t mind eating the same or similar things each day so I try to get it down to a formula so I don’t think about it. Something with protein to get me going and then a preprogrammed snack from a list of options.

Eric Q.
I make sure I maintain a healthy breakfast regimen during my work week by waking up early enough in order to do so. I also usually have a few ideas of what I want to eat the night before. I make sure my food and pantry is stocked with healthy, nutritious foods as opposed to donuts and super sugary cereal.

Urs U.
Getting up in good time. A breakfast menu items that require easy or no preparation and provide variety. Keeping everything I need on hand in fridge and cupboard. A fast food backup like getting an egg McMuffin or a take with me backup like a bar granola/kind/protein for days when I absolutely have to run out the door.

Layla B.
I try to go shopping on Sunday or whenever you’re off. But what I eat is items that I usually have already at home. For example, one of my go-to healthy breakfasts is a banana and peanut butter, or apple slices and peanut butter. It has natural sugar and protein, and totally easy to make. If that doesn’t work for you, then I would recommend turn to Pinterest for help and then hit the grocery store on your day off!

Maja A.
I plan and shop for the entire week’s breakfasts and make sure I can make things that are delicious, but fast to prepare, e.g. eggs, yoghurt with fresh fruit, porridge, smoothies, etc.

Ethan N.
Buy all the stuff you'll need. Keep it simple, maybe yoghurt and oats, whatever. Just have it ready so that as soon as you wake up you can prepare it and eat it.
Your breakfast needn't be fancy, just nutritious.

Tracy A.
I eat breakfast before doing anything else. I get up with enough time to make breakfast. This means I add breakfast time into my getting ready time. I don't sleep late, and make sure I go to bed at a decent time, that way I'm not inclined to rush around and skip eating.

Johanne E.
I think about it in the evening, during I walk home after work, and if it isnothing to eat, I'go shopping and buy something healthy. I try to srart my morning with protein.

Salemo Z.
I had eat breakfast everyday around 9am morning
Everyday I ate rice or wheat roti with curry for breakfast which is normal in India
Also have 1 glass of milk with chocolate syrup

Jociano S.
I usually wake up at 6:30 and leave at 7:40 but now I wake up at 6:15 and leave at 7:40 and it really works for me and it allows me to get other jobs done too!

Deodira Q.
On days where I WFH I make time to cook porridge. On other days I quickly chop and apple and spread peanut butter on it. If I have to go really early I ensure I have porridge or an egg pot from a café.

Melanie P.
By prioritising it and making time for it. It takes 10 minutes to prep boiled eggs, toast, tomato & avo. If I don’t eat a proper breakfast, my attitude goes down the drain and the rest of my day becomes difficult. Prioritise it, you deserve proper nutritional support! 🌸

Laurie P.
Buy yourself the best blender you can afford. Then it’s just a case of frozen fruit, a banana and some protein source (I use hemp protein) (protein is far more filling than carbs and fat) and a milk (I use almond or milk). I add extra things in there like cacao nibs, spriulina etc but they’re not necessary. Takes me 2 mins to make and 750 ml of it provides me with a healthy filling breakfast.

Drago Z.
Always have yogurt or mixed nuts or fruit on hand for busy days. This will hopefully have a good impact on your breakfast choices. I also make one packet of oatmeal and put it in the microwave for 1 minute instead of two. This helps it cool down faster. This cold oatmeal can also be a healthy choice for someone in a hurry.

Lucille P.
I look at my son, and I want to give him something else than just milk and cereal. I make sure I buy the ingredients, and I just do it, without thinking too much, because delaying might encourage me to be lazy!

Alan U.
When I get to know the fabulous app in game between ads from there I was download the app and doing the things everyday routinely . I was getting up early and doing my healthy breakfast and having with the help of fabulous app. Thanks !

Javier Q.
I maintain a healthy breakfast regimen by prepping my meals for the week on Sunday. I make mini egg frittas in a muffin tin and freeze them. I prep some healthy smoothies by putting the ingriedents in small indivual freezer bags. Keep it simple. Boil some eggs and keep them in the fridge to grab and go.

Maria U.
Plan the meal at least the night before, and make sure all of the ingredients are handy. Don’t snooze the alarm and leave no time to make it. If you are running late, make sure to at least eat fruit.

Ma L Q.
I keep it simple and pack it in my lunch bag the night before. Simple = egg cups and yogurt, maybe even some fruit or plain oatmeal as well.

Ga L P.
I like to think about breakfast the night before, while I’m in the kitchen during dinner cleanup. I know what I have in the frig and I make a mental plan for my recipe. And when I say recipe, I really mean, can I use the left over broccoli from dinner with eggs or do I have some spinach and mushrooms to sauté or do I just have a boiled egg and an apple. It’s not as easy if I wait until I wake up and might be rushed or hungry. I also plan around my morning routine, whether it’s a workout day, work day, or a more relaxed routine. And lastly, I find that by always making time for a healthy breakfast – I have to wake up a little earlier than I once did. I focus on it like it matters, because it does.

Judith Z.
Identify quick and easy meals, and prep them in advance. For example, a banana and peanut butter smoothie has a fair amount of protein. You can freeze the banana portions in advance.

Pauline Y.
I try to keep it simple- boiled egg and toast or oatmeal. Something that I can eat in a few minutes or less. At the least I keep granola that I can eat on my way to work.

Jeffrey P.
I eat the same thing each morning so I don’t have to plan a menu or think very much at all. I cook An egg by frying it, flipping it, and turning the fire off under it to let it cook with heat from the pan for a few
minutes at the end. Some mornings are so rushed it goes in a tortilla and gets wrapped in a paper towel, and is eaten in the car. Another quick

Molly P.
Keep it simple, it might be boring but going an habitual choice can be very helpful as long as this doesn't drive your motivation away.

Albane Z.
By planning your routine to include the things you need to take care of. I have started waking up earlier instead of rushing and grabbing something quick. It also involves planning when to go to bed, and what to buy when shopping to try to cut out some of the junk.

Marie W.
I think about what I want for breakfast the night before, how much time I need, and have a back up plan if I run out of time in the morning. I keep bananas always in reach as well as instant oats in my desk at work.

Danielle Z.
Actually I’m a student in university and I often have my first class at 8 or 10 a.m. So I always get up at 7:20 and have breakfast in canteen, then I go to the classroom or the library. For me, the biggest challenge is get up early as I plan, so I have enough time to have breakfast.

Karla T.
Meal planners are your best friend. You can make it easy by just getting a daily planner and putting down what meals you plan to have. Make sure you include the ingredients on your shopping list then stick to your meals. Allow yourself the time to make them, or else pick things that are quick and easy to make.

Francisco J.
Time management is key. I use my phone as an organizer and I put in a reminder for meals, medication, even drinking water. I know how long it takes me to prepare my breakfast. Basically, I wake up at 7:20 on a work day, at 8 I put on the coffee and start making breakfast, at 8:15 I'm eating, and at 8:25 I'm out of the house. Lunches and afternoon snacks I prepare the evening before.

Sofie Z.
I plan ahead! I will decide on one breakfast option and I will eat that same thing every day for breakfast that week. I will prep the item on Sunday. If it's something like a quiche then I will just a cut a slice each morning. If it's breakfast wraps then I will go ahead and make them all on Sunday, freeze them, and pop them in the microwave when I am ready to eat them that morning. It's all about planning!

Evita Q.
I get my breakfast ready at night and warm it up at work in the morning. I get it ready like I prepare my lunch each day. This makes sure I start out the day with something healthy.

Katarina F.
I usually plan my day the night before, so I always know how long I have for coffee. how do I make a point of having this time just for me, when I need it, I wake up early so I can stay calm and enjoy my breakfast

Melinda A.
1.Have the ingredients you need ready and waiting.
2.If you are always in a hurry, prepare your meals before hand so you can just grab them and go.
3.Make time for yourself;choose one day and dedicate it to yourself.

Terri N.
It is important for me to have everything ready so I don't have to spend time preparing food. For example, I boil eggs one night and leave them in the fridge so I can use them for the next 2-3 mornings.

Crystal U.
I eat by a certain time each day, and adjust my schedule around eating….I get up earlier if I need to. I have to eat in the morning to take medications. I taught my dog to expect treats at breakfast so she nags if I lose track of time and she reminds me with a bark or whine.

Dwayne N.
I make it easy by microwaving steel cut oats, add a handful of blueberries, some chia and a fallow of peanut butter. I put it in a container so I can bring it to work!

Tristan C.
I understand my weakness for convenience food, which means I keep healthy grab and go options on hand for mornings when I am too rushed to scramble an egg and sit and eat breakfast. I look for protein bars with as few ingredients as possible, or grabbing a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter is great in a pinch.

Constance O.
Preparing the meal the night before. For more variety, try preparing some thins for the freezer on Sunday. Always have easy quick breakfast foods- oatmeal, avocado, toast, banana, peanut butter.

William W.
I prepare them the day before or at the beginning of the week. I make chia pudding (just some kind of milk with chia seeds) or quinoa pudding or porridge, add yoghurt and fruits

Isaiah Y.
I drink green tea in morning ..
And in the lunch I eat omelet and bread
And night regular i eat poli bhaji and some rice

Isobel E.
I make easier to put together foods like yogurt or fruit. If I have to put too much effort into it, I would probably slip up.

Sofia F.
Keep it simple. A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be elaborate. I started with a slice of toast with nut butter, banana, and a sprinkle of a seed mix I put together. It’s even faster than the fast food I used to stop for every morning.

Regina N.
The easy answer is meal prep.

I'm lucky enough to work in a restaurant and I have access to multiple tools to make this easier. I buy glass bowls with tight lock lids (nothing fancy, Ross has several and I use them at home too for portion control) and fill them with dry oatmeal and a spoon of brown sugar. At work I just add hot water from the coffee machine and voilá: instant oatmeal. Hard boiled eggs are another easy grab and go option.

The easiest way to make sure I get a healthy breakfast is with my shakes. I buy both Purium and Herbalife brand meal shakes. I put the recommended serving sizes (usually two scoops) in a shaker bottle with the blender ball the night before and throw it in my purse. Just add water the next day and instant meal full of vitamins and minerals.