What do you like to eat for breakfast that helps sustain energy all morning?

Eric O.
I like to eat protein, so anything with eggs (poached, scrambled, omelette) and usually a piece of wholegrain toast. I also like some organic orange juice to get a dose of Vitamin C.
Andreas Z.
My ideal breakfast consists of two eggs, dairy products, one or more kind of vegetable and fruits. I suggest meat and fish too, but they can be especially expensive, and meat shouldn't be eaten everyday, as it is unhealthy for your heart.
Kenan T.
A Fab Four smoothie with 2 cups greens, 2 cups almond milk, 1 serving chocolate protein powder, 2 tbsp almond butter and 2 tbsp chia seeds.
Juanita T.
We usually have breakfast at work but I pretty much always complement it with a banana and a handful of mixed unsalted nuts.
Yvonne E.
I love the mornings. But before I got this app, I wasn’t really eating breakfast. I try to eat everyday, because it is good and healthy for you. One thing that I love to have is smoothies! They are so easy and you can add protein powder for the better. I like to make mixed berry and spinach! It’s so good!! I totally think you should try it.
Kelly Y.
For breakfast I like to do porridge with berries. The secret is in porridge. I blend cashew nut milk with soaked green buckwheat and 2 bananas. After blending add to this oat flakes and walnuts.
Alberte P.
Oatmeal. Keep it interesting by changing what you put into it. Raisins and cinnamon, blueberries, maple syrup and pecans are all great options.
Liam J.
I really like to eat my triple berry oikos yogurt and some sort of sausage, especially turkey bacon. I like eggs but most days I don’t have time to make them.
Bryan J.
Egg, black bean, and sweet potato burritos. It's hearty but easy and fast to eat. The recipe includes goat cheese which is a pricier cheese but worth it. I also eat some fruit and would like to add a side of carrots next time I meal prep these.
Victoria N.
When I have to work in the mornings, I like to have some Greek yogurt and a banana. Or banana chips. I keep them at my desk. At home I like a slice of whole grain toast with a spicy black bean burger and 2 over medium eggs.
Sara P.
I alternate between steel cut oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg or cooked grits with a side of turkey sausage. Both options keep me full a,d energized all morning.
In S N.
Steel cut oatmeal and sliced bananas along with coconut yogurt with either chia or hemp seeds makes me feel satisfied. Or I’ll eat tofu scramble and avocado toast with sauerkraut on top. Yum!
Harry Z.
A serving of carbs, preferable whole grain or high fiber or protein enhanced along with a serving or two of lean protein, an egg, turkey sausage, Greek yogurt. If I'm short on time, a low carb, low sugar protein shake.
Ritthy F.
I ate this high fiber 'monster muesli', an Australian brand I guess, it contains 5 dried fruits, nuts, and grains. Usually I tossed banana there and mix with soymilk or just milk. It's yummy and actually healthy
S Nio P.
I eat oatmeal every morning (50g oats boiled with a little water, then I slice a banana as a topping and sometimes add raspberries/ 2 chunks of dark chocolate etc). If you don't like oatmeal, you could try an omelette with veggies (zucchini, bell peppers), an avocado toast or a smoothie.
Marion E.
Quality protein and low sugar food. Low sugar includes fresh fruits and for proteins eggs will be best. protein will feel you full while low sugar foods will supply you with energy slowly so you can sustain for long time.
Gede O Y.
I don't eat very good foods for breakfast (oops) but I have seen that coffee definitely does NOT help- it may give you energy for a little while but can also make you anxious throughout the day.
Carlos O.
Protein. Sugar is not the right one. Indians satisfy their appetite by consuming more sugar. Protein rich food like egg, peas after the right choice.
Pablo T.
A bowl of granola (chocolate Quaker) with 5 spoons of yoghurt, blue berries, protein powder and sometimes nuts. I'd pick up an apple on the go too if its a long morning.
Nermin U.
All day energy has been a real challenge since I have up coffee. I found that natural oatmeal had done the best job. I pair this with green tea throughout the day has kept my energy level stable.
Nora J.
I like grits and rolled oats. You can put anything you want in them. Think of them as a blank canvas and add what ever you want. Be mindful of your diet goals.
Scarlett U.
2 scrambled eggs incorporating onions, peppers and spinach; or hot oat bran cereal with raisins and cinnamon (or with berries.)
Terumi C.
A smoothie with frozen fruit from Costco, Frankincense essential oil, Greek yogurt, honey, coconut or almond milk/cream/oil, super seeds mix (hemp, chia, etc, the more diversity the better), banana, turmeric and whatever else I want to throw in that day.
Byron C.
Cereal, especially something that have oats and nuts. Eggs are also one of my favorites. I like them over easy or hard boiled depending on what I want that day.
Benjamin N.
So I pretty much always have a Genetix Lean Whey protein shake made with water and 2 shots of espresso (then I don’t go and buy coffee), with a piece of Soy & Linseed Burgen bread toasted with dark roast crunchy peanut butter and a little bit of honey on top. This way I have fats, carbs, protein and I have some sugar that gets released instantly so I can keep moving when it’s early morning (I’m a Pilates instructor, so I teach very early morning classes) and sugars that take time to be released. The nuts and seeds of the bread and the peanut butter provide me with fats that increase satiety and the protein means that I continue to develop muscle when I am working out 😊. Keeps me fairly satisfied and not looking for food for about three hours!
Victor E.
Slow-releasing carbohydrate like red rice, corns, potatoes, and lean proteins like fishes, red meat, or plain old nut and also some fruits
Naja W.
If Im short on time 2 hard boiled eggs with cheese. I also like smoothies with protein, berries, hemp seeds, flax seeds, cacao powder and ice.
Dylan W.
I enjoy whole rolled oats, not quick oatmeal. In a small pot place 1/cup oats + 2/3 cup water. Then add goodies like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut or pecan pieces, chopped apple, raisins or dried cherries, craisins, etc. Cook on low/medium heat for maybe 5-8 minutes just until the oats have absorbed all water and not yet sticking to the pot. Then I put the mix into a bowl and top with a big spoonful of yogurt, a tablespoon of ground flaxseed and a handful of fresh or frozen/thawed blueberries !! If you don’t add any fruit maybe drizzle a tiny bit of maple syrup or honey if you need a bit of sweet ness.
Jessie Z.
A kind of "pancake" in a mug that includes eggs, fresh fruit (banana, orange juice, apple, etc), some kind of flour (wheat, almond, coconut), baking soda, cinnamon. Mix, bake 8n microwave for 2-5 seconds depending on quantity. I bake one at night every three days and cut into portions that I can quickly heat up in the morning. That way I have a full healthy breakfast without loosing time cooking every day
Amaury S.
I like to eat 2 pre-boiled eggs, with ground pepper and salt as seasoning. 50g of plain yoghurt with a few frozen blueberries, teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Who doesn't like dessert for breakfast? Also, I'll add an extra fruit like an apple or naartjie if it's a long wait till the next meal.
Brandie E.
Something with minimal cooking but not a sugary snack that makes me crash. I like eating prepped meals out of the fridge.
Monica X.
I love nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with strawberries and a few teaspoons of Funfetti Cake Mix. It's delicious and the yogurt gives you great protein!
Cilene S.
I find protein really helps. I can’t eat eggs so I try to either get some dairy in like cheese, or some meat like sausages. If you’re vegetarian I think soy (milk) may help but maybe just a little, cos it does have a lot of disruptive phytoestrogens. Good luck and happy planning 🙂
Johan P.
Eggs! Sometimes boiled, sometimes scrambled with some fruit on the side, sometimes An egg mixed with soy milk, oats and sugar 😊