How do you find time in morning? I am retired and slow, tired of dishes, and I have to put my coffee down to move around a cold kitchen and eat stuff. My stomach isn’t ready for food until 11:00 am? Is there anyone on this site that is 68 or more?

Doris G.
My mate is 67. I broil eggs and place them inside of a small bowl. Inside of a larger bowl with different fruits and water on the night stand.
Lia Q.
I'm actually young, what I can suggest is, Have dinner early & clean your dishes within same night before going to sleep, so you will not be de-motivated in morning. Clean kitchen in morning while preparing for small breakfast. You can have lunch early or eat breakfast twice with small portions. Enjoy with light music & enjoy enough comedy in your retirement time.
Daisy X.
I am not 68 but maybe if you tried preparing the breakfast you want to eat the day before, the you are likely to find time in your morning


Devon U.
I understand your problem. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning kills your appetite. I have the same issue but I’ve always enjoyed a good breakfast in the morning. I would suggest that you try having some of your favorite foods on hand that don’t take a lot of preparation. For example I cook sweet potatoes the day before and they are ready to eat warm or cold the next morning. Cold salmon is also a good choice the key is to think outside the box of traditional breakfast foods. This might make it easier for you to eat before 9 AM.