Do you eat yogurt for breakfast or is it sugar?

Juli O T.
I prefer to eat protein for breakfast to give me more long term energy through the day. I think everyone has different goals and eats for different needs, yogurt is not bad for you when done correctly despite that some of them have high amounts of added sugars

Finn N.
yogurt! i love yogurt so much! it helps me wake up for the day, especially when it has fruits in it like blueberries, strawberries, or peaches! i’d LOVE to make smoothies for breakfast, but we don’t have a blender at the moment, nor do we have the ingredients right now :/ I will make some eventually and drink matcha while i’m at it!

Connor C.
I do not eat both of them as i am Indian in India the breakfast is more diversifed as there are many culture we have many types of palatte to chose from

Vasu M.
I eat Ragi malt or Upma in the morning. I want to avoid Upma and stick with only Ragi. I also add yogurt to the Ragi malt.

I have to avoid Upma since it’s high on carbs which is not a good thing for my future self