What can I have for breakfast that is vegan and grain-free but high in protein?

Christina U.
Almonds soaked overnight in water. Preferably for soaked in water for 8 hours.

As part of the paleo diet format, a count of 100 almonds first thing in the morning is a healthy and rich breakfast to charge you up for the day

Ricarda J.
A vegan, grain free and high in protein breakfast that I like is a tofu scramble which has a third to a half sized portion of extra firm tofu, boiled potatoes, red onions, and kale. The spices are cumin, garlic, tumiric, chili powder, and table salt and you will need a little bit of water. Use the spices and water to make a sauce and use a paper towel to draw out any moisture that is in the tofu. Then, with a fork cut the tofu up into a scrambled egg texture. Heat up a little olive oil in a pan on medium heat and add in your red onions and potatoes and let them cook for about 5 minutes or until the onion is starting to look translucent and the potatoes are Browning. Then add the kale and add a pinch of sea salt, put in the tofu and let that get a little crispy on the outside then add the sauce and then your done! I'm not personally vegan but I do have this sometimes and it is amazing! I hope you enjoy it!
Kaitlin P.
There are definitely some high protein options for vegans excluding grains. Depending on how light your breakfast is, try making a breakfast bowl with a few of your favorite sliced fruits and nuts, which are a good source of protein. Vegan smoothies can be made with nut butter (such as almond) or milk substitutes reinforced with added protein. There is also Vega One, a supplement powder that is made with plant-based proteins though it tends to be on the expensive side to buy. Try researching some recipes for raw vegans — the raw movement might have more options for you. I hope that helps!
Amalie U.
Lentils are great! They're high in protein (9g/100g) and contain a lot of iron(18% of daily value/100g). They're also quite cheap and easy to "prepare", you buy them dried, and all you have to do is let them soak in hot water for a few minutes. Add some spice and olive oil and you have a great breakfast – a fatty breakfast keeps you full for longer and greatly reduces stress and anxiety throughout the day.

I keep lentils, some spices and olive oil in my locker at university. Should work for breakfast too (:

Hazel A.
What about banana with peanut butter!
You can slice two bananas and mix them with two tablespoons of peanut butter. Add some vanilla. Taste !
Here , you'll find great vegan breakfast recipes https://yurielkaim.com/vegan-breakfasts/
Have a nice breakfast ! 😉
Same C.
Hi! I'm not total vegan, but have reduced my meat consumption. I drink a raw protein and greens shake in the morning and that carries me through lunch. I use Garden of Life shake mix. It does contain grains, but they may have non-grain products. Hope that helps you!
Grzegorz F.
Steel cut oats are great! I make a large batch so I can reheat throughout the week. I cook mine with 1 cup almond milk & 3 cups water, the almond milk makes them creamier. Top with berries, and even stir in ground flax seed. 1 cup dry oats + 4 cups liquid makes enough for 4-5 breakfasts. It’s filling and delicious!
William P.
I think you should try to get eggs and oats for breakfast, they are rich with protein, vitamins, minerals and also perfect source for carbs
Amelia Z.
Lentils or chickpeas!
Aaron F.
Sometimes I eat: Nuts with coconut milk yogurt; green smoothie with 1tbsp flaxseed and 1tbsp chia seeds or a breakfast quinoa with fruits and nuts