I don’t get hungry until I eat, sometimes breakfast is just actimel – that counts right?

Zoe Q.
I get hungry when I wake up and it brings me pain. I usually pick up breakfast in the morning which is fast food and I know it’s not good for me. I usually get it on the way to work but when I get too focused or busy I don’t end up eating it. I end up losing my appetite.
Doris J.
I don't think it is, but I can suggest to eat something small and not heavy like a few nuts. It would be very helpful and day by day you'll get used to eat in the morning
Hanna O.
I actually had to look up actimel, but yes, I believe it counts! You're getting a lot from that little thing to include probiotics, calcium, and vitamins. You're also listening to your body and what works for you personally may not work for everyone else. I'm the same way though, I generally don't want a large breakfast. Take care and be well.
Sylvia I.
Actimel is a good start. Try buying bananas too. You can drink your actimel and scarf down a banana with little effort. The actimel is healthy fat and the banana provides you with whole fruit.
Sarah F.
Technically, I'd count it. If your body is telling you that it's not hungry, I would listen to it as long as it is actually telling you when it is hungry. I know a lot of people that have eating problems because they don't listen when their body tells them that they're not hungry, so if you're not hungry in the mornings, I'd say that's fine, but maybe just bring like a snack bar around with you if you think you'll get hungry at an inconvenient time.
Ann W.
Yes I think it counts.

.. I too do not feel hungry until I eat something and once I taste the food I feel like I have been starving the sensenation of hungry comes at once and I overeat to fill the void which I missed.

Hope this helps u and eat on time.