Ideas for different healthy breakfasts?

Holly Q.
Ideal breakfast 🥣 I prefer morning is
1) Oatmeal+milk + almonds + dates
2) Any fruits + spoonful of peanut butter
3) sprouts
Abby N.
If you have some hard boiled eggs, try mixing the yolks with avocado and seasonings to make some green deviled eggs! Or for avocado toast: put salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, and honey on top.
Abby N.
My favourite is what I find easy but filling – scramble 2 eggs then pour into a hot skillet, let them sit until cooked (salt and pepper if wanted). Heat a tortilla (or not), spread a bit of mayo on the tortilla, put on the eggs, then a bit of hot sauce before rolling it up.
Abby N.
I love having 2 rice cakes with either almond butter or avocado on top with a side of fresh fruits and an egg! super yummy!!
Abby N.
Buy a lot of fresh, easy to cook vegetables (search up the healthy ones). Cook meat the day before and leaen how to make a real good sauce. In the morning, put the vegs into the oven and mix some carbs (rice, bread, pasta, potato) with the sauce. And a cup of milk for protein and good for the environment.
Brooke F.
a combination between fruits,nuts,eggs,sandwiches and anything that you like or that make you feel cant eat food that doesnt work for you .
Dylan G.
Hmmm, probably a nice fruit and some cereal. Not the sugar-y cereal, the ones that have lots of grains in them! Ideal fruit for me would be some strawberries, blueberries or an apple!
Abby N.
Never forget the carbohydrates! If you have time, take some yogurt, seasonal fruit and cereal/muesli/other. If you’re in a hurry, a bunch of nuts of any kind and toasted bread with butter/jam/honey.
Abby N.
How about this suggestion: you don’t have to skip breakfast. Intermittent fasting can be applied to dinner too—unless of course you’re too addicted to the pleasure of food. If that’s the case, then I can’t help you seeing as you’ll make up more excuses for future diabetes.
Max E.
dancing to your favourite music wouldn't be a chore. You don't have to know any real dancing, just put on the music and your body will automatically start moving.
Maybe you could do this every day, or maybe on the days you don't feel like doing a workout
Abby N.
Look, for me… A healthy breakfast at this stage is anything I eat before lunch time. Umm… But cereal/granola with yogurt and if you want fruit is good.
Jennifer Z.
I prefer boiled eggs with vegetables and a toast with butter. I dint really like to drink te so i choose juice i prefer orange juice the most
Abby N.
For a healthy breakfast smoothies might help as it contains milk and you can add your favourite fruits in it or you can even have oats or like fresh fruit salad or bowl it keeps you fresh and healthy for rest of the day
Tamires A.
I do not think that the suggestions here need to be modified, but as a matter of change, the salad may be appropriate, and mashed potatoes as well, and some honey will not harm, and fruits of all kinds, of course, eggs as mentioned and the natural juice is nice for breakfast