What else can I eat besides oatmeal and fried eggs?

Mia N.
Omelettes, sous vide egg bites (Starbucks), breakfast sausage, hard boiled eggs, smoothies, scrambled eggs, granola, egg casserole, frittata, biscuits, egg salad, egg tacos (huevos rancheros), smoked salmon w/ avocado, deviled eggs, shakshuka, quiche, egg foo young
Fadime E.
I eat my eggs many different ways and my oatmeal too,so it keeps my breakfast from getting boring. For eggs I do a mean veggie omelet, or scramble with veggies in it like peppers and onions. Or spinach quiche with turkey bacon. There are so many ways to have eggs in your breakfast. If I'm pressed on time I do 2 eggs a slice of turkey bacon, and a 1/4 of an avocado sliced. For oatmeal I do a baked version with vanilla cinnamon, and milk of choice. Then serve with fresh berries and plain or unsweetened yogurt. I like doing steel cut oats with fresh berries and a little half and half or cream. You can do toasted coconut flakes and pecans as well, these are really flavorful. Also when cooking the oatmeal I usually do half milk of choice, instead of all water because, it's more creamy texture makes for a more satisfying meal. And every morning I do either lemon acv cayenne tea or, fresh juiced grapefruit first thing.
You can do the spinach quiche in muffin tins and they freeze well so you can warm them up quick.
So to answer the question. I don't really need any other kind of breakfast,for eggs and oatmeal work well for me . There are endless ways to make quiche, or many thing you can put in an omelet to change things up. Taco flavors or southwest or even Italian flavors in an omelet. To me the possibilities are endless so have fun!!