How early do you eat breakfast?

Mobina C.
I usually wake up 6 in the mornig to feed my cat and after I try not to sleep but sometimes I feel tired and go back to bed again and then I wake up again at 8 or 9 and I go walkmg about an hour and half then I come back home and finaly eat my breakfast.
Timmothy S.
I get my breakfast made for me so I don’t really have to worry about this part. But there’s going to be a time in life we’re I have to make my meals, which isn’t bad but I’ll probably have to wake up sooner to get everything done. Also eat breakfast whenever you want as long as you eat it before you go do something give ur Body that energy you need. Especially now.
Selma P.
It depends on when I wake up…I usually have it within like 10-15 mins of waking up – by waking up I mean getting up out of my bed because there are days when I wake up but just stay in bed. But yeah, in summary I try to have it like first thing after gumetting up. Hope this helps!
Audrey Z.
As of now 9am was the earliest time that I had my breakfast. However, I still find it difficult to wake up early that is why I often skip it.
Vallery Y.
Not early at all. Normally if I’ve had a long night, while struggling to fall asleep, I’d end up sleeping in till afternoon, that I end up having my first meal of the day around 1-2pm. Latest 3-4pm.
Omaima N.
I have not a special time to eat breakfast, because my sleep time is irregular. Sometimes at 7 o'clock sometimes at 9 and sometimes at 10
Nadia O.
I usually eat breakfast either early in the morning at like 8/9/10 am, either if I get up late I eat breakfast at 12/1 pm
Cl Mentine F.
I eat my breakfast usually around 7am especially if it's a work week. My usual breakfast would be a cup of coffee and 2 bread with cheese spread.
Jacqueline U.
I wake up at 8 ish and have my breakfast after a glass of water and getting changed and washed . I like breakfast being quick yet filling so I give myself enough time to eat around the 10 to 20 minutes
Maria C.
Well I do exercise as soon as I wake up and have a drink to wake me up a bit and then I have breakfast like 30 minutes after I wake up, you could do this doesn't matter how late or early you get up.
Marie E.
I woke up at 6:07 and worked out for about 10 minutes. Got the kids ready for school and then ate a bowl of granola with banana and peanut butter around 7:30 am.
Jemima U.
I usually have breakfast an hour after I've woken up, so usually 10 or 11 am if I dont have anything to do that day, otherwise 8 or 9am
Lilian F.
Depends on when I wake up. But usually within the first hour, at latest within two hours. I try to wake up and drink some water and exercise before I make my breakfast. But some days I wale up so hungry it's the first thing I do when I get out of bed.
Gana G.
Actually i always prefer to eat breakfast after about 30 minutes when i wake up . In those 30 minutes i get up , make my bed , wash my face and prepare a healthy breakfast.
Lee J.
I eat breakfast at 8 if it’s a simple breakfast like a banana. If I want a large breakfast usually around 8:30 or 9 once the morning routine of my kid calms down and I have the time to see to myself.
Simon P.
It really depends on the time I wake up. On school mornings, I eat breakfast at 7:15, but in the weekends I eat breakfast way later.