Do you prep for breakfast the night before? If so what do you do?

Vesa N.
I’m sorry to disappoint, but no. I just sleep (sometimes I even forget to eat dinner or I am simply too lazy to do so) but I find the time to grab a quick bite before I go to University. We’re all struggling here but I think the key is to force yourself on your feet without overthinking too much. Think it as an inevitability instead of as a choice.
Kirk O.
It depends. If I made egg bites and I’m leaving early for school I will make sure I have some packed away so they’re easy to grab. If I’m not leaving right away I grab them out of the fridge when I’m hungry. If I have nothing made, and I’m not heading out right away I just make breakfast when I’m hungry
Thushara A.
I do, infact if I don't prep, it's almost inevitable that I will skip my healthy breakfast. I make the necessary batter or I make overnight oats or get eggs and bread ready to make an omelet as soon as I wake up