What kind of fruit would you recommend for breakfast?

Kristofer S.
Grapefruit, oranges, kiwis. Vitamin c gives your immune system a little boost, and citrus gives your digestive system a good start. Bananas are good too, they help you feel full longer.

Jonathan E.
You want to make sure you are eating a nice healthy breakfast that includes minimal sugar. I would suggest fruits such as bananas and apples in the morning as a healthy choice. I like to pair both with peanut butter for added protein.

Carlos Q.
Fir breakfast I recommend an apple or two kiwi fruits,l. Apples are good and give you energy for the whole morning, so do kiwi fruits, but they help your digestive system as well

Lily S.
Grapes, they are quick and easy to grab if you are in a rush and they are pretty delicious. Red, green, purple, different flavors of the same treat. Grapes are effective at waking you up to, the sudden burst of flavor in your mouth wakes up your brain to taste. Enjoy the grapes!

Megan I.
I would highly recommend a red delicious apple. They are very sweet apples and usually large in size.
You can each them with peanut butter or caramel and it’s DELICIOUS. It only takes me about 10 minutes to eat one too. And I feel great after I do.

Angel U.
I would go with a fruit containing high fibre so you do not receive a crash from the sugar that is in it, I would also judge what vitamins and minerals you are lacking and pick a fruit that contains it. I would recommend apples, bananas, oranges or dragonfruit.

Elizabeth W.
Bananas are a great way to boost energy and feel full longer. They practically come in a wrapper so those are my personal go to. I also like watermelons because I struggle with staying hydrated as well as I should so that’s a yummy way to do so! Papaya, apples or yougurt with berries 😋

Ewa W.
Strawberry is best. You can cut it to cute pieces and add it there and there in the meal, making it look aesthetically pleasing. It taste great, and gives a lot of vitamin c to start the day. Plus, it's red? Isn't red the color of my late teenage years? 🙄❤

Tiara N.
I like fruits that have a high density in water to help me feel full But have low sugar: grapes, apples, blackberries, raspberries, etc. I love strawberries but they have a lot of sugar 😂

Randie O.
I like either a green apple with some peanut butter or banana with some peanut butter. Both of them taste great and don't leave me feeling like I actually ate breakfast, which I hate. If you put the banana and peanut butter in a tortilla, you have the quickest to go breakfast ever

Kara O.
Any kind is good for you! I would look up the benefits of each kind of fruit to decide which one you’re looking for. I like to eat a banana in the morning because one banana fills me up more than say a handful of blueberries. I wouldn’t say there’s one cure-all. Pick your favorite and start there and mix it up with other options!

Erika A.
I like to eat apples in yogurt as they are a good source of fibre and yogurt is high in calcium. I also like bananas as they’re good for slow release energy. Hope this helps you!

Anthony J.
I think it depends on your preference between an apple and a banana. I go for a banana with a little bit of peanut butter.

N Bia N.
I always love a banana! I don't know why but I do. Melon is always a good option too, and so is an apple with peanut butter (has to be crunchy)

Angelique O.
To be honest any fruit is a win! Way better than a pastry or bagels! But typically I think apples and bananas are the best options, their fruit sugars typically take a bit longer and shouldn’t spike blood sugar like citrus fruits!

Yesher N.
An apple or a banana. They’re very nutritious and one of the best things to start your day with. And they don’t taste bad either

Sam Z.
High fiber berries like raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. They help sustain energy, fullness, and make a healthy gut!

Faustine Y.
Definitely grapefruit. It's not everyone's favorite, but eating half a grapefruit for breakfast really helps kick start your day with vitamins and energy! Try it for a week and see what happens!

Amanda N.
I usually eat frozen berries with overnight oats. I can prepare them before bed so they’re waiting for me in the morning and they keep me full until lunchtime

Tijana G.
I guess, bananas make for a great breakfast being as nutricious and delicious as they are… Although, I really enjoy berries of all sorts anytime of the day 🙂

Fedor R.
My favorites are bananas and blueberries. Either by plain themselves, frozen by themselves or in oatmeal/ cereal/ frozen in a smoothie they’re really versatile and delicious.

Dragon P.
I'd definitely recommend an apple or a banana. Both fruits are easy to eat, especially apples. I usually eat the whole apple (except for the stem), which is nice, because there's not a lot of effort to it, like there is when peeling an orange etc.. Also they both taste great (in my opinion).

Ava Z.
I would usually go with a apple or banana seems to be something lite that sustains energy but not heavy to drag you down

Muireann F.
I recommend the fruit you actually can eat in the morning. That's the most important thing – to eat the good breakfast in the first place. Beyond that I usually have Blueberries with my porridge, or if I'm in a rush I have a banana and some almonds or other nuts. I think both of these are good options.

Larry Q.
I love bananas! They're really good for energy, and you can have them so many ways – I either eat mine plain or you can chop them into cereal, or with pancakes.

Monique F.
It really depends on your certain levels of vitamins and how you feel for energy wise. For example if you have high blood pressure eating a banana can help lower it. And oranges and apples helps with energy boosting! But I prefer to have an orange or a mango For breakfast. I hope this was helpful! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Nellie Z.
I like oranges and apples. I'm a fruit person generally so just have the one that you like the most. No matter what fruit it is, it will never be a bad habit

Roberto W.
I’m realizing I actually prefer savoury breakfasts bc I stay full longer! However I also love yogurt with berries so I guess that would be my answer – blueberries, strawberries, blackberries. But it mostly depends what you like to eat

Song L N.
I typically eat strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with overnight oats. Bananas are also in my breakfast rotation.