What do you eat for breakfast and how do you make it easy not to skip it?

Wilhelm C.
Microwave eggs with tuna and sesame seeds topping… It's fast and easy, as fruit I grab a banana or 🍇 grapes… I do not scrambled the eggs, just brake and make it for a min on the microwave
Angie Y.
I have eggs with avocado toast. I set my alarm with enough time to make and enjoy breakfast. On the few mornings that I didn’t do this I had very crappy mornings and a harder time staying focused on anything. I was also very crabby and headache as well. I didn’t like how I felt so I prep the night before to stay on task. I also set up a backup plan if something comes up and I’m running late. I set things for me to make a green smoothie if I run short on time. That I can enjoy while working.
Wayne Z.
Two eggs, 2 slices of bacon, piece of toast and butter, and some fruit, usually strawberries. I stick to eating breakfast because if I don’t there is no way I can get the number of calories needed in each day.
Albrecht Y.
so i usually just eat sausage, or a food that can be easily prepared so i won’t be discouraged to eat bc of the amount of work i have to put in
Bianca O.
I tend to eat some type of fruit (i.e. watermelon, canteloupe, or avocado), a healthy form of protein (i.e. eggs/egg whites, chicken apple sausage), and some form of carbs (i.e. Dave's healthy bread or TJ's sourdough bread). On faster mornings I like to make my healthy smoothie that includes a dietary supplement, vitamins, and protein.
Aishwarya O.
Usually I prefer oats for breakfast as it is easy to make. Having decided what to eat the next morning makes it easier and keeps the brain prepared for it. Skipping breakfast drains energy, this is the line to keep you up and ready to make it everyday. Last but not least, descipline schedule will eventually turn into a habit!
Joana Y.
I eat a lot of different things: pancakes, toast, oatmeal, iogurt bowls… I try to eat things that are healthy and nutritious and will keep me satisfied. I don’t skip it by making it a pleasure moment for myself, it’s easy to turn something you love in a routine!
Mary N.
Boiled egg, cracker with cheese, fruit and chocolate milk or tea.

First I started a while ago with eating only 1 piece of fruit in the morning, untill my body was asking for it, so this is not a big stepp for me.

מאיה אריאלי N.
I put it in a scheduled routine and make it a fun breakfast. This way I never skip it. I usually eat a toast with an egg +whatever fruits or veggies I have
Alicia X.
I eat something simple like croissant if I don’t have time to make it but usually I would eat like a sandwich or milk, banana and bread, sometimes banana milkshake. Honestly my routine is off the wagon and I never ate breakfast since 2 years ago so it’s not easy for me to keep this routine straight, sometimes I just wanna sleep in and skip school and ignore my routine but I’m hungry so I eat something especially when I have a long day ahead of me.
Marie X.
I want to start with the why, then the what and how.

I've already started on a weight loss journey and eating breakfast is an important part of reaching my goal. For me this is one of the biggest motivators for not skipping breakfast.

I'm not just dieting, the goal is weight loss through lifestyle changes. I'm working with medical professionals who have given me diet parameters but I have to figure out day-to-day what to eat. I also have life-long, personal, food restrictions. It's important for me to figure out not just what I should eat, but what I will enjoy and eat consistently.

I'm not big on cooking a lot and I've never been a morning person. I seem to never have time to make breakfast and I usually don't eat until I get to my work desk. So the what and how go hand-in-hand.

I prepare and stay stocked up with things that can either be made quickly or grabbed on the run. Lately that has been greek yogurt with granola (which can be portioned out ahead of time) or breakfast patties that only take a few minutes to make. I also have protein drinks or mini protein bars that I can grab if I'm short on time.

I do still struggle with skipping breakfast though. Sometimes I'm not hungry and forget, or I'm too tired, I get in the zone or space-out and just lose track of time. To make it easier, I started setting alarms and using habit forming apps to help remind me to eat.

Zoya E.
Prepare for it a night earlier. Start off with something basic and easy, like a banana and scrambled egg. And heathy food doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Also, eat till you’re about 80% full.
Taexbae N.
I usually make vegan oatmeal with oat or almond milk with a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s really good and I combine this habit with other habits so it’s more difficult to miss. When I’m reading my morning pages to start off my day, I get a bottle of cold water and I take 5-10 minutes to cook up a good, light breakfast. Then I read and eat together. Compiling habits really help to not miss them.
Horst Peter E.
I’ve always been a fan of a good breakfast, and never leave the house without eating something. I tend to avoid bread and cereals as they are full of added sugars. Also, carbs are the first food to empty from the stomach, leaving you feeling hungry again quite soon. My go to breakfast is eggs- usually 2 scrambled with finely chopped spring onions, a couple cherry tomatoes and some grated cheese. I can make that in the time it takes to make a decent pot of tea ( time taken for kettle to boil and tea to steep). Occasionally, as a treat, I’ll have a fried egg with 2 rashers crispy bacon or a sausage and some fried onions and tomatoes.
I’ve also been known to have half an avocado with some shrimp and lemon juice.
Jayden O.
I make sure i have the stuff i want for breakfast easily accessible. Lately I have been eating a lot of avocado toast and yoghurt with energy musli. It’s quick to make and sooo good! Best tip, have the stuff you need in your kitchen for exact breakfast recipes so that you don’t have to think about what to make each morning
Ralph E.
I eat granola and oat milk for breakfast. I’ve made it part of my morning routine so I feel like I can’t start the day until I’ve finished my breakfast.
Mariola Y.
So iam eating fruits in the morning like bananas with oats or yogurt because I know that when you eat something healthy in the morning it gives you energy for the whole day
Kathryn E.
I usually depends on how I’m feeling and where I’m at some days I will cook a light or hearty breakfast sometimes I be out during season and need a quick meal so it all depends on where I am
Magrit G.
I had a single slice of toast with avocado, a fried egg and 3 strawberries. Eating breakfast later helps me because drinking water so early in the morning fills me up
Deepika Z.
I eat my regular breakfast which my mom makes. I eat dosa, idly, poori etc…. To make it extra special and to make my day energetic, I drink milk everyday
Nichole C.
I eat mostly eggs for breakfast and i make it easy not to skip it cuz i really need energy for the day food like eggs give me energy
Mira X.
Sometimes I eat oatmeal with fruits, sometimes yoghurt with fruits and sometimes scrambled eggs. I always eat breakfast the last thing I do before I leave home, so that I have some time during the morning to get hungry.
Avery U.
I usually eat oatmeals, nuts, eggs and yogurt for breakfast. If I had done well and completed my tasks that day, I will cook something I like for tomorrow’s breakfast as a reward. Remember, skipping breakfast is not good at all, especially your mental health. Here is some of my tips to not skip breakfast: 1. Eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day rather than skipping meals. 2. Always have a snack around like yogurt or a granola bar to hold you over until your next meal. 3. Eat snacks high in protein and fiber. 4. Plan your meals in advance or prepare them the night before. That’s it! I hope this can help you 🙂
Angela O.
Picking easy stuff that requires little to no cooking! This morning I had a piece of toast, apple, cucumber and piece of cheese, boiling eggs the night before is helpful, or even instant oats!
Chevene C.
Oatmeal apple and one boil egg is what I have for breakfast. How I make it easy is I prep my breakfast and dinner every Sunday making it easy to just grab
Eliot N.
What I eat regularly for breakfast are scrambled eggs, any juice and a glass of milk. I think I do it because my parents have always done it that way since it’s fast and full of nutrients. Since I was a kid, my family used to eat breakfast together even when we had different schedules. I believe that I never skip breakfast since I’m usually eating with company.
Rosa Y.
It depends. If I don't have to go to the university, i usually prepare some porridge with the fruit i find in the house, while if the day it's too busy, i just go for a yogurt within pieces of fruit, a coffee and (sometimes) an entire fruit. I manage not to skip the breakfast only because i know i can't do my own stuff correctly without eating something which gives me energy, so for me it's fundamental to have breakfast.
Aubin Y.
It depends on the day but I usually eat an avocado toast topped with an egg (sunny side up) or a greek yoghurt bowl with dry fruits OR my all time favorite breakfast – a peanut butter toast topped with granola, honey and banana slices 🙂

Having a healthy + aesthetically pleasing breakfast helps me not to skip it ! FOOD IS FUEL

Analice F.
Usually peanut butter on 2 slices of vogels. I get hungry I the morning so soon after I wake up I go to the kitchen and have a breakfast ritual of water, coffee in my favourite cup then trekkie. I always enjoy this time.
Rishabh T.
Actually I eat different things on different days, and I eat a good heavy breakfast to energize me for the day! I am simply hungry so I am not able to escape it!
Marek O.
I eat small things like eggs or a granola bar or yogurt. I have the habits set up so it lets me know when I should eat or drink water or brush my teeth.
Ma Ly Z.
I have noodles for breakfast, I prefer ‘soup-kind-of’ breakfast because eating dry breakfast is uncomfortable for my stomach.
Terrance T.
I make oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, and either more fruit or raisins. It's super easy which makes it easier to make. Lengthy breakfast preparation deters me from eating. It's also delicious and healthy!
Irfan G.
If you can have a good sleep schedule that is key, I would wake up at 8 and go into the kitchen after brushing and look at the fruits I have left, sometimes I would go for fruits and cereal and sometimes I would make a healthy sandwich. I don't think it needs to be too fancy as long as its healthy.
Amanda X.
Peanut butter toast or oatmeal or just a banana. I make sure to put my bread to toast before I put kettle on for my coffee and that makes it easier not to skip breakfast.
Ellie N.
For breakfast, I eat healthy foods like eggs, but sometimes I just have a bowl of cereal. It depends on my mood. It's easy not to skip breakfast when you want to eat. Try making something healthy, but delicious. This will make you more likely to want breakfast. If you're not as hungry, you should at least try to eat something small. It might make you realize how hungry you are. Hopefully this helps.
Susan Y.
I eat meals that are easy to prepare and are nourishing for the body as I realized that whenever i eat unhealthy food esp in the morning, my energy depletes throughout the day
Felix G.
I have a little bit of coffee with blueberry waffles. The thing that makes it easier for me not to skip it is setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier so I have time to sit and eat and wake up. 🙂
Clyde J.
It varies depending on the mood but my main options are a bowl of last topped with fruit, toast and scrambled eggs of a bagel with a side of fruit. To make sure I don’t skip breakfast I prepare the fruit in advance. For example today I had a bagel with melon slices on the side. The previous day I cut up the whole melon so I could snack on it and eat it with meals, without needing to spend time cutting it up. So my biggest tip is to meal prep as much as you can.
Niccol O.
I eat eggs with bread, then a coffee. I make it easy not to skip it by eating something that I love; I really like eggs and eating it make me want to have breakfast.
Amalie W.
I eat some fresh fruit, yogurt with dried fruit, bread with butter and honey and a cup of green the and a glass of lemon water.
Erik A.
You should try seeing breakfast as the fuel your body needs to star the day. For me my fuel is a cup of coffee (with milk), fruits and eggs. I spent so much time avoiding breakfast and now i am fully embracing it. When u take a moment for urself and eat without any distractions, you feel sooo energetic and productive. Am sure u can do it. You just have to find a food you love eating in the morning. 😀
Leo W.
For breakfast I normally eat a bagel with cream cheese or some yogurt. I also like to add in a banana or other fruit. I try not to wake up toooo late so I am motivated to eat breakfast since I know lunch is far away and I will be hungry if I don’t eat.
Meili E.
I eat mostly eggs because they’re easy and you can make a lot of things with them, omelets, over hard, over easy, scrambled, sandwich, etc. You can add bacon and cheese or different spices. Otherwise a smoothie with a little protein powder in works. It’s easy to skip it but recently when I wake up I do stretches and an exercise routine and breakfast is my reward, you get hungry after working out. Hope this helps! 🙂
Franco Q.
A smoothie is my go-to breakfast! Over the weekend I prepare bags of chopped fruit and throw them in the freezer. Then in the morning throw them, almond milk, spinach leaves, and maybe some vega protein in a blender! Bonus: It travels well in the car!
Simon F.
I like to have a cup of tea, independently of anything else I am eating. When I have a nice wheat bread, I make toast or just slice it and enjoy it with homemade jams. Another option I’ve started lately is making a bowl of oatmeal and throwing a handful of dried nuts in it. I have no stomach for fresh fruit early in the morning. Its not difficult not to skip breakfast because of two reasons: one, I am very hungry in the morning, and two, my cup of tea wakes me up.
Edouard Q.
I usually try to have snack type of bteakfast, that does not imply a lot if work. A bowl of nuts or a yoghurt with some fruits.
Anton Z.
I eat oatmeal with some nuts and granola. Not only is oatmeal fairly quick to make but it also has health benefits! A lot times I skip breakfast because of the time. I like to make meals that are warm and ready within minutes. And for me personally, it makes it more easy to not skip meals.
Bob O.
I usually have eggs. The key is to allocate a portion of your time towards it. As for me, I spend at least 30 min to an hour, cooking and washing the dishes.
Fatemd O.
I have my breakfast after exercising therfore I don't forget it. And everyday I have a different breakfast such as chocolate cream, cheese, honey and….
Alliyah Z.
Too many breakfast that I ate. Sometimes I ate oatmeal, cereal, fruits, and scramble egg to start your day. Just thinking that if you hungry when u woke up just make a food.
Opal N.
I normally have yogurt and fruit sometimes adding in oatmeal, eggs or even healthy granola bars. It's quite easy not to skip breakfast once you find foods you like, because then you look forward to your breakfast, and even start craving those healthy foods when you wake up.
Katie F.
I try to eat mixed cereal with fruit and yogurt, or cook up an egg/bacon/spinach meal if I have more time. Getting up as early as possible makes breakfast a more relaxed time (luckily you don't have to be super awake to eat). I also try to have breakfast first thing – before a shower or any other morning routine to make it a solid routine.
Malou A.
For breakfast I love to eat anything that has to do with bread . A nice cup of coffee and sometimes a small piece of chocolate. The easiest way to not skip breakfast is to eat less at night that is what works for me . I think breakfast is just the first thing you eat in a day so if you decide to skip it and go to lunch is basically like having breakfast…!
Cleag A.
I eat most things thats on the table, but i always eat eggs with other food like hotdogs or bacon. i have school at 10 and usually whenever i eat breakfast, it makes me feel better and not get bored while in class.
Jacob F.
it depends some times i eat a toast or a sandwich basically i am using the same ingredients but different. For me the ideal way to keep it in my routine daily i follow the same habbits starting from drinking water then exercesing,showering and finally eating to keep my stomach as well satisfied as my body and mind
Carter Z.
You need to have the materials reading the night before you sleep but another good tip would be to think positive about the breakfast you will have tomorrow
Mary G.
I make a banana pancake made by an egg and a banana. All of them are mixed together . Sometimes I also use apple and banana juice. A gentle meal is a good thing for you every morning.
Lucille Y.
I make a protein smoothie and eat an apple with some peanut butter. Peanut butter is my favourite food so I think of it as a treat to myself at the beginning of the day.
I have a big appetite, so eating a breakfast has never been an issue for me. It’s all about eating what’s right
Virg Nia W.
I always remind myself to eat breakfast because I know ut will give me energy in the morning. That's why I always eat breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day. I always try to eat different things in the mornings, like omelets, oatmeal or sandwiches.
Willelmina Q.
I eat Kodiak oatmeal which has about 14g of protein and occasionally some fruit. For me, it’s all about easy prep. My biggest hurdle to eating bfast was psyching myself out about all the steps. So I just got the instant packs and an electric water kettle. The only thing I have to do now is turn the kettle on and pour the water. 🙂
Noah U.
I eat a typical Italian breakfast: coffee/cappuccino and something sweet (yogurt+cereal, croissant, cookies, bread or/and fruit) but very light. I used to hate breakfast which made me eat a lot for lunch, but as I grew older I started hating the feeling of hunger at around eleven. This hunger could be avoided if I have at least a small breakfast. It's bettee if I leave a 4 hour window between breakfast and lunch.
Anabel Y.
I normally enjoy eating
regular weetabix or sometimes 'protein weetabix' with a teaspoon of sugar on top and raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. Or I have the same but with different no added sugar cereals. Sometimes I switch it up and have smoothie bowls with granola or yogurts but it all depends! Good luck stranger <3
Layla Q.
i make myself eggs with avocado and tomatoes. it’s easy not to skip it because i usually make some for others and because i make it after my morning coffee which is a must.
Gy Rgy Q.
Today I made an avocado roast with ham and tomato slices. It was so delicious and refreshing. Most of the time I prepare breakfast in the morning so for me, this challenge was not so difficult to do every day. I also did coffee. I think I will keep this routine in my morning life. I can not wait for tomorrow morning to eat something healthy and nice breakfast. I am very cheerful for my today-meal. Thank you Fabulous. We will see each other in the next few days. Bye!
Bmujer N.
I sometimes have granola with almond milk, egg wrap with vegetable or boiled egg with some pepper and soy sauce. They’re easy to prepare but filling!
Han P.
i eat burmese light foods for breakfast. I try to wake up earlier every morning. i make my sleeoschedule right first.Once i woke up and cleaned my face , first thing first is to have my breakfast as quick as i can. Not to skip my breakfast was hard for me but when i keep my mind and soul in taking care of myself so deep , i become a routine
Landon C.
I make myself oatmeal. I put the kettle on and the water in it boiling. I measure the grain, water and salt to the kettle on top. While the oatmeal is prepairing itself, I put the coffee machine on. The oatmeal and coffee are done the same time.
David Y.
I eat an egg cup for breakfast. It is easy because it comes with ingredients for an omelet in a package and all I have to do is add an egg or two. I also drink coffee and take a vitamin. I use my keurig to make it easy and I leave the vitamin bottle out on the counter so I don't forget.