How do you stop eating/craving sweet things?!

Nishma W.
Limit yourself. Eat sweets everyday but tell yourself your going to eat only 5 sweets today. Then when 5 becomes a habit change to 4. Just like that continue until you limit yourself up-to the point where that amount of sweet everyday is healthy.
Clayton S.
I've got the worst sweet tooth, so I may not be the best to answer this. But as of now, I am wearing my retainer full time, and I have the worst ocd with making sure I brush my teeth before I put my retainers back in. I don't want the sugar to stay on my teeth, so I just stopped snacking on it. I do allow myself something sweet after dinner tho….as like a reward, or just to make things better lol. But when I wasn't wearing retainers, I substituted gum for sweets. That would normally hold me off for the day. Hope this helps 🙂
Alfred Q.
Put all the sweet things away its best to run from a hard fight than go through it unprepared
And keep all the non sweet food or naturally sweet like fruits that u like in sight so ur brain start craving them more instead of the artificially sweet food since you are trying to deprive ur body from them.
Thats what I do
Salvador E.
Cravings for sweets primarily comes from eating sweets or high carb meals earlier that day. Try to replace one high carb meal at a time and start in the morning.
Ilonka Q.
Have the healthy options on show and ready to eat. This will make you more likely to go for the healthier option. You could also find healthy desert recipes that do not contain sugar but taste asif they do, therefore curing your cravings in a guilt-free way.
Keep sweets and chocolate out of sight. If you can't see them, then your brain is less likely to crave them. You don't necessarily have to stop eating sweet foods, just make sure it's in moderation. Everyone deserves a treat, and like I said earlier you could even make healthier, guilt-free options.
Good Luck.
Jeppe C.
By thinking about what you are grateful for and realize the impact it may have in the long term. It can also help to realize that maybe waiting to enjoy sweets with other maybe even better
Mia Q.
Cravings for sweet things are caused by the sweet things and high carb meals you ate earlier. Try to reduce one sweet/High carb meal/snack a time. And start from the morning 🌄🌅
Fatima G.
I would just brush my teeth this might seem funny but I like to keep my teeth clean so I won't eat anything in order to keep them clena which will automatically stop me from it
Bessie O.
i personally like to think about other things and distract my mind from food. the more u think about it, the more ur thoughts will find it difficult to deviate from that idea. try making ur own healthy recipes (there r some really good healthy ones for a sweet tooth!)
Ami Z.
Even as at now, I don't take in much sugar. For instance, I take tea withouz sugar, I don't even eat a lot of fruits. And I take toffees with a lot of mint in them, and yeah, they will be sweet. But am we really to stop taking sugar?
Gabriel W.
I realised when I drink lot of water (2500ml) in a day and exercise in morning and follow it with a healthy breakfast, I don't have cravings
Georgie S.
To stop eating sweet things I start by lowering my sugar intake for example if I have a soda addiction I could move to cordial and further down the track move to a flavoured vitamin water to lower the sugar intake. In addition, I don't have sweets in my cupboard od stock up on chocolates and ice-cream. Sweet are a reward for me, if I've done amazing in my subject I'll treat myself to an ice-cream. Recently, instead of buying a chocolate for myself when I feel like I've substituted it for a shop brought orange juice which gives me energy and makes me more lively and ready for the day. Simple changed like these are the stepping stones to removing sugar from your life and beggining your transformation.